Sisyphus: The Myth episode 6 recap – [spoiler] is one of the villains

By Daniel Hart
Published: March 4, 2021 (Last updated: December 19, 2023)
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Netflix K-Drama series Sisyphus: The Myth episode 6


Who needs a new Bond film or any other thriller for that matter when you have Sisyphus: The Myth — episode 6 proves this series will get better and better.

This recap of the Netflix K-Drama series Sisyphus: The Myth episode 6 contains significant spoilers.

Right, you can breathe now. We seem to be wary of our breath every week as this series keeps on surpassing all expectations. Let’s recap yet another blockbuster chapter.

Episode 6 opens in August 2001 — we are in the first building that hosted Tae-sul’s and Tae-san’s business. Tae-san rings Tae-sul and states he will be home soon and that they can have some beers. Tae-sul checks out his latest project on the computer, and he is impressed with the results. However, there’s a power cut, and the entire city has no electricity. Meanwhile, Tae-san is working the railway lines, and there’s a commotion amongst passengers as there’s a man laid down in the tunnel.

Tae-san checks out the man, and there’s a suitcase next to him. The man is holding a photo of Tae-san and Tae-sul, and Tae-san is in shock. At the back of the photograph, there’s a list of dates describing each attack on Tae-sul. The man wakes up and slowly drags the suitcase down the line, but before he can get his identity, a train arrives.

Gang Seo-hae infiltrates a party

After a slower episode 5, this chapter gives more energy before several twists arrive.

In the present day, the coast is clear for Tae-sul and Gang Seo-hae, so they head out. Gang Seo-hae is dressed up to attend and infiltrate Edward Kim’s party. Her alias is Grace Park, a foreign investment portfolio holder. Tae-sul cannot go in as his employees will recognise him; he tells her the objective of the mission is to find out where his brother is. There’s an intimate moment where Tae-sul puts an earpiece inside her ear, which involves stroking her hair back. Meanwhile, The Control Bureau is outside the same establishment, ready for the party — they have the approval to kill Gang Seo-hae.

Celebrating Tae-sul’s death/ announcement of a new CEO

We then get a female-Bond-esque scenario where Gang Seo-hae is enjoying an extravagant event while undercover.

The party is a posh event, with a live jazz band playing. Gang Seo-hae enters and immediately implements her alias. She’s paranoid, believing everyone is looking at her. Tae-sul tells her that they are all celebrating his death and that it’s a stock party. Edward Kim is announced as the new CEO of Quantum & Time and gives a speech, however, it’s not 100% official yet. As Gang Seo-hae stands and looks around, Tae-sul speaks in her ear and tells her they can go to an amusement park after this — that’s her one wish. Their romance is brewing slowly over time — it’s sweet.

Finding Tae-san

And then episode 6 unfolds into chaos, giving viewers a new phase of the story.

Edward Kim introduces himself to Gang Seo-hae because he finds her familiar. He’s a little emotional about Tae-sul and wants to raise a toast to him. As Edward Kim speaks to Gang Seo-hae, she believes she sees Tae-san and follows the man. Meanwhile, Tae-sul scours the corridors. He finds a Technology Agreement that agrees to share new advancements with Sigma. He finds the chairman Mr Kim and grabs him — he asks about Sigma, but Mr Kim tells him he was already aware of the investor — he then reveals he already knows about time travellers from the future and the story suddenly turns sinister. The music intensifies, and Tae-san grabs Gang Seo-hae and puts her in a secret room — he tells her to leave Tae-sul alone.

Tae-sul gets increasingly frustrated with Mr Kim, who reveals The Control Bureau are already here. In a twist, Seo-jin injects Tae-sul from behind, and he falls unconscious. She rings The Control Bureau and tells them to start the operation. It’s abundantly evident that Seo-jin and Mr Kim are colluding with each other in this conspiracy — they are potentially villains in this overarching story.

Gang Seo-hae uses the EMP

And then it’s time for action as Gang Seo-hae has to fight herself away from The Control Bureau in dress and heels. She keeps asking Tae-sul for his location. When she gets outside, she is sniped in the leg by Hyeong-gi, and she falls to the floor. She remembers Tae-sul telling her to use the EMP to blackout the building. As she’s about to be shot again, a blackout occurs. The lights quickly come back on, and The Control Bureau surrounds her. Hyeong-gi walks right up to her with a pistol — she remembers the future Hyeong-gi telling her not to go outside, or he’ll kill her. However, in this timeline, she’s picked up by an acquaintance in a sports car — I believe this is the same character that helped her in episode 1. The man tells her to stay awake, but she blacks out unconscious from the gun wound.

Relive the moment that Tae-sul comes back for Gang Seo-hae:

Tae-sul wakes up, and there’s a lot of confusion

But viewers believing they were going to get a break in episode 6 were mistaken as the conspiracy deepens.

Tae-sul wakes up in the hospital, and Edward Kim and Seo-jin check up on him. They tell him that he’s been in a coma — Tae-sul asks where Gang Seo-hae is, stating she saved him. Seo-jin tells him that it’s August 19th 2020. Tae-sul turns on the television, and it says the same date. He feels they are trying to fool him — he wonders who ordered them to do this. Tae-sul tries to escape the hospital, but the staff grab him, and Seo-jin injects him again. On the news, journalists are saying that Tae-sul has miraculously woken up, but he’s not in a position to return as CEO yet. His close circle has made Tae-sul feel like he’s woken up from a coma after being shot at the conference near the start of the series.

Tae-sul wonders if he’s lost his mind

Sisyphus: The Myth episode 6 has our lead character doubting himself. At one point, there’s a risk that everything that has happened was for nothing for the character, intriguing the audience further.

Tae-sul eventually returns home, and Edward Kim speaks to him. He tells Edward Kim that he saw his brother at the conference before Gang Seo-hae saves him. He talks about the Uploader, “the others,” and how people are trying to kill him. Edward Kim compares his story to The Terminator. Tae-sul believes he’s starting to sound crazy. He wants to know if Edward Kim is lying about him being in a coma and wonders if he’s lost his mind.

Seo-jin shows her true self

But it doesn’t take long for Tae-sul to be brought back to reality, as he figures out that the environment he is in is induced by Seo-jin — she wants information off him.

Tae-sul continues to keep taking his medication, and Seo-jin checks on him. She tells him that he’s been making up stories in his head and that the time machine means he wants to make up for the past. As Seo-jin continues to break down his mental health, Tae-sul suddenly feels unwell and wonders what Seo-jin has done to him — she asks him where the key is to the safe, and her entire mannerisms change — she looks sinister and aggressive. A flashback shows Mr Kim telling Seo-jin that they must find the key. It then shows how they’ve created an environment that makes Tae-sul believe the date is August 19th, 2020.

In the present, Seo-jin continues to taunt Tae-sul and asks where the key is. As the pain continues, Tae-sul remembers key events and remembers everything, including the date, which is September 15th. Seo-jin asks about the key again when he wakes up. Tae-sul tells her it was all made up anyway and queries why it matters. Tae-sul’s casual behaviour suddenly nerves Seo-jin, and she calls in security. He uses an EMP, and the lights turn off, so he can escape.

The ending

Outside, Edward Kim asks Seo-jin what’s going on — he doesn’t seem to be apart of her plans, which makes it interesting — will he become an ally of Tae-sul when he figures out what Seo-jin is doing? Tae-sul scours the streets alone, avoiding people who are trying to find him. He finally manages to ring Gang Seo-hae and tells her not to believe everything in the media. Gang Seo-hae strangely tells him that she’s too busy and asks him to get down. A man is about to attack him, but she takes him out.

Eventually, Gang Seo-hae meets him with a sniper strapped to her back — she saved him yet again. They are happy to see each other after a stressful series of events. Meanwhile, a man is watching them both on a series of monitors and Tae-san is tied up next to him.

Who needs a new Bond film or any other thriller for that matter when you have Sisyphus: The Myth — episode 6 proves this series will get better and better.

Additional points
  • Hyeong-gi is getting impatient and wants Gang Seo-hae killed, but Hwang Hyun-seung tells him to he patient.

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