Manifest season 4, episode 2 recap – where is Angelina hiding Eden?

By Lori Meek
Published: November 4, 2022 (Last updated: November 7, 2022)
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This season’s mysteries begin to slowly unravel during the second episode.

We recap the Netflix series Manifest season 4, episode 2, “All-Call,” which contains spoilers and details the ending.

This season’s mysteries begin to slowly unravel during the second episode. After years of no Callings, Cal learns that he’s once again central to the fates of the passenger. Ben’s apathy gets worse before getting better while Saanvi and Vance continue trying to learn more about the black box

Manifest season 4, episode 2 recap

The episode opens with a heartbreaking scene from Grace’s funeral, with Cal forced to stay at the back due to the family hiding his identity. Back in the present, Mick is nervous about a meeting she has with The Registry. She rightly suspects they know about Henry Kim

Saanvi goes to visit Ben and tries talking to him about hearing Captain Daly’s voice on the black box recording. He couldn’t be any less interested if he tried. At this point in the season, Ben seems to have completely checked out from his previous role as Lifeboat leader. 

Meanwhile, we catch a glimpse of how the registry meetings typically go. As Mick is answering a series of invasive questions, she’s interrupted by two detectives, including her former NYPD partner Drea, who asks her about Henry Kim. Unsurprisingly Michaela lies through her teeth and even tries guilt-tripping her former colleagues for declaring Eden dead. Before leaving, Drea slips Mick a message telling her to meet at the park bench. In the park, she has a secret meeting with none other than Jared who informs her that China is somehow tracking Henry, so Mick needs to race to Vance and Saandi’s lab and get the fugitive out of there. 

At the lab, Henry is telling Saanvi and Vance all about his dragon scar and how he managed to survive being experimented on for two years. He mentions that while he was in the shipping container, he could hear voices coming from the black box. Then Mick arrives, and she attempts to drive away with Henry but ends up stuck behind a truck and surrounded by cop cars. Henry explains he’d completed his mission of giving Cal the black box, so he turns himself in, to everyone’s dismay. 

Meanwhile, now in full self-destruct mode, Ben decides to do a live interview with a popular podcaster. Zeke doesn’t approve of this plan but agrees to sit in on the interview and use his empath abilities to see if any of the callers actually have information on Eden. The interview goes south pretty quickly when the podcaster asks why Ben isn’t looking for his son, Cal, who is presumed a runaway. Ben says some hurtful things, which Cal hears, making the poor boy feel even worse. 

One good thing does come out of the interview, though, as a listener calls in to say she saw two people matching Angelina and Eden’s description just days before. Ben and Zeke go to the area and notice it’s near Anna Ross’s home. Ben initially wants to check Anna’s surveillance camera, but she says it’s not working. With his empath powers, Zeke knows she’s lying and calls her out. Eventually, Anna confesses to having helped Angelina and Eden hide. Ben gets extremely emotional to learn he’s been right all along and his daughter is alive. 

Manifest season 4, episode 2 ending – where is Angelina hiding Eden?

Having fled Anna Ross’s home, Angelina gives herself and Even haircuts in a library as she’s trying to find a new hiding place. She initially believes she found a safe haven with a woman who claims to worship the 828-ers, but it turns out the woman hates the passengers and locks both Angelina and Eden in a room. Luckily, they don’t stay there for long as Adrian gets a Calling leading him straight to them. Initially angry about Angelina’s crimes, Adrian eventually relents and agrees to shelter his former protegee and the kidnapped child.

At the police station, Drea helps sneak Cal in to speak to a detained Henry. The older man just repeats what he previously said about his mission now being complete. He also explains that Cal is now the dragon. 

At the Stones’ house, a happy Ben is hugging everyone and gives them the good news, while Cal notices he now has a scar – It’s the same dragon-shaped scar as Henry. 

Back at the lab, Saanvi is experimenting with different sound frequencies on the black box recording to see if she can hear the voices Henry mentioned. And she does. Somehow, the black box recorded Michaela, Cal and Ben’s voices repeating a phrase that’s consistently been at the center of this show: “It’s all connected.”

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