Acapulco season 2, episode 5 recap – will Sara get back on her feet?

By Ricky Valero
Published: November 11, 2022 (Last updated: last month)
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“We Don’t Need Another Hero” continues Acapulco’s incredible run of amazing writing with a heartfelt, charming episode.

We recap the Apple TV+ series Acapulco season 2, episode 5, “We Don’t Need Another Hero,” which contains spoilers.

Episode 4 of Acapulco season 2 provided one of the most emotional episodes of the series to date. We saw two couples get stronger with Maximo (Eugenio Derbez) and Isabel (Gabriela Milla), Chad (Chord Overstreet) and Julia (Camila Perez) thriving, while Sara (Regina Reynoso) had a falling out with her Mom after she found her notes to Roberta. Will Maximo finally take Hugo to the mystery spot? And does Sara find her ground? Let’s dive into season 1, episode 5.

Acapulco season 2, episode 5 recap

Present-day Maximo says to Hugo, welcome to the beautiful Acapulco, which Hugo responds by saying, “this place sucks.” However, Maximo mentions that he will use this marina later as a metaphor. I love the weekly dynamic between these two, and the generational gap is something that makes it work even more.

After the fantastic night with Isabel, Maximo gets home to see all these photos and letters of Sara and Roberta on the table. He realized that his mom had discovered Sara’s secret. He attempts to talk to her through the wall but notices that she isn’t there and walks out of his room to see his mom packing her stuff. Maximo isn’t happy.

Later that morning at the resort, Julia stumbles across a passed-out Sara and brings her to Maximo. Sara mentions that she will not do anything until their mother apologizes. Maximo practically begs Julia to let her stay and reluctantly agrees but only for ONE NIGHT because the renovations are starting tomorrow. A simple embrace of a hug by Maximo kind of makes the moment slightly awkward but maybe more?

While Julia shows Sara her room for the night, Maximo is seeking Memo to give him the pick-up he always does when he is down. But instead, Memo is upset because his girlfriend is gone, causing him to be distraught. Maximo sees the sad look on his face and decides he won’t let him be upset over Lorena being gone. So, he will do what he always does for him, cheer him up. Memo’s favorite football player is in town, and Maximo is determined to get him to meet him to cheer him up.

Chad shows up to talk to Don Pablo about a complicated favor to ask. Their DJ just dropped out for their wedding, Julia booked a salsa band, and Chad doesn’t know how to salsa. Don Pablo lists many other people to ask, but everyone said Don Pablo was the best. Don Pablo reluctantly agrees but says Chad has to clean his car.

Maximo gets home from work and hears loud banging noises in Sara’s room, which his mom turned into a Church-like atmosphere for her to beg Jesus for forgiveness. Her mom’s boyfriend comments, “I bet she’s sad without her mom.” However, she is at the resort having the time of her life. In the pool, she finds the bracelet Hector had thrown in the pool after his heart broke.

At the club, Maximo makes a ditch effort saying they work at Las Colinas, and the bouncer lets Maximo, Memo, and Isabel into the place. We see that Memo is on CLOUD NINE in the club. A montage of the trio dancing, drinking, and partying the night away happens. Next, we see Don Pablo teaching Chad how to salsa, and Chad is failing miserably. A funny moment where the club trio hears a phone ringing that they proclaim is in the future (it is), and it’s Hugo answering a call from his mother. One of the funniest fourth-wall-breaking moments I’ve ever seen.

On the phone call, Sara mentions that Maximo doesn’t always get the stories right. So she proceeds to tell Hugo the story about how at the pool that day, she thought maybe her mom was right and that she’s never been with a guy and figured no place to find one better than the resort. As she is about to finish the story, she gets a phone call, and Maximo makes light mentioning an unreliable narrator.

Back in the club, Isabel mentions that they should head to the restaurant and Memo could call Lorena, but Maximo stops them and says he is trying to be the Memo to Maximo, but Isabel is confused, so she leaves for the night. Present-day Julia is back in the saddle to finish her story. So she tells the story about her day with Daniel. Maximo interrupts and says back to Chad.

The dancing is starting to improve, with Chad picking up the salsa. Chad says I can dance salsa, but Don Pablo says, you are a little less terrible. Back to Sara, who had the greatest days with Daniel and mentioned she was the smartest person… Maximo cuts her off and says, and he didn’t say that. They have a funny back-and-forth banter that is quite funny. The moment comes, Daniel and Sara kiss, shortly after, Daniel attempts to propose, but Sara realizes that she never wants to kiss a guy again.

Back at the club, Memo isn’t having a good time as Maximo promised, but Maximo refuses to leave until Memo’s favorite football player shows up. Next, Hector finds the boys and tells them guys that he is missing someone, but they can’t hear him. The night after, the guys are REELING as they approach the resort. Hector is talking them up like nothing ever happened, annoying them both.

Chad heads to talk to Don Pablo and mentions that he is glad he taught him that lesson. Pablo mentions that he was glad he learned that life lesson, Chad, being the dumb blonde he is, says, ” OH YEAH, ” and starts to talk about how he needs to stand up a little more to the resort (the resort being his mom). Don Pablo mentions that the resort wouldn’t allow him to see his son.

Acapulco season 2, episode 5 ending

Isabel arrived to mention that Hugo Sanchez showed up at the La Marea last night and Memo IS FURIOUS. Because if they had left like Memo wanted to, he would have gotten to meet him. Maximo finally breaks down behind the curtain as his family is falling apart. As they have a beautiful little moment, Isabel hands a napkin that Hugo signed for her.

Next, Sara shows up to talk to Julia to ask her to stay any longer. Sadly, Sara starts to mention that her mom kicked her out, and they are fighting, to which Julia responds that she can stay with her. Sara begins to break down a little bit, aweeeeeee what a sweet moment. Present-day Sara shares a little story about how Maximo continued to be there for her and their mom. As the episode ends, Maximo says a more urgent problem is about to arise as the TMZ-like guy arrives in a van and says he has information he doesn’t want to miss.

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