Central Park season 3, episode 9 recap – “A Killer Deadline”

October 21, 2022
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“A Killer Deadline” had some fun moments led by an outstanding performance by Kathryn Hahn.

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“A Killer Deadline” had some fun moments led by an outstanding performance by Kathryn Hahn.

This recap of the Apple TV+ series Central Park season 3, episode 9 recap – “A Killer Deadline,” contains spoilers.

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We had one of the most thought-provoking episodes of Central Park to date last week, where we saw Owen have to teach his son about racial profiling while Bitsy tried to get to the bottom of Helen’s relationship. Will we see the Mayor race finally be talked about? Or will Paige have to tackle more about her book? Let’s dive in.

Central Park season 3, episode 9 recap

The episode starts with Owen making his lunch as he will be a playground Pop at the kid’s school today. Playground Pop is something to encourage fathers to come to the school, which typically leads to them embarrassing their kids. Maybe I need to do this at my kid’s school, as I would love to embarrass them. So the kids beg Owen not to do anything while he is at their school to embarrass them.

Paige is in a writer’s slump (I know that all too well) for her upcoming book. Her publisher is on her case about writing, and the first three chapters of her book are due tonight, resulting in Paige losing her mind. So the kids try to throw some words of encouragement her way, which, you guessed it, leads to a song. Should I try to break out into a song next time I write? I wonder if that works.

Abby heads to work on her day off to talk to Helen about her schedule. She needs Wednesdays off to take an acting accent class, and Helen doesn’t care. Abby sees Bitsy and attempts to go to Helen to get the day off. Helen needs Abby’s help Bitsy. Abby says she will only help if Helen gives her off Wednesdays, and she obliges.

At the school, it is KICKBALL DAY, which I wrote in all caps because Birdie is excited because the entire school plays in a kickball tournament. The students have two choices, either partake in kickball or study, and only a few select kids pick the studying, one of which is Molly. Owen can’t believe it and tries to talk her into doing the kickball instead. Finally, Owen convinces her to give it a try.

Paige is at home trying to write, and well, everything stands her way. Stupid articles on the internet, someone knocking on the door, and everything else that could stop her, is stopping her. Her boss stops by to ask about the article, and she closes the door as she says it will be done. However, her boss suggested getting a hotel room to write to block out all the noise from her house, which at first seemed like a bad idea but after hearing her phone ring, and the dryer goes off, Paige realized it was not a bad idea after all.

At the school, Owen is on the court to show Molly how to conquer playing kickball ahead of the tournament. Yes, you guessed it again, it leads to a song. I can easily see this entire thing ending up with Owen embarrassing Molly.

At the hotel, things aren’t going as planned for Paige in her attempt to get to writing. Someone left a package at her door, the room is gross, and no one is answering the front desk. However, as the plug for the hotel room falls, Paige overhears someone in the next room over talking about secretive stuff causing her to be even more distracted.

The kickball tournament is set to begin, and I am sure I am excited to see how this unfolds. Molly gets onto the field to try out the pitch that her dad taught her, and the kid kicks it out of the park, causing Molly to quit kickball and go to study where she wanted to be in the first place. Owen isn’t thrilled and quite upset about her leaving.

The ending

As Paige is eavesdropping in the hotel, she hears someone mention the missing package (it’s in her hotel room). They said if someone had the box, they would kill them, leading to Paige freaking out. Paige calls her boss to figure out what she should do, and he tells her to leave, but she wants to write the story of what is going on next door.

Back on the field, Molly tells Owen she wants to learn more about her pitch because she enjoyed learning it. Then, Molly enters the game and proceeds to strike the kid out and help the team win the game.

Abby is helping Helen not get fired by Bitsy because of all the madness that has unfolded. As a man walks in, he says a few nice things about Bitsy, which is just what she needs to have that little boost of confidence. She forgets everything that went down and heads upstairs. Moments later, it was revealed that it was an actor that Abby got to help get everything back on track.

As the episode comes to a close, we find out that the entire story of Molly being at the hotel was made up in her head and was the story she is turning into the paper.

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