Manifest season 4, part 1 – can the Death Day be averted?

By Lori Meek
Published: November 4, 2022 (Last updated: November 7, 2022)
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Manifest season 4, part 1 - can the Death Day be averted?

As we ponder whether or not Dead Day can be averted, be mindful of major spoilers for Manifest Season 4, Part 1. 

The concept of the Death Date played an essential role in Manifest since season one when it was revealed the passengers of flight 828 died on the plane and were resurrected. In the show’s universe, the resurrected have the exact amount of time that passed between their first death and coming back to life before facing their second (and more permanent) demise. Over the first three seasons, we have several examples of resurrected people who meet their second death and one person who managed to beat his death date. It’s explained that all 828-ers are now on a Lifeboat and their fates are interconnected. Either they all survive the death date, or they all die on June 2, 2024, five years after the plane landed 

Manifest Season 4 raises the stakes to a whole new level. It’s revealed in episode 9 that the Death Date isn’t just about the fate of 828 passengers, but also the fate of the world. It’s also determined that the Callings are memories from when the passengers were inside the Divine Consciousness and had omniscient knowledge of the world. Now that the fate of the world is at stake, how can Cal, Ben, Mick, and Saanvi stop the apocalypse? 

Can the Death Day be averted?

Who didn’t escape their death date?

In Season 1, a criminal by the name of James Griffin was the first character on the show to face his Death Date. The man was resurrected after an armored vehicle he stole crashed into the East River and he spent about three days underwater. Instead of following the Callings to do good, Griffin used his newfound power to commit acts of evil. However, exactly 82 hours and 8 minutes after his resurrection, Griffin publicly drowned on dry land. His fate led the Stones to learn they too have a Death Date. 

A more prominent example of the Death Date are the three meth heads who were resurrected after drowning in the frozen lake at the end of Season 2. Jace, Pete, and Kory came back to life 84 days after their first death and were put through The Last Trial, an ancient test in which all three of them had to find redemption to survive. Kory and Pete passed their parts but Jace didn’t, so all three of them eventually met their end. 

How did Zeke beat his death date? 

Zeke is the only character in the show to have beat his Death Date. He was resurrected a year after vanishing in the woods and as his Death Day approached, Zeke was slowly developing frostbite marks all across his body, consistent with freezing. But after following Cal in the woods during the Season 1 finale and saving the young boy from the ice, he briefly dies before being revived, having seemingly beaten his Death Date and earned his redemption. Or did he?

After surviving his Death Day, Zeke turned into an empath. In Season 4, he gained the ability to take on other people’s pain. At the end of the season, it turned out Zeke could even take on someone’s sickness, which he did when he healed Cal’s cancer and died in his place. As Zeke beat his Death Date by saving Cal from the ice, is it possible the Divine Consciousness simply gave him a reprieve? If the Callings are memories, was Zeke’s sacrifice preordained? 

How can Cal stop the worldwide death date?

The first half of Season 4 didn’t just reveal that the fate of the Lifeboat is directly connected to the rest of the world, but Cal was also named as the one person who can save everyone. The question is “how?” Our main characters spend most of the season trying to locate the Omega Sapphire in hopes that they can use it to save the Lifeboat. However, the gem was shattered and what’s left of it is embedded in Angelina’s hand. This means it’s very likely the finale will mark a good vs. evil type battle. In this case, Cal represents the savior while Angelina takes on the role of the destroyer. She’s trying to sink the Lifeboat while Cal wants to save everyone. 

One option would be for Cal to talk some sense into Angelina. But that’s a very unlikely outcome, as every time anyone tried speaking to her, she simply doubled down in her delusions. Another option would be a final confrontation between them, this time in the real world, not in a Calling. It’s hard to predict how this series will end. But we can only hope Zeke’s sacrifice wasn’t in vain. 

Do you think Death Day can be averted in Manifest Season 4, Part 2? If so, how will it happen? Let us know in the comments.

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