Where was the Netflix film The Good Nurse filmed?

October 26, 2022
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This article discusses “Where was the Netflix film The Good Nurse filmed” and may contain minor plot references

The Good Nurse is about Nurse Amy Loughren (Jessica Chastain), who is shocked to find that one of her colleagues Charlie Cullen (Eddie Redmayne), is responsible for the murder of dozens of patients. The period during which he had been killing his patients was over sixteen years, across two states and nine hospitals, without ever being charged.

Author Charles Graeber‘s book The Good Nurse: A True Story of Medicine, Madness, and Murder, is more reporter and fact-driven than the movie. To accurately explore this story, the locations were one of the most important aspects to find. This film highlights the life of Amy and what she is going through when she meets Charlie. She is a mother trying to look after her young children while experiencing heart failure. Keeping this information to herself while raising children is no easy task, and then Charlie’s life is something that distracts her from all of that. They become inseparable and develop a rapport with one another. Amy even brings Charlie into her home because she has learned to trust him with her professional life. Charlie even helps out with the children, especially knowing Amy’s condition.

This slow-burn medical thriller is intriguing and has two Academy Award winners at the forefront. These complex characters unravel by the end to show what can be wrong with the medical profession. The nursing profession is misunderstood, and many nurses are shunned when it concerns their mental health. There is suspense throughout as director Tobias Lindholm plays into the eerieness of the hospital whenever Charles is around. They were able to find locations that suited the 90s to make it more authentic to the story.

Where was the Netflix film The Good Nurse filmed – a breakdown of locations

Fairfield County, Connecticut 

The Good Nurse was filmed primarily in the state of Connecticut. Even though most of Charles Cullen’s crimes were in Pennsylvania and New Jersey, Fairfield County is the location used in principal photography.

Stamford, Connecticut 

Stamford is where the cast and crew stayed in hotels for the majority of the shoot. It is the second-largest city in Connecticut and was the outdoor backdrop for most of the film. They wanted to keep everything local.

Norwalk, Connecticut 

Location scouts found the coastal city in Fairfield County. They believed that it was a great space for shooting. They ended up using one large office space in the area after appreciating the dated interior.

Darien, Connecticut 

They also recorded footage in Darien, which is a waterfront spot in Connecticut.

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