Does Tales of the Jedi explain how Ahsoka Tano survived Order 66?

By Kieran Burt
Published: October 26, 2022 (Last updated: April 7, 2023)
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Tales of the Jedi has been released on Disney+, and the fifth episode shows how Ahsoka Tano was trained to survive Order 66. This article has spoilers for episode 5 of Tales of the Jedi. 

Tales of the Jedi is now streaming, showing new stories focusing on Count Dooku and Ahsoka Tano. Episode 5 of Tales of a Jedi, titled “Practice Makes Perfect,” shows a short section of Ahsoka’s training and how Anakin Skywalker made it more unconventional. But because of this, he inadvertently trains Ahsoka against the enemies she will one day face.

What happened to Ahsoka Tano in Tales of Jedi season 1, episode 5?

The episode begins early on the clone wars, with Ahsoka training against basic training remotes first seen in A New Hope. She defeats them with ease and then has to face the second round of droids, this time updated to simulate battle droids. Again, she defeats with ease.

Anakin is unimpressed, saying it’s a lousy test that all Jedi go through and that he can come up with a better one. To do so, he gets the help of Rex and the rest of the 501st Legion. They form a circle around Ahsoka and start shooting stun blasts at her. It isn’t long before she’s hit.

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Once she gets back up, Anakin immediately orders Ahsoka to try again. Anakin isn’t just testing Ahsoka’s reactions to deflect the bolts, he’s testing her endurance.

This training goes on throughout the Clone Wars, with a later scene showing an older Ahsoka and 501st troopers with phase two armor doing the same test. Rex comments that Ahsoka was only able to last 5 minutes and then knocks her out even quicker.

The final scene cuts to Order 66, to the hallway before Ahsoka and Rex face the clones to escape. Just as they’re about to go through, Rex says that he hopes all of Ahsoka’s training pays off.

Does Tales of the Jedi show how Ahsoka Tano Survived Order 66?

Order 66 is the directive given to all clones to execute the Jedi. An inhibitor chip in their heads forces them to comply unless it’s taken out.

Ahsoka is transporting Maul on the Venator class Star Destroyer Tribunal when Order 66 is given and is forced to flee. This can be seen in the final two episodes of season 7 of Star Wars: The Clone Wars. To escape, she and Rex come up with a plan to try and trick the clones into letting them stall for time and then steal a ship.

This works for a moment until the clones catch on and open fire on Ahsoka and Rex. Given their number, she is able to perform well, and she flees with Rex.

Tales of the Jedi episode five shows us the reason why Ahsoka is able to hold for so long and why so many Jedi failed. Because of her training with the clones, she is able to understand how they act while in combat and learn to survive against them. Even with all this training, she still struggles.

It also explains why so many Jedi died so quickly during Order 66. Because they only used lousy and predictable training droids, they weren’t able to survive at all against the unpredictable and stronger clones.

Ahsoka owes her life to Anakin’s unconventional training methods. Palpatine is lucky that no other Jedi thought like him, else Order 66 would have failed.

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