Manifest season 4, episode 4 recap – how does Ben learn about Eden’s location?

November 4, 2022
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This episode is laying the groundwork for what’s promising to be an epic confrontation at Adrian’s compound.

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This episode is laying the groundwork for what’s promising to be an epic confrontation at Adrian’s compound.

We recap the Netflix series Manifest season 4, episode 4, “Go-Around,” which contains spoilers and details the ending.

In the fourth episode, Mick is still dealing with her guilt over what happened to Evie. Ben asks Vance for an almost impossible favor before making a frustrating decision. This episode is laying the groundwork for what’s promising to be an epic confrontation at Adrian’s compound.

Manifest season 4, episode 4 recap

The episode starts with Mick out for a job at the cemetery. She’s visiting Evie’s family graves, including Beverly, who passed away in the two years since the end of season 3. At the graveside, Michaela has a Calling featuring lighting and a thunderbird.  

Back home, Mick is against Ben going to visit Eagan in prison, but he does so anyway. After Ben leaves, Mick starts researching the bird from her calling when she gets a call from Drea. Her former partner was venting about Kyle, a passenger who missed all his registry appointments but who she can’t arrest because he’s on the Shinnecock Nation Land’s sovereign land. Michaela gets another Calling making her realize she needs to find Kyle. 

Mick makes her way to the Shinnecock Nation Land, where Kyle tells her his mom is dying in the hospital and he’s unable to go visit her as he’d be arrested by the registry as soon as he leaves sovereign land. After getting a Calling reminding her what happened to Evie, Mick convinces Kyle to go to the hospital with her immediately. At the hospital, Zeke uses his emphatic power to assure Kyle that his mom loves him and has forgiven him for not visiting sooner. A grateful Kyle decides to have his mom discharged so she can die at home, even if it means risking arrest. But with Drea’s help, Kyle gets away from the hospital before the registry’s arrival and leaves Mick a blanket as a present. 

Meanwhile, Ben visits Eagan in prison and is convinced his former enemy knows where Eden is. However, Eagan demands to be released from prison in exchange for the information. So Ben goes to Vance asking for help. A very reluctant Vance agrees to help but makes his anger with Ben’s behavior towards him and Saandi very clear. 

As Eagan is about to sign the papers confirming his release as soon as Eden’s found, Vance reveals that the attack on his son from season 3 led to his wife leaving him. Riddled with guilt, Ben considers taking the deal off the table, but his desire to find Eden stops him. Eagan signs the papers and writes the address of Adrian’s compound on a small piece of paper. 

Flashbacks in this episode reveal more about Zeke’s power. After touching a very distressed Olive, Zeke realized he can take on people’s pain. But when he does so, he feels it himself. 

Manifest season 4, episode 4 ending

At the Stone family home, Olive and Cal are trying to figure out his memory from the plane. They take apart Ben’s board and set all the symbolic items on the table. The compass, the journal, the tarot cards – They’re all connected by the star symbol. But something is missing from the puzzle. When Mick gets home with the blanket she had from Kyle, Olive and Cal notice the blanket also has the same star symbol embroidered on it. As all the objects start glowing, Cal figures out that all the 828-ers were actually in the Divine Consciousness when the plane vanished.

As Vance is getting ready to go on a rescue mission for Eden, Ben gives him the wrong address on purpose. The distressed father also leaves his phone at home and uses a burner to call Vance and give him a speech about how he doesn’t want to put anyone else in danger. Ben heads to Adrian’s compound by himself and, as expected, gets hit in the head by an unknown figure almost immediately. It turns out that going at it alone wasn’t Ben’s brightest idea. Then again, he hasn’t been the most pleasant to be around all season so far. 

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