Sisyphus: The Myth episode 7 recap – Gang Seo-hae makes a deal with Mr Park

By Daniel Hart
Published: March 10, 2021
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Netflix K-Drama series Sisyphus: The Myth episode 7


Episode 7 brings a new perspective based on events in the last chapter, and Tae-sul has an important realisation about where his brother stands in all this — the series continues to be the leader in the current slate of Netflix original k-drama series.

This recap of the Netflix K-Drama series Sisyphus: The Myth episode 7 contains significant spoilers.

We were all gobsmacked at the twists and turns last week, and yet again, Sisyphus: The Myth continues this quality and consistent storytelling — let’s hope it doesn’t sink to the levels of Love (ft. Marriage and Divorce)

To open episode 7, Gang Seo-hae wakes up and she’s in new clothes. She remembers the night before at the party when she was shot. She’s at Choi Jae-sun’s place and wants to leave immediately. Choi Jae-sun shows her the news, and it looks like Tae-sul is fine and will be returning to Quantum & Time offices. Being at Choi Jae-sun’s home reminds her of family time when she was younger with her mother, and she feels emotional; flashbacks emerge of Gang Seo-hae being separated from her mother.

Choi Jae-sun explains what happened after she disappeared at the train station — he returned to the restaurant to learn that the owner was dead — he believes the death was suspicious, so he went on the run. He used the lottery numbers that Gang Seo-hae gave him — he won and enjoyed a wealthy life. However, it didn’t feel right as he was irked by the situation between Gang Seo-hae and Tae-sul, so he spied on them. He wanted to repay the favour to Gang Seo-hae and saved her at the opportune moment. Despite his story, Gang Seo-hae tells Choi Jae-sun that she doesn’t need his help moving forward. Choi Jae-sun gives her an expensive watch with a message, thanking her for saving his family.

Gang Seo-hae asks for help and forms an unlikely alliance with Mr Park

Gang Seo-hae heads to Mr Park’s unofficial embassy. She wants to trade for the key; firstly, help three people leave the country (Choi Jae-sun’s family). Secondly, help save Tae-sul. Mr Park agrees as he’s desperate for the key. Using the Uploader technology, Gang Seo-hae wants to send the EMP device to Han Tae-sul’s house (that’s how Tae-sul got a hold of one in the last episode). Mr Park’s team have the technology to do this. As they prepare to help Tae-sul, Mr Park asks a significant question — why doesn’t Gang Seo-hae kill Tae-sul to stop the war in the future? That’s a brilliant question. By killing him, the future war would be prevented — we can try and assume the answer to this, but future chapters will surely give audiences something concrete.

The scene flits to Tae-sul’s house, and he uses the EMP device planted by Mr Park’s team. They track Tae-sul as Choi Jae-sun drives Gang Seo-hae to his location. She perches herself on top of a high place with a sniper rifle to help Tae-sul get away. As she snipes, Tae-sul rings her. They are reunited finally, completing Gang Seo-hae’s timeline if what happened after the party. Tae-sul tells Gang Seo-hae that he cannot fathom what to believe anymore, but then she holds his hand and reassures him.

These two characters are becoming a constant — when they are around each other, everything falls into place; there’s a revolving fate that connects them both — an assumed companionship.

Returning to Asia Mart

Sisyphus: The Myth episode 7 then brings more answers for Tae-sul — he’s been desperate for answers for his brother since the series’s premiere.

Gang Seo-hae, Choi Jae-sun and Tae-sul head to Asia Mart to hand the key to Mr Park; Tae-sul isn’t happy, but it’s part of the deal. There’s tension between Choi Jae-sun and Tae-sul as they are both clearly interested in Gang Seo-hae. When they reach Asia Mart, Gang Seo-hae tells Choi Jae-sun to leave for his family’s sake. When Choi Jae-sun heads to the airport with his family, he has a change of heart and decides not to leave the country.

Tae-sul hands Mr Park the key. Gang Seo-hae then tells Tae-sul that she met his brother Tae-san and that if the blueprints of the Uploader is in the safe, he will essentially become useless. If the blueprint isn’t in the safe, then the secrets of the blueprint die with Tae-sul. As Mr Park opens the safe, there’s nothing inside apart from an envelope that’s for Tae-sul. He opens it, and it’s from Tae-san. He’s explaining that the blueprint is with him and asks Tae-sul not to worry. He doesn’t want his brother to worry about them falling out in their past and that he misses him. Tae-sul learns that his brother wasn’t running away; he was looking for Sigma the whole time.

This is when it suddenly dawns on Tae-sul that he has been watched and that he is trying to find people who are not trying to be found, which changes the story completely.

Creating a diversion

As usual, Sisyphus: The Myth episode 7 shows how resourceful Gang Seo-hae is — she’s always ready for an escape.

As Mr Park points his gun at Tae-sul, the Control Bureau arrive — Gang Seo-hae rang them, knowing they’d need a distraction. She takes the gun off Mr Park and tells him to turn around. A couple of Mr Park’s men are arrested in the Asia Mart. Tae-sul and Gang Seo-hae escape at the back. Mr Park asks her assistant not to turn off the downloader and to lock the doors. She seems hesitant, but he is adamant. Mr Park hands himself to the Control Bureau.

Meeting the chairman

Taking the initiative, Tae-sul meets Chairman Kim in his home with Gang Seo-hae pointing a sniper at him outside. His first question is — “who is Sigma?”. As he refuses to answer, Tae-sul plays a recording between the chairman and Kim Seo-jin regarding their conspiracy to put Tae-sul in a medicated state and colluding together; he tells him he’s violated many laws, and if he doesn’t answer, Seo-jin will end up in prison. The chairman explains how someone approached him a month before they met with medicine to save his wife and that Tae-san was “getting in his way”. Tae-sul gets increasingly frustrated and asks where Sigma is, but the chairman states this person only contacts him when he needs something.

There are not many answers here, and audiences will be wondering — what’s Sigma’s objective?

The ending

The final scenes of Sisyphus: The Myth episode 7 show Tae-sul using his initiative again.

Edward Kim holds a press conference regarding a new CEO of Quantum & Time, but suddenly, Tae-sul shows up on the stage, and the press gets excited. He talks directly to Tae-san on the camera announcing that he will meet him again one day and to stay safe until then. He warns the other person that’s watching this(Sigma) to stop being a coward and that he will find him.

The camera pans away to reveal Sigma in his room full of screens. He expresses how interesting this is now getting. Sigma calls the chairman, who apologises for the trouble caused — Mr Kim puts the phone down and apologises to his wife, who is on a life machine. He tells her his incompetence is what led to this (presumably her health condition). The chairman returns to his office, grabs a gun and shoots himself in the head. Whoever this Sigma is, is very powerful!

The scenes flit to the funeral, and Seo-jin is devastated. Sigma is standing at the funeral with his umbrella. He’s always in the background.

Episode 7 brings a new perspective based on events in the last chapter, and Tae-sul has an important realisation about where his brother stands in all this — the series continues to be the leader in the current slate of Netflix original k-drama series.

Additional points
  • Gang Seo-hae tells Choi Jae-sun that she was born in 2012, which confused him as that would make her a child.
  • Reminded of her mother, Gang Seo-hae rings her, but she doesn’t speak when she answers. Her eyes well up. The need for family and love continues to hurt her. In a revealing moment, in the present day, child Gang Seo-hae exists, and she’s enjoying family time. Both adult and child Gang Seo-hae are existing in the present day.
  • Gang Seo-hae warns Choi Jae-sun that a war is coming on October 31st and that she must stop it — she explains that she’s from the future. Choi Jae-sun does not take long to believe her, mostly because of the predicted lottery numbers.

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