Acapulco season 2, episode 4 recap – “Love is a Battlefield”

By Ricky Valero
Published: November 4, 2022 (Last updated: last month)
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We recap the Apple TV+ series Acapulco season 2, episode 4, “Love is a Battlefield,” which contains spoilers.

Acapulco season 2, episode 3 was filled with some highs and lows, but we saw tremendous growth between Maximo (Eugenio Derbez) and Isabel. How will this affect Julia? Will Don Pablo have a change of heart about the resort? Let’s dive into season 1, episode 4.

Acapulco season 2, episode 4 recap

The episode kicks off with present-day Maximo asking if Hugo (Raphael Alejandro) if he has a girlfriend. Unfortunately, Hugo’s story is moving too slowly for Maximo, so he returns to his story and Valentine’s Day 1985. Isabel is talking to Julia about her and Maximo’s relationship, and Julia is questioning her excitement about it since they’ve only been dating for nine days.

Back to the present day, Maximo says that one relationship would grow closer, one break apart to get closer, with one ending forever.

We move to the bedroom of Diane and Hector, who just finished having sex. Hector is beginning to fall for Diane while she sees it as nothing more than a fling. Finally, we see him return to his office, where he has a big bear and other things to give her on Valentine’s Day, and he knows they will go to waste.

The resort has been offering a deluxe Valentine’s Day package, but no one has taken them up on the offer until now. So Diane puts Maximo in charge of decorating the room for the couple, but she says he won’t be doing it alone and welcomes Julia, who will be his helping hand. Well, this should make for some entertaining television.

The moment starts a bit tense between the two because of their history, and they both go their separate ways by tackling two different rooms, back to Sara, who is still dealing with heartbreak since Roberta left her life. She blames her mom, so instead of confronting her (she can’t), everything she does is getting under her skin and attacking her for it. Then, Esteban (mother’s boyfriend) arrives to share that he wants to kick her out of the house to cook her Valentine’s meal. Sara takes this as a chance to kick her, but her mom forces her to come with her.

Back to the suite, Maximo and Julia have down their parts and decorated the place to make it all romantic. However, they both agree it looks awful and starts making a plan to make it a whole lot better. Maximo confronts Julia about why things are so weird for the two of them, and we know it was the kiss on the balcony.

Look, I want to stop my review for a second and say that the duo that sings by the pool with modern hits in Spanish is fantastic. The way they cut to them each week is perfect and something I look forward to each week.

At the pool, Hector feels a little down, and Chad asks about his plans for the big day. Chad doesn’t realize that he is talking up his Mom to Hector, and I AM DYING INSIDE. I love this so much. Hector broke down to explain that things weren’t going as planned, and Chad said he needed to go big and get her jewelry.

Now, Julia talked about how Maximo said it was a mistake for their kiss. She mentions that it drives her crazy, and can’t speak to anyone about it. Finally, Maximo comes up with the solution: they can blindfold each other and say what’s on their minds. Midway through her talking, Maximo takes their blinds off and realizes they should move on like nothing ever happened because they only know it happened.

Don Pablo finds Diane to tell her about an upcoming trip to see his family, but she says she can’t approve that because they have some big visitors set to the resort. However, as she goes to bring Don Pablo into her office, she sees Hector dressed like cupid and has to ask him to leave. Don Pablo isn’t happy, and Diane is about to freak out on Hector. Diane breaks it off with Hector, and before he goes, Hector tries one last time to plead with her not to end it.

Acapulco season 2, episode 4 ending

Julia and Maximo have worked to make the room look fantastic and have themselves a little moment. They have bounced back from the awkwardness, but their relationship is far from over. Back home, Sara’s Mom finds the notes that she wrote to Roberta, and Sara is horrified. She begins to snap at her and questions everything about her future. This entire back-and-forth was a strong dialogue and moving work from both actresses.

At the suite, Chad walks into the room and tells Julia that he booked the suite for them and is elated. Maximo finds Isabel and gives her chocolates, not just any chocolates but ones he stole off the beds from people at the resort. Of course, Isabel is excited to get them. In the present day, Maximo says to Joe that maybe they need to explore the place he didn’t want to take Hugo.

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