5 series like The Peripheral you must watch

November 3, 2022
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We discuss 5 series like The Peripheral you must watch. Bookmark this page and enjoy these excellent recommendations.

The Peripheral is a mind-bending Sci-Fi thriller that was recently released on Prime Video. Based on a captivating novel by William Gibson, the series is set in the near future and centers on a young woman (Chloë Grace Moretz) and her brother (Jack Reynor) as they slowly unravel a bleak alternate reality. Here are a few similar shows you might enjoy.

5 series like The Peripheral you must watch

Westworld (2016 – )

Another mind-bending experience from the same people who brought Peripheral to your screen, Westworld is set in a not-so-distant future where rich people can visit a theme park to indulge in their darkest desires. The park is staffed by Hosts, robots who look just like humans, that are programmed to never harm a guest. Of course, when the Hosts start becoming self-aware and realize what horrors the guests are subjecting them to, things take a dangerous turn. This HBO original has just completed its fourth season, and we’re keeping our fingers crossed it gets renewed for a fifth. 

Black Mirror (2011 – )

Black Mirror is an anthology series created by Charlie Brooker. Each episode is set in a nearby future and shows a series of challenges people from different walks of life face due to cutting-edge technology. There are five seasons out, and a sixth is on the way with a potential 2023 release date.

12 Monkeys (2015 – 2018)

Based on a movie by the same name, 12 Monkeys is a show about a time traveler from an apocalyptic future who’s desperately trying to change the past. He teams up with a present-day doctor in an attempt to stop the spread of a deadly virus that nearly wipes out mankind. The series ran for three seasons and it’s available to watch on Hulu. 

Manifest (2018 – )

Another mind-bending supernatural drama, Manifest, is centered around the passengers of flight 828 who, after landing learn they’ve been missing for five years. These passengers have to find their way in a world that moved on without them. As the series progresses, the characters learn there’s more at play to their plane’s disappearance and they have to figure out what really happened to them during the time they were presumed dead. The first three seasons of Manifest are available on Netflix, and the fourth one is set to premiere on the 4th of November 2022. 

Lost (2004 – 2010)

No list of mind-bending supernatural shows would be complete without Lost. The series premiered in 2004 and managed to keep viewers engrossed in the mystery throughout its six-season run. Set on a remote island, the series is centered on a group of survivors from a plane crash as they’re trying to make sense of their new surroundings. 

Do you have any other recommendations for films like The Peripheral? Let us know!

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