Manifest season 4, episode 10 recap – part 1 ending explained

November 4, 2022
Lori C. 5
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An equally thrilling and heartbreaking chapter from a show that’s spent the past 9 episodes proving it should have never been canceled.

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An equally thrilling and heartbreaking chapter from a show that’s spent the past 9 episodes proving it should have never been canceled.

We recap the Netflix series Manifest season 4, episode 10, “Inversion Illusion,” which contains spoilers and explains the ending to part 1.

“Inversion Illusion,” the last episode from part 1 of season 4, was a wild ride from start to finish. It’s an equally thrilling and heartbreaking chapter from a show that’s spent the past 9 episodes proving it should have never been canceled. Ben gets to see his beloved wife again, Cal is dying, Zeke has to make the ultimate sacrifice, and Angelina’s delusions reach a whole new level of crazy. 

Manifest season 4, episode 10 recap – who stole the Omega Sapphire?

The first scene of episode 10 of season 4 reveals who took the Omega Sapphire from Eagan after leaving him unconscious on the floor. It’s none other than Angelina. And her holding the cristal is creating literal cracks in the Earth. 

At the house, Mick keeps getting the ash calling as she’s telling Zeke how overwhelmed she feels knowing the fate of the world is connected to the fate of the lifeboat. Downstairs in the living room, a dying Cal convinces Mick to go to the hospital and talk to Eagan, who’s now awake after Angelina knocked him out. Both Ben and Mick are hesitant to leave Cal’s side, but he convinces them after suggesting the sapphire could be used to cure his cancer. 

Jared has now started his new role at the Registry and, after exchanging some flirty banter with Drea, heads to the hospital. It’s there that Eagan names the “world’s smallest sociopath” as the person who knocked him unconscious and stole the sapphire. As a side note, Eagan’s nicknames for Angelina have been spot-on this season. 

Up in the attic, Ben gets a calling in the form of his deceased wife. Calling Grace tells Ben to take Eden to her graveside before she can tell him what to do next. Thinking Calling Grace will help save his son, Ben obliges and leaves Zeke to care for Cal. At the graveyard, Calling Grace asks Ben to return his daughter to the “only mother she’s ever known” aka. Angelina. Luckily, Ben figures out Angelina used the sapphire to give him a fake Calling and escapes. As Ben’s running away from her, Angelina lets out a blood-curdling scream to which every single passenger reacts in pain. One such passenger was at the Registry when it happened and the police decided to detain him. 

Meanwhile, a sleep-deprived Saanvi is at the Bird’s Nest with Vance trying to find a way to save Cal. When they hear the news that Angelina’s been using the Omega Sapphire to create fake Callings, they start worrying about the consequences this could have on the rest of the world. Knowing she needs help, Saanvi decides to call Dr. Gupta. 

Eagan had taken a religious book from Noelle’s car and he had it with him at the hospital. When Mick touches the book, she gets the same faceless angel Calling Olive helped Angelina solve last season. The Stones figure out that Angelina is hiding at her old catholic school and decide to go after her. 

Having completely lost touch with reality, Angelina now fully believes she is an angel doing God’s work. The around her is cracked and molting lava is coming up to the surface. She’s also holding a few school students hostage. Ben and Mick try talking some sense into her but to no avail. 

Manifest season 4, episode 10 – part 1 ending explained

At home, Cal’s scar starts glowing and he manages to pull Angelina into a Calling. Inside the plane, Cal tries convincing Angelina to stop, but instead, she creates another fake Calling Grace who tells him to stop fighting and just die. The trick fails and Cal grabs the Omegal Sapphire in Angelina’s hand and destroys it both inside the Calling and in the real world. Ben and Mick save the students Angelina was holding hostage. He tries saving the delusional girl too, but the building starts collapsing on her. 

In the attic, Olive and TJ are trying to figure out the meanings behind the Omega Saphire and the Egyptian goddess Taal who’s judging the Lifeboat. After finding several sapphires hidden on the papyrus in the dragon constellation pattern, the two conclude that Cal is the Dragon and that he may be able to save the lifeboat, and consequently the world. 

Back at the Registry, Jared and Drea are disturbed to hear the government has ordered all 828 passengers on U.S. soil to be detained. This was a result of Angelina making them all react to her pain at the same time. 

The Bird’s nest is raided by a SWAT team, giving Vance and Saanvi only a few seconds to delete their research. As it turns out, calling Gupta was a mistake, she was the one to betray them. It’s nice to see Dr. Gupta go back to her usual insufferable self. 

While Ben and Mick were away chasing Angelina, Zeke spent the whole day with Cal looking after him and making him comfortable. The two watch a baseball game and play Monopoly, triggering flashbacks from season 2, reminding Zeke (and the viewers) how strong the bond between the two had been since the beginning. 

After returning from his Calling, a dying Cal tells Zeke that “it’s time” and asks to see his family. As Zeke is climbing the stairs to the attic to get Olive and TJ, he overhears the two concluding that Cal is the Dragon meant to save the world. Now knowing what he must do, Zeke goes back to the dying boy’s side and touches his hand. Zeke’s able to take on Cal’s cancer the same way he was able to take on people’s emotions. A dying Zeke calls Mick and tells her how much he loves her. Michaela and Ben arrive just in time to say goodbye as Zeke takes his last breath and Cal wakes up fully healed. This was probably the most emotionally charged scene in the whole series so far. 

The episode ends how it started: With Angelina walking. Now a small shard of the Omega Crystal she managed to recover seems to be embedded in her hand. The cracks in the Earth are a lot bigger, and molting lava is coming up to the surface of the whole city, potentially the entire planet. 

What did you think of Manifest season 4, episode 10, and the ending of part 1? Comment below.

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5 thoughts on “Manifest season 4, episode 10 recap – part 1 ending explained

  • November 5, 2022 at 10:17 pm

    Loved it!!! can’t wait for part 2. It was a little confusing but I ended up catching up. I hope the final series episode has a ending that explains everything

  • November 6, 2022 at 2:19 am

    As it had no specific conclusion either good or bad, there is no chance for any comments to be made except express a sense of great disappointment!!!

  • November 8, 2022 at 5:22 am

    So if that’s the last ending it terrible and no closer?Writer you need to have another season?

  • November 11, 2022 at 5:43 pm

    A meandering mess. Very disappointing. It feels and looks like a cheesy horror movie. It also looks as if the producers are trying to stretch it all out to finally explain everything in part two.

  • November 24, 2022 at 5:06 am

    I couldn’t understand how on earth did Angelina learn about the sapphire and how did she realize the ways she could use it. Her appearance at Eagan’s motel room was surprising. It was a bit of a bummer that the whole story’s climax ended up with Angelina’s character, walking with the stone in her hand, all mad at the humankind. The supernatural motive somehow came down to an angry and crazy human’s level.

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