Cheat Season 1 Review – it pays to cheat

By Romey Norton
Published: March 1, 2023
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A Netflix game show where you have to lie and cheat your way to a big cash prize. It’s shady; it’s sneaky and enjoyable to watch.

We review the Netflix reality competition series Cheat Season 1, which reveals no winners or eliminations. 

Netflix has seen a small influx of gaming shows added to their streaming service, and this now includes the cheeky game show called Cheat, known as ‘Ch£at.’ This is Netflix’s first-ever UK quiz show. Will this rival the BBC and ITV in the UK, known for their quiz shows?

Cheat Season 1 Review and Premise

Hosted by former EastEnders star Danny Dyer and Ellie Taylor of Sewing Bee and Strictly Come Dancing 2022 fame, this show goes against all game rules and encourages cheating. Why? To win up to £50,000. That’s a decent prize pot for UK money recently, and God knows I would lie and cheat for that prize pot in this cost-of-living crisis. Where do I apply?

They build the pot by answering questions, and we see contestants winning £27k, £42k, and more. Cheat has 12 episodes, with a runtime of roughly 42 minutes each, and will be released to Netflix in three sets of four.

This game show is a battle of brains and wit… and who can tell and maintain lies. Each episode starts with four players, who have their knowledge tested as they blag their way across three rounds and try to avoid being eliminated. They must lie, cheat their way through, and, most importantly, not get caught. In front of them is a screen with a cheat button they can press if they do not know the answer.

They’ve got to have a good poker face, as their opponents can press in and accuse them of cheating at any point. If they get a question wrong, they lose money from the pot. So if in doubt, cheat! At the end of the round, the cheat hunter, the person who caught out the most lies, progresses to the next round. However, the hunter can become the hunted for the final rounds, and the final two play for the jackpot. It’s a robust format and easy to follow.

Danny Dyer is a fun host; his strong accent and laddish personality make him sound like he would be a cheater. While Ellie comes across as more feeble and honest, together, they have good chemistry and gel on screen. There’s fun and mutual respect, and it doesn’t feel forced. You can tell they’re having a laugh. There are some naughty swearing and sexual references, but this adds to the humor.

You must have a fun personality and be a cheeky yet determined character to be a contestant on this show. When you buzz in and accuse someone, you have to explain why. The reasons behind the accusations can be hilarious, and I, surprisingly, laughed a lot watching this series. The contestants are mostly likable, and you’ll be surprised who you can and can’t trust. The winner of the first episode wins by cheating 83% of the time. I did enjoy hearing what they will do when they win — quit their jobs and head to Vegas. I’d probably do the same. 

The set design is bright and eye-catching, and the circular layout helps create a close and intimate setting, driving the intensity when honing in on whether someone has cheated. 

Is Cheat on Netflix Good?

Yes. As game shows go, this one is a good watch. The questions aren’t complicated, and thinking about how to cheat to a winning prize is interesting. I think it’s a mix between the game shows The Weakest Link and Bullsh*t. Is it a game-changer? Not really. There are better shows to test your knowledge, but this is a decent watch for something against the standard honest format.

What did you think of the Netflix reality competition series Cheat Season 1?

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