Will there be a Young Royals season 3?

By Daniel Hart
Published: November 1, 2022
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We discuss whether there will be a season 3 of the Netflix series Young Royals, including its renewed or cancelled status. 

Young Royals season 2 was highly anticipated. After season 1 took the Netflix watch hours by storm, it was abundantly obvious that a continuation was needed.  And season 2 did arrive, and at Ready Steady Cut, we gave it a favorable review:

“Young Royals season 2 continues to live up to the hype with a fresh, Swedish LGTBQ+ drama that fashions a plot circling romance and revenge.”

However, with such an impactful season, there will be an immediate question of whether the story will continue.

What was season 2 of Young Royals all about?

Here is our official synopsis of the events surrounding season 2:

“Season 2 provides another battleground for teens battling for love and acceptance. We have Sara adjusting to campus life while dealing with her lust for August; we have Wilhelm brooding for Simon, who is seemingly exploring elsewhere, and we have August feeling regretful for his actions with the leaked sex video and wanting forgiveness from Wilhelm, who seems hellbent on revenge. A lot is riding on the story’s main plot points, and the Netflix series does not waste its time delving into the less important subplots that audiences will talk little about.”

Will there be a season 3 of Young Royals – renewed or cancelled status

At this moment in time, Netflix has not confirmed whether there will be a season 3 of Young Royal, so the renewed or cancelled status is not finalized. However, we can expect to hear some news in the coming weeks. Young Royals is a highly popular show and is quickly becoming a staple series on Netflix, just like similar series Elite.

Netflix will review the watch hours and viewership and make a determination on whether a continuation for its subscribers is viable. We predict this is an easy win for the streaming service, and they will renew the series. Especially after the dramatic ending of season 2.

What could Young Royals season 3 be about?

At end of Young Royals season 2, the following happened:

“Wilhelm delivers his Jubilee speech with all eyes watching. His nerves are transparent in front of the crowd, but he proceeds with the speech. During the speech, Wilhelm has a change of heart and reveals there is a problem. He talks about secrets and old-age traditions and that he wants to put a stop to them and embrace modern-day principles. He admits that he leaked the sex video of him and Simon. Wilhelm turns around to Simon and smiles. Wilhelm is trying to force change. Whether he leaked the video does not matter. He’s likely lying, and August still leaked it. Will his vow for change work? It feels unlikely at this point.”

Let’s debate what the plot synopsis could be about for Young Royals season 3:

Young Royals season 3 could be about several things, but at the end of season 2, it’s clear that Wilhelm wants a change in the establishment (The Crown) and at his school. He has always been a rebellious figure in the series, and his speech shows that he needs to continue to be a rebel. At this point, it’s clear he wants to be with Simon. He wants to maintain a relationship with him. We predict that their relationship will be more public than ever in the third season.

The two boys will face a backlash. Following on from this, it’s likely that August will be made the Crown Prince, but can he maintain such a position as succession to the throne? It’s a tall order to ask. He’s in love with Sara, after all, so what will this mean for his personal life? Season 3 will also reveal what Sara reported to the police. The show deliberately did not tell viewers what Sara told the authorities, leaving us to wonder.

Season 3 could be the most explosive yet, with plenty on the line!

What do you think will happen in Young Royals season 3? Comment below.

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