Halloween Ends ending explained – did Michael Myers die?

October 15, 2022
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This article discusses the ending of the Peacock film Halloween Ends and will contain spoilers.

Over the course of the last four years, we have seen the rebirth of Michael Myers told through the pens of David Gordon Green and Danny McBride. The franchise started with a banger with the debut of Halloween in 2018, followed by a letdown in Halloween KillsWe were all hoping that Halloween Ends gave us much to discuss.

I hoped we would get a fitting franchise finale and see Laurie Strode and Michael Myers go to battle for who will reign supreme. Instead, we were left to watch a character we don’t care about carry on for an hour and forty minutes only to finally get the battle we were looking forward to the most.

Halloween Ends ending explained

Throughout the film, we have Corey build a relationship with Andi Matichak (Laurie’s daughter), but he also is starting to have strange things happen to him. First, while babysitting a kid, he accidentally murders the kid, which follows with a few sequences where he starts to see Michael Myers. Towards the movie’s end, Laurie begins to suspect that Corey isn’t good for her daughter and starts to put some pieces together about Corey and Michael.

As Corey begins to see this, he starts to plant things in Andi’s head about her mom wanting to kill her. He gets her to run away with him potentially, and when this happens, he arrives at Laurie’s house with Myers’s mask on in an attempt to kill her. But like any battle, Laurie is ready to go, including putting a few bullets in the kid. However, it was part of his plan because as this is going on, Andi’s car pulls up to the house, and Corey mumbles, “If I can’t have her, no one will,” and stabs himself in the neck.

Laurie pulls the knife out of his neck, takes a step back, and enters Andi into the house, who is utterly shocked at what her mother has done. Laurie tries to explain, but Andi runs out of the house. As she leaves, Laurie sits down with a gun in her hands in what looks like she may try to kill herself. As she considers it, she hears a noise, and it is Michael.

Then, the battle we had all been waiting for happens where Laurie gets the upper hand, but Michael grabs Laurie by the throat, and what is about to be them both killing each other, Andi storms in to save the day. Just like that, Michael is DEAD, folks. Well, as everyone has learned their lesson about the potential of Michael popping up out of nowhere, they decide it’s time to take him for a ride somewhere.

The city pulls together to bring him to a trash compactor, and Michael Myers crowd surfs (I wish I were kidding) his way through everyone until he is inside the compactor. As Laurie stands over his body, she pushes his body into the compactor. Next, Andi pulls down the lever, and his body is demolished.

What does this mean for Michael Myers? For now, this is the end of THIS trilogy and THIS Michael Myers. But, like any franchise, the rebirth will come, and we will all probably watch it again. Let’s just hope the next version is better than this.

What did you think of the ending of the Peacock film Halloween Ends? Comment below.

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  • October 17, 2022 at 5:39 pm

    This movie was the silliest thing I have seen in recent memory. Four writers to come up with this? My friends and I snickered throughout the entire film and have spent all day texting each other about one ridiculous moment after another.

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