Sisyphus: The Myth episode 5 recap – there will be a war in the future

By Daniel Hart
Published: March 3, 2021
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Netflix K-Drama series Sisyphus: The Myth episode 5


Episode 5 does well to expand the story, introducing reasons for Gang Seo-hae’s protectiveness over Tae-sul. Plenty of plot points are coming full circle already, highlighting how well-written the story is.

This recap of the Netflix K-Drama series Sisyphus: The Myth episode 5 contains significant spoilers.

After an explosive end to the last chapter, episode 5 calms the tension, giving the audience space to learn more about Gang Seo-hae, but first, the lead character needs saving by Tae-sul.

After Tae-sul and Gang Seo-hae threw themselves into the water, episode 5 opens with Tae-sul dragging his unconscious companion at the side of a riverbank — she’s not breathing, so Tae-sul has to perform CPR. She coughs up water, and there’s a relief on Tae-sul’s face. After an intense getaway, Tae-sul brings Gang Seo-hae to his corporate offices and disinfects a bullet wound on her arm.

Bumping into Kim Seo-jin

Since the start of the series, both characters have found themselves constantly under scrutiny and on the run, and Sisyphus: The Myth episode 5 does not change that theme.

Seo-jin finds them in the office. She is understandably confused, believing that the unconcious woman kidnapped Tae-sul and wants to ring the police, but Tae-sul calms her down. Seo-jin is emotional, believing that Tae-sul was dead, but then helps him with the gun wound. After examining Gang Seo-hae, Seo-jin learns that she’s malnourished and has to put her on a drip.

After Gang Seo-hae is sorted, Seo-jin believes Tae-sul needs to go to the hospital for psychiatric help after his story about time travellers from the future. Tae-sul cheekily asks for Seo-jin’s credit card, as he’s lost his. She gives it to him but warns that she will ring the police in the morning regarding Gang Seo-hae. You can sense, however, that apart of her believes Tae-sul’s claims.

There will be a war in the future that wipes out everyone

Sisyphus: The Myth episode 5 sees Gang Seo-hae giving more insight into the future, allowing viewers to envision what’s at stake.

The next day, Gang Seo-hae wakes up. After eating, Tae-sul asks if there was no food in the future. Gang Seo-hae warns of war in the future where Seoul and Wolsong will be nuked. She believes protecting Tae-sul will prevent the war. The conversation turns to the address he was given to Hyeong-gi, and Gang Seo-hae warns that The Control Bureau and Sigma will be there, but Tae-sul wants to go anyway.

Tae-sul wants to go alone

After spending a few chapters getting the lead characters together, episode 5 briefly sees them trying to conquer the world without each other.

Tae-sul explains how he cannot fully trust her, and he doesn’t know what it means when she says that protecting him prevents a war. He wants to go alone and does not want his life to jeopardise finding his brother. Gang Seo-hae believes Tae-sul is selfish for not wanting to prevent war — she expresses how he’s the only person she knows in the past, present and future and doesn’t want to be alone. Tae-sul claims he does everything alone. He gives her cash, but Gang Seo-hae explains how there’s plenty of money in the future to help light fires.

Relive the moment where Tae-sul goes back for Gang Seo-hae:

Indoctrinating Hyeong-gi

Episode 5 demonstrates the true extent of The Control Bureau and how far they are willing to go.

Hwang Hyun-seung shows the present-day Hyeong-gi The Control Bureau and “illegal entrants” in their cells. He tells him that the “uninvited” live among them. He talks about how they catch people from the future people who illegally come to the present and that The Control Bureau was established in 2002. Hwang Hyun-seung reveals that while he’s been here, his mother has passed away. The police officer is devastated and sobs with pain in his voice. Hwang Hyun-seung tells the emotional police officer that Gang Seo-hae killed his mother and that she’s an illegal entrant. He calls illegal entrants greedy and that they come here for the clean air and riches, which mean ordinary people miss out.

Hwang Hyun-seung gives Hyeong-gi a gun and tells him he can legally kill an illegal entrant.

Tae-sul understands what it’s like to be alone

Tae-sul and Gang Seo-hae separated didn’t last long because they need each other.

Out in the normal world, Gang Seo-hae suddenly gets overwhelmed by traffic and the public and begins to have a panic attack. Suddenly, Tae-sul turns up to help her; he explains how he understands what it’s like to be alone. She wants her to promise that she will not get in the way of finding his brother, no matter how dangerous the situation is. Gang Seo-hae agrees.

At the supermarket in the future

Episode 5 then gives insight into the dystopian future. Gang Seo-hae is exploring a supermarket with her father. She sees a set of mannequins that look like a family and looks briefly emotional before setting her eyes on a Forbes magazine with Tae-sul on the front cover. Suddenly, Gang Seo-hae and her father are ambushed by a gang. They manage to find good cover, but they are outnumbered and accept they have to leave their stuff behind. The pair have to maneuver and kill each gang member.

With more gang members arriving, Gang Seo-hae is pushed aside by her father to fight them alone so she can make a run for it. As she escapes, she runs into an 18-year-old boy who has his hands up — however, he is deceiving her, and as he’s about to shoot, Gang Seo-hae’s father comes around the corner and kills him — he tells his daughter she’s becoming too soft.

A new diary for Gang Seo-hae

In the present day, Tae-sul gives Gang Seo-hae a similar diary as the other one got wet. She now knows that Tae-sul gave her the diary originally. Tae-sul tells her that in the safe are research documents about topological changes of space-time and the inflection points — he believes it’s intrinsically linked to the Uploader. He then reveals the key to the safe is at his home, which is a problem as people are trying to find them.

It’s one problem after another, but it doesn’t make it any less interesting.

Home sweet home

They enter Tae-sul’s home to get the key. On the way out, Gang Seo-hae senses something. Edward Kim and police officers enter the house while Tae-sul and Gang Seo-hae hide. The alarm systems were alerted. While on the phone, Edward Kim let’s a board member know that the police only look missing people for two weeks, so he’s going to let it go. Tae-sul hears the entire conversation, and he is hurt by it. He truly only has Gang Seo-hae.

The ending

As we near the end, it’s becoming obvious that Tae-sul is increasingly sympathetic for Gang Seo-hae and her situation as the pair bond in their dire situation.

Tae-sul asks Gang Seo-hae where she wants to visit, sensing she’s missed out on a lot. Gang Seo-hae wants to go to an amusement park to ride a pirate ship as it reminds her of her mother — she promised she’d ride it when older, but then the war broke out. As Tae-sul talks, Gang Seo-hae rests her head on his shoulder and falls asleep.

Meanwhile, Hyeong-gi is mourning over his deceased mother. Hwang Hyun-seung offers his condolences and tells him they are family now. He then mentions a report overnight of Han Tae-sul and Gang Seo-hae. Hyeong-gi is filled with hatred and revenge as he hears the debrief. The Control Bureau are confident they know where Han Tae-sul and Gang Seo-hae will be. Hyeong-gi is given a sniper. Expect an even more explosive episode 6! The preview suggests it will be packed with action.

Sisyphus: The Myth episode 5 does well to expand the story, introducing reasons for Gang Seo-hae’s protectiveness over Tae-sul. Plenty of plot points are coming full circle already, highlighting how well-written the story is.

Additional points
  • Seo-jin remembers a conversation with Tae-san, where he explained how “others” were amongst them and will go after Tae-sul.

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