Tell Me Lies Season 1, Episode 3 Recap – “We Don’t Touch, We Collide”

By Jonathon Wilson
Published: September 7, 2022 (Last updated: last month)
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Tell Me Lies Season 1, Episode 3 Recap - "We Don't Touch, We Collide"
Tell Me Lies season 1, episode 3 "We Don't Touch, We Collide" (Credit - Hulu)




Blending sexiness with a dark storyline/vibe, Tell Me Lies has improved since the first episode. Although there are some dry moments, for the most part, the show has enough to keep the audience interested. 

The first two episodes of Tell Me Lies were fifty-fifty in quality. But the second episode picked up the pace, providing hope for the viewers that this will continue. Season 1, episode 3 opens with Drew depressed and looking like sh*t. Wrigley attempts to force him to come out with them later on.

Bree decides that she will be a nude model for an art class, which Pippa finds hilarious. After they sleep together, Stephen hands Lucy a hair tie. But it isn’t hers. As a result, there’s an awkward conversation about who they’re sleeping with.

Both Stephen and Lucy claim that they’re not sleeping with anyone else. Pippa and Wrigley continue to see each other, although neither is sure whether they’re “dating” or not. The thing that Pippa is sure about is that Wrigley gives her the best orgasms of her life. 

Pippa asks Wrigley why Drew has bailed on so many events since the start of the semester. It’s clear that Wrigley wants to change the topic. When Wrigley sends Drew a text, he, once again, gets no response.

Later on, at a party, when Pippa notices that Drew seems out of it, Wrigley says it’s probably because Drew is high. Lucy and Bree drink together and remark on how Pippa can be insensitive. Their conversation is interrupted when the police come to search the bar. Bree grabs her and forces her to rush outside, where Lucy makes friends with a “cute guy”.

Whilst highly intoxicated, Drew falls down some stairs. When Stephen, Wrigley, and Pippa help put him to bed, Drew starts to sob and says, “he can’t stop thinking about it”. Obviously, Stephen and Wrigley know what he’s referring to, but Pippa doesn’t (at least, for now).

As Wrigley and Pippa leave, he shouts at her for trying to hook up with other guys at the party. But she calls him out for doing the same thing. As Pippa goes to walk away, Wrigley tells her that Drew was there when Maisie crashed her car.

Pippa asks what she should do with that information, and Wrigley tells her not to tell anyone, which is going to be hard for her. As she leaves, Stephen appears and guesses that Wrigley has told Pippa the truth about the crash.

Tell Me Lies season 1, episode 3 "We Don't Touch, We Collide"

Tell Me Lies season 1, episode 3 “We Don’t Touch, We Collide” (Credit – Hulu)

Episode 3 ends with Stephen stalking

Lucy wakes up in bed with the “cute guy.” He wants to take her out for dinner, to which Lucy says, “Yeah, I’ll call you.” Wrigley has his treaded test, which he thinks went “good”. Stephen learns that Diana has gotten the research assistant role, a position that Stephen himself really wanted.

Lucy checks Diana out online. Stephen goes to see Diana and accuses her of applying for the position purely in spite of him. Even so, he still has sex with Diana. They wake up in bed, which Diana describes as a “sick cycle.” She tells him that she has too much self-respect to let him openly disrespect her. He claims that she is unable to let things go. 

Despite knowing the truth about Maisie’s crash, Pippa tells Wrigley that she won’t be going anywhere. Diana calls Stephen and tells him he’s right as she isn’t letting things go. But whilst they’re not back together, she does want to hang out with him. The third episode of Tell Me Lies ends with Stephen stalking Lucy and Diana on social media.


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