Do Jared and Michaela get back together in Manifest Season 4 Part 2?

June 3, 2023
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Do Jared and Michaela get back together in Manifest Season 4 Part 2

Do Jared and Michaela get back together in Manifest Season 4 Part 2? We explain a key romance in the final episodes of Manifest.

Manifest included its fair share of relationship dramas between characters. Yet, no story was as heart-wrenching as Michaela and Jared’s. The two NYPD officers were dating when flight 828 first disappeared, and when it returned five-and-a-half years later, neither knew where they stood. 

In season 4, part 2, we finally get closure on the on-again-off-again couple. Keep reading for details about the character’s romantic history, whether they’re still together in the finale, and the (not so) secret relationship between Melissa Roxburgh and J. R. Ramirez, the two actors portraying Michaela and Jared.  

What is the history between Michaela and Jared in Manifest?

Before flight 828, Michaela and Jared were NYPD colleagues and had been dating for quite some time. Five months before that fateful trip to Jamaica, Mick got into an accident while drunk driving, which killed her best friend, Evie.

Michaela still blames herself for what happened to her friend when Jared proposed before her family trip to Jamaica. And in the series Pilot, she spent the whole flight thinking about Jared’s proposal and unsure whether she wanted to marry him. 

When Flight 828 landed, Mick and the rest of the passengers were shocked to learn they’d been gone for five and a half years. During that time, Jared had moved on and married Lourdes, Mick’s best friend.

After Michaela’s return, the two start working together, and Jared helps Mick solve several of her Callings, leading to them sleeping together. As soon as Lourdes learns of the affair, she asks for a divorce. 

Despite the affair, the pair don’t resume their relationship. Instead, she falls in love with Zeke, another person who came back just like her and the first person in the series to survive his Death Date. At first, Jared was suspicious of Zeke and even shot him once. 

By the time season 4 rolls in, Jared accepted Mick’s relationship with Zeke and even goes to their wedding. 

Do Michaela and Jared get back together in Manifest Season 4 Part 2?

While their relationship was always complicated, in season 4, part 2, Michaela and Jared do get back together. If only for a few months. 

At the start of part 2, Mick was grieving Zeke’s death, who sacrificed himself to save Cal’s life. But Director Zimmer at the detention center gave her special permission to leave the facility and partner up with Jared to solve passenger’s Callings. 

While working together, Mick and Jared rescued a little boy from a trafficking ring and arrested a woman who was conning the families of detained 828-ers.

After Michaela’s dad suffered a stroke, Jared helped her remove the tracking chip from her arm and escaped with her to an abandoned house. 

The pair were together up until the eve of the Death Day when Michaela broke up with Jared. She set him free to pursue Drea, the mother of his child. 

Who does Jared end up with?

After Michaela breaks up with him, Jared gets together with a pregnant Drea. At the start of season 4, Jared and Drea had a friends-with-benefits type of relationship, resulting in her pregnancy. 

Jared found out he was going to be a dad nine months later and, at first, only agreed to co-parent the baby (if they all manage to avert the apocalypse, of course).

Before the 828 passengers go back in time, Drea gives birth to Jared’s baby. 

In the new timeline, Mick once again breaks up with a younger Jared, who was still waiting for an answer to his proposal. We catch a glimpse of his meeting and flirting with Drea at the airport.

Who does Michaela end up with?

The end of the show suggests Michela ends up with none other than her husband, Zeke. After Zeke sacrificed himself at the end of part one, a version of him from inside the Glow visited a grieving Michaela a few times. Glow-Zeke mentioned how he was working as a taxi driver at the airport on the night 828 was originally supposed to land. 

After the plane brought all the passengers back to 2013, she ran to the taxi rank and got in the car with a bewildered Zeke. The pair had an instant connection, and it seemed Mick was getting ready to tell him about their love story from the alternate timeline. 

Are Jared and Michaela dating in real life?

Melissa Roxburgh, who plays Michaela, is indeed dating her costar, J. R. Ramirez, who plays Jared. There’s been some speculation over the past few years about the two actors, but they only recently confirmed. 

The couple met on set while working together on Manifest. Their relationship status stayed private up until the end of 2022 when Roxburgh posted a few sexy photos of them holidaying at Tokoriki Island Resort Fiji. 

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