Manifest season 4, part 1 – Why did Ben blame Cal for Eden’s kidnapping?

By Lori Meek
Published: November 4, 2022 (Last updated: November 7, 2022)
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Manifest season 4, part 1 - Why did Ben blame Cal for Eden's kidnapping?

In this article, we explore why Ben blamed Cal for Eden’s kidnapping, including the strained relationship between Cal and Ben in Manifest Season 4, Part 1. It contains major spoilers.

At the end of Manifest season 3, troubled 828-er Angelina stabs Grace Stone to death and kidnaps her daughter, Eden. Season 4 starts a couple of years later, and it becomes clear the relationship between Ben and his son, Cal, is now strained. Losing his wife and daughter had a profound effect on Ben who spends the first few episodes showing little to no interest in the Lifeboat, the Callings, or the Death Day. While he never outright says it, Ben does blame his son for what happened and spends the better part of two years pretty much ignoring him.

Why did Ben blame Cal for Eden’s kidnapping?

How is Cal responsible for Grace’s death?

Throughout season 3, Angelina’s behavior while living in the Stone family home grew increasingly concerning. After losing Pete because his brother chose revenge over redemption, Angelina’s mental state took a toll. At first, she was just single-white-female-ing Olive, but then after seeing Eden cry before an earthquake, the young woman started thinking the toddler was an angel. In a misguided attempt to prove Eden’s angel status, Angelina nearly burned down the house, which led to Grace kicking her out. At that point, young Cal was the only person in the Stone family who didn’t understand how dangerous Angelina was. He believed their fates were connected to the young woman, so he decided to keep her hidden in his room and gave her a key to their house. 

After receiving some terrible advice from Adrian to keep her guardian angel close, Angelina did the unthinkable. She used the key Cal gave her to break into the Stone’s home and attempt to kidnap Eden. What she didn’t count on was that Grace would put up a fight. During the struggle, Angelina stabbed Grace and ran off with Eden. 

A magically older Cal, who had disappeared after touching the plane’s tailfin, returned in time to watch his mother die. Flashbacks from Manifest Season 4 reveal Cal hid immediately after his mother’s murder and returned to the house hours later. After getting over the initial shock of seeing him looking five years older, Olive realizes that there was only one way Angelina could have gotten access to the house and makes it very clear that she blames her brother for their mother’s death and sister’s disappearance. Ben never blamed Cal directly, but he spent two years distancing himself from his son. 

Why do Cal and Angelina have such a deep connection?

Cal and Angelina have a deep connection from the moment she’s introduced. In the first episode of season 3, it’s Cal’s calling that leads Michaela and Zeke to her location and subsequent rescue. As a child, Cal always had the strongest understanding of the Callings and their meaning, so it’s not surprising that he would go against Grace’s wishes and continue helping Angelina. The boy didn’t just think Angelina was important, he knew she was vital to the story. And maybe he was right, but not in the way he thought.

At the end of Season 4, Part 1, Angelina’s misuse of the Omega Sapphire is creating literal cracks in the Earth, while Cal’s role is defined as the Dragon aka potential Lifeboat savior. Before the SWAT team raids the Bird’s nest, Saanvi concludes that Cal is indeed the Holy Grail. Even if his role in potentially stopping the apocalypse hasn’t been fully explained in the series, Angelina may be the yin to his yang. Cal is the savior, she’s the destroyer who thinks she’s an archangel sent to Earth by God. Sadly, Cal’s lack of understanding of Angelina’s true villainous role in the story cost Grace her life and forced his sister to spend two years in captivity.

So, that’s why Ben blamed Cal for Eden’s kidnapping. Do you have any thoughts on this relationship throughout Manifest Season 4, Part 1? Let us know in the comments.

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