Tell Me Lies Season 1, Episode 2 Recap – What Happened in “Hot-Blooded”?

By Jonathon Wilson
Published: September 7, 2022 (Last updated: April 23, 2024)
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Tell Me Lies Season 1, Episode 2 Recap - "Hot-Blooded"
Tell Me Lies season 1, episode 2 - "Hot-Blooded" (Credit - Hulu)




Much better than the first episode (and sexier). There’s a bit more going on in this episode, and it’s going to be interesting to see where Lucy and Stephen take us throughout the season.

Episode 2 of Tell Me Lies season 1 begins with Stephen asking Drew what’s up. Drew tells him that the night Maisie died, he went on a beer run. He nearly crashed into Maisie. But after she crashed, as he was unaware of who it was, he panicked and fled the scene. Stephen tells Drew that they must keep it all quiet to ensure nothing happens to him. With Maisie’s parents heading to campus, Lucy begins cleaning the room.

As Maisie’s parents collect her things, she tells them how sorry she is for their loss. After Diana and Stephen attend the same class together, he asks if she wants him to drop out. But she doesn’t. In fact, she thinks it will be more fun having him in the same class. Lucy and Stephen go for dinner. During their date, Stephen ignores a call from his Mother.

Eventually, he answers her call, and something appears to have happened. However, it’s unclear what his Mother wanted. Following his date with Lucy, Stephen heads over to Diana’s place.

As Lucy, Pippa, and Bree smoke Maisie’s hand-me-down weed, Lucy decides to delete Stephen’s number. When Stephen and Diana attempt to have sex again, he is unable to do so. He puts the blame on Diana for stopping them midway through the last time.

It quickly turns into an argument over Stephen’s one-night stand, and it ends with Diana telling Stephen to get out. Later, Stephen tries to call his Mom, but it goes to voicemail. Diana plans a fundraiser. And when Lucy learns that Diana is Stephen’s ex-girlfriend, she decides to attend. Stephen won’t, however; he wants to give her the gift of his absence.

Tell Me Lies season 1, episode 2 – “Hot-Blooded” (Credit – Hulu)

During the fundraiser, which is for a scholarship for those whose parents are incarcerated, Lucy meets Diana for the first time. And this infuriates Lucy as she learns that Diana “is very much not a cu*t.” After storming out of the event, Lucy goes to Stephen and rips his clothes off. And he becomes the first person ever to make her c*m.

After the first episode of Tell Me Lieshad I been a viewer rather than a reviewer, I would have called it quits with the show, but I’m very happy that I had to continue.


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