Who died in Manifest season 4, part 1?

November 4, 2022
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We discuss who died in Manifest season 4, part 1, which contains spoilers regarding the Netflix series.

As a whole, Manifest has taken an interesting approach to character deaths. In the course of the three seasons, some characters died for good (Grace at the end of season 3), while others either faked their deaths (Vance in season 1), were rescued after being presumed dead (TJ in season 2), kept being resurrected (The three meth heads in seasons 2 and 3) or managed to find redemption and beat their Death Date (Zeke in season 2).

This season is the show’s final one, so it’s a bit darker than previous installments. Apart from Angelina and Eden, who were briefly presumed dead in the first episode, all dearly departed characters from this season are very likely gone for good. Let’s take a moment to remember the characters who took their leave from the show during the first 10 episodes of season 4.

Who died in Manifest season 4, part 1?

Beverly Markes

Beverly was first introduced in season 1 as Evie’s mom (the girl who died in the car crash Mick blames herself for). In the five years since the plane disappeared and came back, Beverly developed dementia and was under the care of her husband. When he passed from a heart attack, Mick and Zeke took on the roles of caregivers. In episode 4, it’s revealed that Beverly passed away at some point during seasons 3 and 4.

Erika Burness

This character was troubled when she first appeared in season 3 and then continued to cause mayhem in season 4. Erika was living at Adrian’s compound, but couldn’t move away from her criminal past and, unsurprisingly, her sympathies lay with the murderous Angelina. Erika’s fertilizer bombs ended up destroying the compound in episode 5. While she survived the blast, aiming her shotgun at Mick led to Zeke grabbing Jared’s gun and finishing off this criminally-inclined 828-er.

Sam Wile

Aquarium supply company owner, Sam Wile was an 828 passenger Jared once protected from a fellow officer, which led to his demotion. Sam lived a relatively quiet life, but he was guilty of having helped Angelina hide a kidnapped Even at some point between seasons 3 and 4. His misguided act of kindness put him on Angelina’s parent’s hit list. Mick followed a Calling in episode 6, which led to her finding Sam’s body.

Anna Ross

The Meyer couple’s second victim was Anna Ross, a woman who had previously helped save Cal’s life. Anna Ross also made the mistake of harboring Angelina because the kidnapper had lied about Ben’s character. After realizing the error of her ways, Anna apologized to Ben for her role in keeping him away from his daughter. While Ben did forgive the misguided Samaritan, Angelina’s parents didn’t. She was killed at the very end of episode 6.


Introduced this season, Violet was an 828 passenger living at Adrian’s compound. She was caught up in Angelina’s hostage takeover and was subsequently saved by Cal, Ben and Mick before the house exploded. Feeling grateful, Violet kept in touch with Cal and the two went on a date. Sadly, Violet had supplied Angelina with baby care products while she was a fugitive, which put her on the Meyers kill list. She was murdered off-screen, right after her date with Cal in episode 7, which led to him becoming a suspect.

Kenneth Meyer

Kenneth and Noelle Meyer are probably not getting any parents of the year awards. In season 3, it was revealed that Kenneth and his wife were holding their daughter, Angelina, captive in inhumane conditions after her return. As religious zealots, the two believed their daughter’s Callings were a sign from the Devil himself. In season four, Kenneth upped his game and started killing any passenger who dared help his murderous daughter stay hidden. But Kenneth had to take it one step further, so he broke into the Stone family’s home at the end of episode 8 with his eyes set on murdering Eden, thinking the toddler was a demon child and not the angel Angelina believed her to be. Olive pushed the delusional man out the window, which led to him falling to his death.

Zeke Landon

Zeke’s death was the most heartbreaking and unexpected of the season so far, marking the second time the writers killed off a main character. After everything he’s been through and after beating his death date, we genuinely believed Zeke and Michaela were going to have a happy ending.

Yet, it wasn’t meant to be. Zeke spent the whole season struggling with his empathic abilities, as he seemed to get increasingly overwhelmed by other people’s pain. Things came to a head when he killed Erika in a fit of rage after the explosion at Adrian’s compound, which led to him relapsing. In the final episode, Zeke realized his redemption ark can only be completed with the ultimate sacrifice. As Cal was dying from his cancer, Zeke used his power to take on the young disease. Zeke died instead of Cal in his wife’s arms in what was probably the most heartbreaking scene of season 4.

So that’s who died in Manifest season 4, part 1! What are your thoughts on this season’s deaths so far? Comment below.

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