Who is The Little Pale Girl in Terrifier 2?

November 5, 2022
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Who is The Little Pale Girl in Terrifier 2? We deep down into the horror film and provide an answer to a much-needed question.

Every now and then, a movie appears from left field and captures the imagination of a certain audience. This year Terrifier 2 has emerged as an underground cult classic creating ripples of excitement through the ranks of horror aficionados across the globe.

Terrifier 2 is a sequel to the first major appearance of Art the Clown from 2016’s Terrifier, but it has been graced with a bigger budget, a longer run time, and a chance to explore the lore a bit more.

Director Damien Leone does his best to deliver everything fans want and expands the universe of Art with backstory and, in particular, a new sidekick for him to run with. The Little Pale Girl appears to be a pivotal part of the Terrifier story, but who or what is she? There is not a lot of information given, so perhaps further closer scrutiny of the film may release some information that is missed on initial viewing, but here is what we managed to ascertain about this strange character.

Who is The Little Pale Girl in Terrifier 2?

During the opening sequence for Terrifier 2, Art the Clown is resurrected and promptly dispatches the coroner he encounters in the morgue. He then decides to make his way to the laundrette and get cleaned up.

It is there that he has his first encounter with the Little Pale Girl. She appears in a similar costume to his, has the same horrific smile on her face, and has one side of her hair tied up in a bunch.

Upon meeting, she approaches Art and touches his face, almost as if checking to see if he is real. She then initiates a game of patty-cake with him, which Art, of course, seems to enjoy.

Meanwhile, there is a member of the public in the laundromat who awakens and is looking at the scene. Oddly, the Little Pale Girl is invisible to the man, so it looks as if Art, who is naked, by the way, is playing patty cake and clapping on his own. He is then murdered, obviously. Later on, it is Halloween, and we see Jonathon watching Art and the Little Pale Girl, playing with roadkill.

It seems that Jonathon can see the Little Pale Girl. This may be due to Jonathon’s father having some unknown knowledge about Art, including how to kill him, and this “power” may now also be shared by his son Jonathon and daughter Sienna.

Eventually, we get a vague clue about the backstory for the Little Pale Girl, and from clippings from his dad’s sketchbook, we realize that one of Art the Clown’s first murders was in fact of a 10-year-old little girl. It is not a great leap that the girl has now returned as a supernatural entity or demon.

Fan theories include that the Little Pale Girl may be one of the entities from the previous short film The 9th Circle, which featured Art the Clown and a legion of other monstrous demons. It could perhaps be part of the lore that the little girl may have been Art’s first kill, and a demon from The 9th Circle has embodied the child to be a kind of sidekick to Art, encouraging him to behave a certain way and to also keep tabs on what he has been doing. If we get a Terrifier 3, I imagine this will be explored more, and the Pale Little Girl will receive more screen time.

Why is the Pale Little Girl disfigured?

From what little we know, if the girl has been a victim of Art, then she may have been disfigured when murdered by the clown. However, if the demons from The 9th Circle want to send an envoy to play Robin to Art’s Batman, then they would certainly want to make sure he would be on board with a killing partner.

So, giving Art a smaller version of himself to collaborate with makes sense, and that might be why the Little Pale Girl is disfigured in a similar way to Art.

There is a scene when Jonathon is kidnapped by Art, in an attempt to bring Sienna to him, and girl is seated at a makeup mirror.

This is very much like a scene in the previous film, with Monica sitting at her mirror. When she turns to Jonathon, her face is horribly disfigured. The makeup here may look like a carved pumpkin. However, it is very similar to the makeup used on a car-driving victim in All Hallows Eve, the anthology film that features Art the Clown’s previous short films. What relevance this may have, is still not known, and may just be a coincidence, but it is an odd scene to include.

Who plays The Pale Little Girl?

The Little Pale Girl is played by Amelie McLain and previously appeared in the horror film Transference and the TV show General Hospital. It appears that Terrifier 2 is her biggest film to date.

Do you have a theory on The Little Pale Girl?

If you have any theories about the supernatural entity that partners Art in Terrifier 2 then let us know in the comments below. We are pretty sure that after the success of the film, it will not be long before we hear about Terrifier 3. It seems obvious that the Pale Little Girl will be featured, and we are sure that writer and director Damien Leone will delve even further into the backstory of Art, so where do you think this will go? Let us know.

And so that is who the little pale girl is in Terrifier 2! Thoughts? Comment below.

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