All the Halloween Ends Plot Spoilers (Ranked Worst to Best)

By Louie Fecou
Published: October 26, 2022

Halloween Ends has been divisive, so we have listed the plot spoilers and ranked them from worst to best. 

Halloween Ends is the third film in the rebooted Halloween franchise from 2018. The final film in this series brings a conclusion to the decades-old war between Laurie Strode and Michael Myers and does its best to tie up the loose ends of the current timeline. Here is a look at the spoilers from the third and final entry in this franchise, ranked worst to best.

Halloween Ends plot spoilers (Ranked Worst to Best)

Michael Myers is hardly in the movie

There’s a new protagonist in town in the form of Corey who starts the film in a cold opening by accidentally killing the obnoxious kid he is babysitting. This sets him up to be drawn into a meeting of minds with Michael, who seems to pass a little of his essence into him. Michael really doesn’t get much to do until the third act. What were they thinking?

Allyson Dates Corey

Laurie’s granddaughter Allyson falls for the ostracised accidental child killer Corey and the two become an item quite quickly. Of course, this love story can only have a tragic ending, a sentence I never thought I would type in a feature about a Halloween movie.

Michael Myers is Living in a Sewer

When Corey is bullied off a bridge and falls into the sewer, he is found by Michael who for some reason is living there. Michael seems weak and instead of butchering Corey, he takes him under his wing and somehow infects him with his evil. Michael seems to feed off Corey’s youthful energy and it seems to revitalize him.

The Thing

In the cold opening, Corey and the bratty kid he is babysitting for are watching The Thing on TV.

Laurie Strode is Writing a Book

In a theme that flows through the movie, Laurie is writing a book, and since it has been four years since Michael has been seen, she has had plenty of time to get her thoughts down on paper. The film ends with Laurie finishing her memoirs.

Homage Kills

Allyson’s co-workers are killed in throwbacks to previous Halloween movies. One is killed with a corkscrew a la Charlie in H20 and another is stabbed and hung on the wall just like Bob in the original movie.

Corey Wears the Mask

Corey Cunninghame seems to be set up to be the new Michael, but this does not go well for him. Laurie tricks him by phoning 911, reporting her own suicide, then firing a gun, leading Corey to think Laurie is dead, however, Laurie has shot a pumpkin, and when Corey emerges from hiding, Laurie attacks him. She says she will get him help, but he takes a knife and slits his own throat.

The Final Conflict

When Michael attacks Laurie in the third act, she manages to get the better of him and crucifies him on the kitchen table using various knives. Allyson arrives to help out and they make sure Michael is dead by cutting his throat, slashing his wrists, and breaking his arm.

The End of Michael Myers

Incapacitated, Michael is tied to the roof of a car and paraded through Haddonfield so all the townsfolk traumatized by his years of terror can witness his final end. They are not taking any chances here, so Michael is taken to the scrap yard and dumped into the metal shredding machine where he is pulped like an old Ford Escort.

Loose ends

Allyson leaves Haddonfield, and Laurie finishes her book with the line “Evil doesn’t die, it changes shape.” Deputy Frank Hawkins arrives at Laurie’s house with a basket of vegetables.

After this third entry in the rebooted trilogy, it would seem that there is no way back for Michael Myers. He is literally turned into sludge at the end of the film; however, it would seem there is an idea that Michael’s evil can somehow be transferred into other people, so this may be the get-out-of-jail card that the writers can use if they need to reboot the franchise again in five years’ time.

Many diehard fans of the franchise were disappointed with the final confrontation between Michael and Laurie, and the subplot of Corey seems almost out of place within the structure of the narrative. It would appear they tried something a bit different here, but at the end of the day, it would seem fans wanted Michael and Laurie in a blood-soaked final film that could have embraced the Halloween lore.

Do you have any plot spoilers for Halloween Ends that we missed? Let us know in the comments below.

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