Manifest season 4, episode 8 recap – why was Noelle murdering 828 passengers?

November 4, 2022
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This episode is a bit of a rollercoaster as the stakes for the passengers are only getting higher.

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This episode is a bit of a rollercoaster as the stakes for the passengers are only getting higher.

We recap the Netflix series Manifest season 4, episode 8, “Full Upright and Locked Position,” which contains spoilers and details of the ending.

Episode 8 is a bit of a roller coaster as the stakes for the passengers are only getting higher. Cal and Ben have to figure out how to protect his identity after the police arrest him. The identity of the serial killer is finally revealed. And Saanvi is trying to connect to the Divine Consciousness. 

Manifest season 4, episode 8 recap

Starting where the previous episode left out, “Full Upright and Locked Position” opens with Cal getting arrested on suspicion of murdering Violet. The police arrive before he has a chance to flee. At the station, Drea manages to get rid of the fingerprints from his file, but she tells Ben there’s nothing she can do about the DNA sample, so Ben has to find a way to get Cal out before they figure out who he really is. Luckily a Calling leads Ben to Radd, the musician passenger whose son was wrongfully convicted back in season 1. The musically-themed calling reveals a phone number belonging to Dr. Bates. While Ben is devastated to learn his son’s cancer is back, with the help of Dr. Bates and Radd he’s able to get Cal out of custody right before the DNA sample swab. 

Meanwhile, Jared, Mick and Zeke are working on finding proof that Noelle’s the actual serial killer. Two of them go to Adrian’s motel to warn him, but they’re too late, as the murderer has already kidnapped him. However, Eagan had a Calling of Adrian’s voice asking for help, and he somehow manages to convince Mick and Zeke he needs protection. 

At the Birds Nest, Saanvi and Dr. Gupta are analyzing the Major’s methods of inducing callings. Saanvi learns that while The Major got some results by using commercial sapphire, she would have preferred a special kind. 

At the house, the Stones share the most awkward breakfast possible with a rather ungrateful Eagan who keeps complaining about the couch he slept on. Mick volunteers Eagan as a lab rat for Saanvi who is trying to replicate the Major’s methods. The experiment is a failure as Saanvi refuses to raise the electric shock levels above 40% when it’s clear The Major was only getting results at 50% and higher, which resulted in the detained passengers becoming catatonic. 

Olive does more research into the Major’s Files and learns that the special type of sapphire used to communicate with the divine is called Omega Saphire. All those stones were lost, apart from one. Saanvi’s disappointed to realize that the last Omega Saphire was in the piece from Noah’s ark she destroyed last season. Eagen, on the other hand, seems to be on to something as he remembers a calling he had years before. 

Poor Adrian finds himself tied to a chair in an abandoned building, while Noelle brings her daughter to the same place claiming she wants her to “bear witness.” It turns out Noelle has been killing every passenger that helped Angelina in the past as she thinks they were leading her away from the Lord. She ties Angelina to a chair next to Adrian and leaves them there long enough for her to escape. Blaming Adrian for the Stone family getting Eden back, Angelina runs off and leaves him behind. Luckily, Mick and Jared figure out where Noelle is holding Adrian and they burst in right in time to save his life. Drea, however, calls Mick with some bad news – Noelle couldn’t have killed Violet as she was somewhere else when the murder happened, meaning another killer is still at large. 

Manifest season 4, episode 8 ending

Back at the house, Zeke is telling Eden a bedtime story before he’s hit with someone else’s intense rage. Olive opens the door to a man dressed in a police uniform, but Zeke knows straight away that man is no cop. He’s Angelina’s dad. And he wants to murder Eden so he can prove to his daughter that the toddler is no angel. Moments like these remind the viewer that however bad Angelina is, her parents are so much worse. While Zeke gets shot fighting daddy dearest, a brave Olive manages to throw him out the window. 

Impressed with Jared’s police work, the new Registry Captain offers him his detective shield back and has him working 828 related cases again. Jared is finally out of uniform, that’s a relief. 

At the house, Zeke finally tells his wife about his relapse and she’s beyond supportive. A traumatized Olive tries again to get in touch with T.J. and leaves a voice message. But in a surprise twist, T.J. texts her back from outside the house. Not only is he back, but he has reason to believe there’s an Omega Saphire in New York. 

Unfortunately, Eagan is two steps ahead of the Stones on this. The end of Manifest season 4, episode 8 has him ask to volunteer at a soup kitchen he stole from when he got his first-ever calling. While he was at the Birds Nest, he noticed the same building in the Major’s files and deduced the Omega Saphire is likely there. 

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