Will there be a sequel to Halloween Ends?

October 14, 2022
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This article discusses whether there will be a Halloween 4, a sequel to Halloween Ends, and will contain spoilers. 

Halloween Ends is the third film in the rebooted Halloween franchise that began in 2018. The original Halloween movie was a low-budget slasher directed by John Carpenter that became so popular that it is often said to be the birth of the modern slasher horror genre.

Since 1978, there have been 13 Halloween films, but they do not share the same timeline, making things complicated for new viewers. The current timeline places the 13th film as the third entry and focuses on the battle between Michael Myers and Laurie Strode.

This third production promises to be the final battle between the two characters, but it has to be said that despite numerous occasions where the franchise seemed doomed to movie limbo, it has been resurrected for further exploitation, so does Halloween Ends mean a final showdown, from which there can be no return, or will this release provide another jumping off point for old viewers, before another reimagining sees Michael return for more Halloween inspired carnage?

At this stage, it is hard to say, but it may be worth noting that Jamie Lee Curtis that plays Laurie Strode, has said on record that this will be the last time that she plays Strode, so if we do see another movie, there is a chance that Curtis will not be involved.

Halloween Ends sequel potential release date

With previous outings, the schedule shows a year or two between movies, so a sequel could be ready for Halloween 2024. It makes sense to release in October to coincide with the holiday itself and allowing between 9 months and a year to film, it would make sense that there would be no sequel till 2024. Until there is definite proof that the franchise still has a little life left in it, I don’t expect the studio to confirm another release. However, if Halloween Ends has a major box office opening, don’t be surprised if we hear of a new addition to the series in November.

Halloween Ends sequel cast – who might be in it?

Well, as previously stated, Jamie Lee Curtis has already confirmed that she will not play Laurie Strode again. For the long-term fans of the franchise, this is bad news as Laurie has pretty much been an integral part of the mythos since its original 1978 release.

It could be said that Halloween movies lost their way a bit when they became generic slasher movies. It is the lore that keeps the hardcore fans coming back, and the studio was quick to realize this when they managed to convince Curtis to reprise her role for the latest reboot. Without her, Halloween loses a huge part of its appeal.

As far as Michael, or The Shape, is concerned, it really makes little difference who is under the William Shatner mask. The part has been played by many different actors, sometimes in the same film, so casting Michael will not alter the dynamic at all.

Halloween Ends sequel plot: what could Halloween 4 be about?

The third in the rebooted franchise looks set to tie things up for Halloween, but this has happened before, and things continued, so there is always a chance that there could be another attempt to revive the series. With Laurie Strode out of the picture, though, there will be limited scope in future outings.

It is also worth noting that after Halloween Ends, the rights to the franchise, currently with Blumhouse, will revert back to Akkad, so it would seem that a completely new direction would be on the cards. Options include creating a new lead for Michael to battle with or perhaps a closer look at Michael Myers himself.

Although his past and influences have been explored, there is possibly still some mileage in looking closer at Michael himself. For my money though, I feel that after 13 outings, it could be time to rest The Shape for a while, but that may not necessarily mean the end of Halloween. After the success of Halloween in 1978 and its immediate sequel Halloween 2 in 1981, John Carpenter and Debra Hill felt they would not be interested in doing further sequels, so when Halloween 3 was released in 1982, there was no Laurie Dr. Loomis or Michael Myers in sight.

Instead, we were gifted with the hugely underrated Halloween 3 Season of the Witch, which was a sensational Halloween-inspired horror movie that has since seen a huge rise in popularity as a must-see horror film ideal for October the 31st. If that film had been a success, the plan was to release a new Halloween film every year, but without recurring characters or continuity. Each year would see a new Halloween-inspired horror movie, each one different than the last.

However, Halloween 3 bombed at the box office, with the audience horrified that the film was nothing to do with the previous 2 movies. Without the Shape, viewers felt cheated, cue backlash and it would be another 6 years before another entry was made, and Michael was returned as the star. Perhaps now though would be a great time to launch the Halloween movie anthology. Imagine a new horror movie every October from top talents in the industry given free reign to produce their own Halloween-inspired offering. I would be on board, and this could allow the franchise to continue without its tropes and current constraints.

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