Wild Is the Wind ending explained – what happens to Vusi?

By Amanda Guarragi
Published: October 29, 2022 (Last updated: January 26, 2024)

We discuss the ending of the Netflix film Wild Is the Wind which will contain spoilers. What happens to Vusi? Let’s find out!

Over the years, there have been films that highlight the corruption in the police force and how racial inequality is part of a broken system. The judicial system is broken in many countries where there is oppression towards a marginalized group because no one knows how to deconstruct something that has been in place for years.

In order for any of this to be fixed, it needs to start from the inside, but it’s hard to trust those to do what’s right once they’re in the system that has turned against them for so many years. In Wild Is the Wind, directed by writer-director Fabien Medea, two corrupt police officers investigate the brutal murder of a young girl, and tensions come to a head in their small, racially-segregated town. It is based in South Africa and focuses on a myriad of problems in a small township rife with a murderer and racism. In this film, you see two different perspectives on how to approach a racially motivated hate crime when a young girl is kidnapped. It’s interesting to see how the cops handle such a situation and their ideologies.

Wild Is the Wind ending explained – what happens to Vusi?

The ending of Wild Is the Wind has a lot to unpack, and there are many things that are left unsaid. After finding the white bakkie, Vusi collected the driver’s DNA and sent it to forensics. Earlier, John had received the reward and also a promotion for convicting Sonnyboy. And Vusi was then suspended after their massive fight. It’s hard to be a police officer in the middle of such a high-end investigation that he just didn’t take his suspension well at all.

He turned to drinking all day in order to cope with the emptiness of not being in his known environment. The forensic doctor later informed him that Willhelm’s DNA sample and the skin fragment found under Melissa’s fingernail had matched. John and Vusi still did not see eye to eye, and Vusi decided to go it alone. Even though he was suspended, Vusi embarked on a solo investigation of Willhelm. When he did find him, Willhelm did confess, but there was a hint of arrogance in his voice that left Vusi unsettled.

What started as something racially motivated with Willhelm turned into a personal attack against the Mayor’s daughter, which threw Vusi completely off his motivation as a misogynistic psychopath. Vusi did not like Willhelm’s tone whatsoever, and they started to fight each other. The battle was bloody and brutal and left Vusi in a very vulnerable state, he was truly about to die. But, in his final moments, he was able to take the clear shot to kill Willhelm.

As Vusi carried Willhelm’s dead body out to the car, his severe injury lead him to die in the street before getting to the car. What this ending shows is that the cycle will continue and there is no clear way of stopping the racial and gender discrimination in the world unless the system itself breakdown.

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