High School season 1, episode 7 release date, time and where to watch

October 28, 2022
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This article contains predictions for the Amazon Freevee series High School (2022) season 1, episode 7, and includes the release date and where to watch online.

We had an emotionally charged episode of High School where we saw Maya and Tegan’s (played by Railey Gilliland) relationship hit a crossroads due to Sara (played by Seazynn Gilliland). Here is everything that went down in High School season 1, episode 6.

  • The sisters are at piano practice and impress their teacher with some great work.
  • Sara and Tegan share a moment together that is halted by Maya. However, Sara was upset that Tegan was leaving, Tegan invited her to hang out with her and Maya.
  • When Tegan and Sara meet up with Maya, Maya is slightly upset that Sara is there.
  • When they leave the store, Phoebe runs into Sara, who is stopped in her tracks. One thing led to another, and Sara said she would get her mom to call Phoebe’s so they could hang out together.
  • Back home, Sara gets her mom to agree to call Phoebe’s mom, which ends up being a success.
  • Phoebe comes over, and Tegan and Sara play a song for her. Phoebe is impressed because she hasn’t seen Sara this happy in a long time. They both agree they like each other leading to a kiss.
  • The episode turns its attention to Maya and how she is struggling with rekindling Sara and Tegan’s sister ship.
  • At her house, fighting is happening, leading to Maya leaving and calling Tegan, who was busy, blowing her off.
  • We see several times that Tegan spurns Maya for Sara, and when it comes time to play the music for everyone, Maya gets in her feelings over it.
  • Maya calls Tegan out for lying and using her, which leads to Maya heading to the bar and getting drunk.

High School season 1, episode 7 release date/time

Episode 7 is will be released on November 4, 2022. Episode 7 is titled “Fix You Up” and will have a run time of 25 minutes.

Where to watch online

Viewers worldwide can catch High School season 1, episode 7, on Amazon Freevee on the date mentioned above.


  • Maya and Tegan continue to drift apart.
  • With Phoebe back in the picture, Tegan is starting to feel like the odd person out.
  • Tegan and Sara make more music.

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