What episode does Ben find Eden in Manifest Season 4?

November 6, 2022
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The Stone family’s attempts to find and be reunited with Eden form a major plotline in the latest season of Manifest, but people are wondering: What episode does Ben find Eden in Manifest Season 4? What’s the context? And, perhaps more importantly, what’s the outcome? Here’s what we know, with major spoilers included.

The Manifest midseason episode has become a tradition over the years, with the show always finding a way to blow something up or kill someone off right around the midpoint. This theme persists in the latest season, with Episode 5, “Squawk”, delivering an explosion, a grisly death, and major development in a big ongoing plotline.

This episode has been the subject of a lot of audience interest because of these things, especially how it relates to the characters of Ben and Eden, so here’s everything we know about the whole thing.

What happened to Eden in Manifest?

At the end of the third season, Eden was kidnapped by Angelina, and they hid between seasons. After killing Grace and snatching the kid, Angelina faked her own death, was helped out by other 828 passengers, and eventually found her way to Anna Ross’s house, which we learn in Manifest season 4, episode 1. From there she eventually ended up in the commune. From our article on the subject:

At the end of Manifest season 4, episode 1, it’s revealed that Angelina was hiding with Eden in Anna Ross’s house. After Anna told her to leave, Angelina is briefly a prisoner in the home of an 828 hater, before being rescued by Adrian who lets her hide in the commune. Throughout the season, further details emerge of what happened to Angelina and Eden before Anna Ross took them in. 

Do they find Eden in Manifest Season 4?

Yes, Eden is found in Manifest Season 4. From our recap of the episode, Angelina decides to blow up the compound:

After getting the ash calling that’s been a constant symbol this season, Angelina misinterprets it and decides she needs to blow up the house as a form of bringing judgment day on the passengers. According to Angelina, those who survive the explosion are “worthy.”

It’s from this location and predicament that Eden is eventually rescued:

As the Manic Pixie Murder Girl is keeping everyone hostage, Cal bravely enters the house. At first, Angelina doesn’t recognize him, but when she does she agrees to speak to him in private. While Cal is distracting her, Mick gets the passengers out, while a now-freed Ben goes to find Eden. Angelina catches Ben as he’s about to walk out of the house and pushes the detonator, yet nothing happens. This gives Cal enough time to tackle her. As Ben exits the house, the bombs go off, and seconds later an unharmed Cal emerges. 

Angelina does survive this encounter and is taken away by Adrian.

What episode does Ben find Eden in Manifest Season 4?

As mentioned above, Ben finds Eden in Manifest season 4, episode 5, “Squawk”. This seems like the right time for such a big development to occur since, as explained earlier, the midseason episode is always a big one in this show. It’s likely that fans will have been searching for explanations about what happens in the episode way before watching it, knowing that something big was on the horizon.

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