Manifest season 4, episode 5 recap – how do the Stone family members rescue Eden?

November 4, 2022
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The most thrilling episode of the season so far, Squawk concludes the Eden saga and finally reunites the Stone family. 

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The most thrilling episode of the season so far, Squawk concludes the Eden saga and finally reunites the Stone family. 

We recap the Netflix series Manifest season 4, episode 5, “Squawk,” which contains spoilers and details the ending.

The most thrilling episode of the season so far, “Squawk” concludes the Eden saga and finally reunites the Stone family. However, Cal is showing signs of ill health, which is worrying, and the passengers discover that their Callings are memories of a knowledge they’ve been privy to during the flight. Poor Adrian once again becomes a pastor without a flock. 

Manifest season 4, episode 5 recap

The episode starts right after the previous one left off. Vance goes to Stone’s house to let everyone know Ben’s in trouble. There’s not much they can do at first as Ben did a great job at covering his tracks. 

The next day, Michaela goes to visit Eagan in prison hoping he’ll tell her where Ben was heading. Eagan, ever so helpful, refuses to see her. 

Meanwhile, Jared is investigating Erika, the passenger who was reported for buying too much fertilizer. He ends up visiting Adrian’s compound, where both the leader and Erika claim they use the fertilizer for their greenhouse and even give Jared a complimentary bottle of 828-er homemade honey. Jared leaves before realizing that poor Ben is tied up in the basement. 

As Ben’s restrained in the basement, a bee Calling leads Eden straight to him. Angelina finds them and tells the toddler that Ben is a “bad man,” before forcing the distressed father to watch Eden calling the kidnapper “mommy.” A flashback shows that after Grace was stabbed, she survived long enough to be admitted to the hospital and make Ben promise to find Eden no matter what. 

Upstairs, Erika reveals she’s supportive of Angelina and shows the several fertilizer bombs she’s built and a detonator. 

Flashbacks show what happened to Angelina immediately after she kidnapped Eden. She first went to her mother asking for help, who kicked her out of the house. Then, she contemplated suicide by jumping off the bridge but changes her mind when Eden says “momma.”

At the Birds Nest, Saanvi is using an MRI machine on herself to try and figure out if she can communicate with the Divine Consciousness via Ultra Low Frequencies. Olive suggests Saanvi attempts to scan Cal’s brain in the MRI machine. When he gets a calling, the part of his brain connected to memories also lights up, meaning the Callings may be memories from the passenger’s time in the Divine Consciousness. 

A calling of a bee leads Michaela, Jared, and Zeke to the compound, where they’re later joined by Vance and Cal. On the basement windows, they see a message left by Ben in blood stating which passengers are inside the house. 

Things are not rosy inside the house either. All the passengers are angry at Adrian for harboring a murderous fugitive. After getting the ash calling that’s been a constant symbol this season, Angelina misinterprets it and decides she needs to blow up the house as a form of bringing judgment day on the passengers. According to Angelina, those who survive the explosion are “worthy.” 

Manifest season 4, episode 5 ending

As the Manic Pixie Murder Girl is keeping everyone hostage, Cal bravely enters the house. At first, Angelina doesn’t recognize him, but when she does she agrees to speak to him in private. While Cal is distracting her, Mick gets the passengers out, while a now-freed Ben goes to find Eden. Angelina catches Ben as he’s about to walk out of the house and pushes the detonator, yet nothing happens. This gives Cal enough time to tackle her. As Ben exits the house, the bombs go off, and seconds later an unharmed Cal emerges. 

While everyone else is still in shock from the explosion, an unhinged Erika walks out of the burning house with a shotgun she’s aiming at Mick. Zeke sees her in time, grabs Jared’s gun, and shoots her multiple times. It seems Zeke became completely overwhelmed with Erika’s rage, worrying his wife. 

Back at the house, everyone is beyond happy to have Eden at home. Not all is well though. Cal, who’s been dismissing his cough all episode, is now coughing blood. 

In the aftermath, we see Adrian stopping his car in front of a bleeding Angelina on the road. He feels pity for her, puts her in his car and they drive away, leaving us to wonder what mayhem are these two going to cause next. As Adrian’s car drives off, the ash Calling is falling on them. 

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2 thoughts on “Manifest season 4, episode 5 recap – how do the Stone family members rescue Eden?

  • November 7, 2022 at 5:45 am

    It wasn’t a flashback to Grace after the stabbing it was a flashback to when elsen was born

  • November 17, 2022 at 2:27 pm

    I like the series and this episode was a good one.
    I just want to know how Ben and Michaela and the other passengers are getting money to live and stay in their homes?!

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