Young Royals season 2 ending explained – how do Simon and Wilhelm end up together?

By Daniel Hart
Published: November 1, 2022 (Last updated: January 4, 2024)
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What’s ahead of these characters is unknown, but Young Royals needs a season 3.

We recap Netflix’s Young Royals, season 2, episode 6, which will contain spoilers and detail the ending. 

There’s a lot of stake at the end of season 2 of Young Royals. Being part of an ultra-powerful family means a lot of responsibility. Since season 1, Wilhelm has been faced with plenty of challenges. The finale of season 2 sees his biggest challenge yet. This is coupled with Simon’s pressure to report August to the police. There are not a lot of twists and turns in the finale, but there’s enough subtle drama to encourage a continuation of this story.

Young Royals season 2, episode 6  recap

Season 2, episode 6 opens with a determined Simon ready to go to the police. He kisses Wilhelm and heads out. Meanwhile, August receives a call from the Royal Court, and he’s reminded of his responsibility to The Crown after learning that Simon is going to the police. Before he goes to the police, Simon talks to Marcus, and they end up arguing over Wilhelm. Marcus tells Simon to leave him alone. This romance was short-lived.

August texts Wilhelm insisting he needs to talk to him, so they meet up. August tells Wilhelm that Erik would not have allowed Simon to go to the police and that he would have protected the Royal Family.

August then reveals that Alexander will take the blame for the sex video leak. It’s revealed that Alexander has agreed to take the blame. Alexander then reveals that he knows that Wilhelm framed him over the drugs. August tells Wilhelm that the police will give Alexander a minor punishment but plenty of gratitude from The Crown. Suddenly, Wilhelm is in a difficult position where more can be revealed publically and hurt Simon.

Wilhelm warns Simon that Alexander will take the blame for the sex video leak and that the police will find out about his drugs — his father’s name is on the bottle.

To try to end all the drama, Simon and Wilhelm confront August at the shooting range. Wilhelm picks up a gun and threatens him, stating that Royal Family covers up accidents. He tells August to get on his knees and asks who tipped him off regarding Simon going to the police. Sara turns up with Felice and reveals she told August, bringing shock to the group. She explains she loves August. Simon is hurt, and Sara apologizes, knowing she betrayed her brother.

After this commotion, August tries to reason with Sara about the series of events, but she walks away, potentially ending the romance.

In the aftermath of all the secrets spilling out, Sara is ousted by the girls. All the attention is on her. Felice believes Sara is not a real friend, but Sara argues she has never been in love before. And then, before Jubilee, Sara disappears.

Young Royals season 2, episode 6 ending explained – how do Simon and Wilhelm end up together?

As season 2, episode 6 reaches the ending, Jubilee day arrives, and Royal Proceedings start. August sees Sara leaving campus with a suitcase. He tries to converse generally with her, but Sara walks off. As she goes, she rings the police to “report a crime.” What crime is not revealed, we’ll have to find out in further seasons.

Before the speech, Simon tells Wilhelm that he hates August and doesn’t want him to destroy their love. Simon tells Wilhelm he’s willing to let their relationship be a secret, but he doesn’t want any secrets between them. And that’s how Simon and Wilhelm end up together to end season 2. 

What did Wilhelm say in his speech?

And then, Wilhelm delivers his Jubilee speech with all eyes watching. His nerves are transparent in front of the crowd, but he proceeds with the speech. During the speech, Wilhelm has a change of heart and reveals there is a problem. He talks about secrets and old-age traditions and that he wants to put a stop to them and embrace modern-day principles. He admits that he leaked the sex video of him and Simon. Wilhelm turns around to Simon and smiles. Wilhelm is trying to force change. Whether he leaked the video does not matter. He’s likely lying, and August still leaked it. Will his vow for change work? It feels unlikely at this point.

What’s ahead of these characters is unknown, but Young Royals needs a season 3

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