Manifest season 4, episode 3 recap – where was Cal during his disappearance?

November 4, 2022
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Like we’re used to with this show, the episode answers some questions, while raising even more.

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Like we’re used to with this show, the episode answers some questions, while raising even more.

We recap the Netflix series Manifest season 4, episode 3, “High Flight,” which contains spoilers and details the ending.

This episode brings Ben closer to finding Eden. Meanwhile, Angelina is unraveling, and Adrian is concerned about the consequences of hiding her. Something triggers Cal’s memories of the time he was away. Like we’re used to with this show, the episode answers some questions while raising even more. 

Manifest season 4, episode 3 recap

High Flight starts with Eden getting the same volcanic ash calling everyone else seems to have experienced this season. At home, Ben is getting frustrated with the police as they show little interest in his proof that Eden is still alive. Luckily, Jared does take his evidence seriously and agrees to reopen the case. 

At the police station, Mick gets a Calling of thunder, leading her straight to Captain Amuta Clark, the 828 co-pilot. At first, Captain Clark wants nothing to do with the passengers or the callings, but Michaela uses a hacker at the Bird’s Nest to change his flight schedule and practically forces the man to go and see the black box and the voices on it. As it turns out, the box captured a recording of every single Calling the passengers received so far via Ultra Low Frequencies (UFLs). And this recording was captured seconds after the plane flew into the storm. Upon learning this, Captain Clark reveals that when Daly piloted the plane into the storm, they both saw a bright light making them feel at peace. He thinks that’s when everyone on the plane died. Cal breaks his Gabriel cover and tells the co-pilot that he also saw the same light, meaning the glow was following the plane. 

Ben, Drea, and Jared are investigating the leads they have on Eden and go to the library where Angelina changed her hair color. The librarian gives Ben a drawing his daughter made. 

Back at Adrian’s compound, it looks like he’s operating some sort of cult-like commune for passengers who refuse to answer the Callings. He’s keeping Angelina hidden from the other passengers because he knows they wouldn’t take kindly to harboring a fugitive. Angelina keeps trying to get Eden to imitate her drawings to prove they have a connection, but instead, the toddler appears to be more connected to her real family as the drawings appear on the roof of Ben’s attic. 

Not knowing what to do, Adrian seeks advice from none other than Eagan, who’s still in prison after he held Vance’s son at gunpoint last season. Eagan convinces Adrian to continue hiding the “Manic Pixie Murder Girl.” 

Manifest season 4, episode 3 ending

As we reach the ending of Manifest season 4, episode 3, Captain Clarke tells Saanvi, Mick, Cal, and Vance that Daly developed an obsession with finding that bright light and feeling that peace away. Which is why he kidnapped Fiona in season 1 and flew into the storm. Clarke describing the light as “The long delirious burning blue,” leads to Cal remembering where he was when he vanished: On the plane, inside the light with both Daly and Fiona. Cal wanted to go back to his family, but Daly tried to stop him, while Fiona told him he still had things to do, potentially explaining Daly’s brief appearance before the plane vanished. 

Despite knowing how unhinged she is, Adrian takes his supposed friend’s advice and tells Angelina she can stay. Meanwhile, Eagan calls Ben and tells him he knows where Eden is. It looks like he found a way to get himself out of prison.

Back at the Birds Nest, Saanvi is researching UFLs and learns that peacocks are among the animals using them to communicate, adding more meaning to the peacock symbol. 

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