What happened to Eden and Angelina between seasons 3 & 4 of Manifest?

By Lori Meek
Published: November 4, 2022 (Last updated: November 7, 2022)
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What happened to Eden and Angelina between seasons 3 & 4 of Manifest?

This article contains spoilers and details regarding what happened to Eden and Angelina between seasons 3 and 4 of the Netflix series Manifest.

Angelina Meyer is an 828 passenger first introduced in Manifest season 3 when Michaela and Zeke rescued her from religious fanatic parents who were keeping her locked in a basement. The kind-hearted Stones took the abused young woman into their home and treated her like family. After losing her love interest, Pete, Angelina’s behavior grew increasingly more disturbing, which led to a delusional belief that she’s somehow connected to the Stones’ newborn daughter, Eden. Deep inside her delusions, Angelina killed beloved character Grace Stone at the end of Season 3 and kidnapped Eden. When Season 4 starts two years after the murder and kidnapping, both Angelina and Eden are presumed dead and everyone apart from Ben has stopped looking for them. How did the murderous kidnapper manage to avoid capture for over two years? 

At the end of Manifest season 4, episode 1, it’s revealed that Angelina was hiding with Eden in Anna Ross’s house. After Anna told her to leave, Angelina is briefly a prisoner in the home of an 828 hater, before being rescued by Adrian who lets her hide in the commune. Throughout the season, further details emerge of what happened to Angelina and Eden before Anna Ross took them in. 

What happened to Eden & Angelina between seasons 3 & 4 of Manifest?

How did Angelina fake her death?

Immediately after stabbing Grace and kidnapping Eden, Angelina first went to her parent’s house. When her mother, Noelle, saw her she immediately kicked the fugitive out. This piece of information was particularly frustrating, as it shows what a horrible person Noelle is. She knew her daughter murdered an innocent woman and kidnapped her baby, but instead of turning them in, and reuniting the Stone family, she washed her hands of the problem. 

After Noelle threw her out, Angelina contemplated jumping off the bridge with Eden. As she was about to jump, the baby muttered the word “momma,” convincing the delusional young woman that Eden is indeed an angel. Later on, the police would find Angelina’s backpack floating in the Narrows and her fingerprints on the bridge, which led to their misguided assumption that she committed murder-suicide. 

Why did 828 passengers help Angelina? 

The order of events is unclear. But we do know that at some point Angelina met a fellow passenger, Sam Wile, who took the two of them in. The two spent an undetermined amount of time at Sam’s house, and the exact reason Angelina decided to leave is unknown. But knowing the Manic Pixie Murder girl, she probably felt avoiding capture would be easier if she kept moving from place to place. We also know that Cal’s date from episode 7, Violet, was working in a daycare and helped provide Angelina with baby care supplies such as nappies and bottles. 

It seems that Angelina convinced so many of her fellow passengers to help her hide a kidnapped child by telling them lies about Ben. As the master manipulator she is, Angelina told her fellow 828-ers that she was protecting Eden from Ben’s evil influence. Many of the passengers already had mixed feelings about the Stones, especially with people like Eagan and Adrian turning 828-ers against Ben in previous seasons. So it’s not hard to understand how people like Sam Wile and Anna Ross agreed to hide a wanted murderer and kidnapper. 

During the two years they spent hidden, Angelina told little Eden that she was her mommy and taught the young child that Ben, her real father, was a Bad Man. There are also hints of Angelina being abusive to the child, getting angry and shouting whenever Eden failed to prove the supposed magical connection between them. Running from place to place and staying hidden couldn’t have been easy for a toddler to comprehend either, adding more layers to Angelina’s cruelty. 

So, that’s what happened to Eden and Angelina between seasons 3 & 4 of Manifest. Did we miss anything? Let us know in the comments.

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