Behind Every Star season 1, episode 1 recap – a fairly fun opener

November 7, 2022
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A fairly fun opener that does a good job of establishing the character dynamics for the rest of the season.

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A fairly fun opener that does a good job of establishing the character dynamics for the rest of the season.

We recap the Netflix K-Drama series Behind Every Star season 1, episode 1, which contains spoilers.

In its opener, the K-Drama Behind Every Star did a particularly solid job of developing its characters. Whether it’s the flamboyant Jin-hyeok (Kim Tae-oh), the determined Je-in (Kwak Sun-young), or the nervous Jung-don (Seo Hyun-woo), everyone had their personalities distinguished by the end of the episode, which will only help the subsequent installments. With the plot now potentially taking a more serious tone too, we could end up seeing a well-balanced drama that blends in its humour with genuine seriousness.

Behind Every Star season 1, episode 1 recap

We begin with Kim Jung-don dealing with the hectic schedule afforded to him by Cho Yeo-jeong’s tardiness. She’s busy trying to practice horseback riding for a prospective part in a Tarantino picture, all while causing a delay in appearing for a photoshoot/interview. Fortunately though, things seem to be running smoothly in the end, or at least they are until agent Jung-don gets a text informing him that the acclaimed U.S. director feels Yeo-jeong is too old for the role she was aiming for.

Following this, we get a short introduction to those working in Method Entertainment, watching the bustling workday unfold. Here, Chun Je-in asks an antsy Jung-don if he managed to secure Yeo-jeong’s overseas contract, and the manager lies by saying he has. Then, So Hyun-joo turns up to the office to meet with Director Ma Tae-oh, explaining her aims to become an entertainment agent to him. However, despite her promise to keep their prior relationship a secret, no referral, or job, is afforded, just money to “grab something to eat” with.

At a meeting, Company President Wang Tae-ja hears of some of the company’s recent successes, before he is told of Tarantino’s rescinded casting offer to Yeo-jeong. What follows is high disappointment, particularly as the career of Method’s client could take a tumble given she halted other projects as a result of her potential time in the States.

Next, Sin-yeong decides to quit work on the spot, frustrated at Je-in’s constant mixed messaging when working together. “You’re a psychopath with personality disorders,” the departing worker spitefully says, evidently unwilling to ever return to the company. As such, the lingering Hyun-joo seizes an opportunity, swiftly applying to be Sin-yeong’s replacement, and make inroads towards her goal of becoming an agent. Even when warned she may have no personal life going forward, the youngster agrees to a three-month apprenticeship, one that could turn into a permanent position based on performance.

Learning the ropes, Hyun-joo is told Method does “deliveries, schedule management, promotions, planning, contracts, marketing, and everything else regarding an actor’s career” for their roster of 30. Then, she meets her colleagues in PR and admin, and is told to assist them while learning about her new job. Elsewhere, Jung-don is encouraged to preserve the pride of Yeo-jeong when he is to break the news about the Tarantino film, but thanks to the clumsiness of Jin-hyeok, ends up hanging up on the soon-to-be disappointed actor prior to any sort of communication.

Showing Hyun-joo around the archive, Jin-hyeok tells the newbie that Je-in is the first to read scripts received at the agency, with part of her requirements being to study them “religiously” to see where Method’s actors can be placed. However, any Director Ma is given personally remain untouched by the alleged script stealer.

Unannounced, Yeo-jeong arrives at the office to discuss business, causing a panicked Jung-don to temporarily hide below Hee-sun’s desk. Jin-hyeok is subsequently in charge of distraction (dramatically, he excels with this), all while the flustered agent slips out for lunch. However, this doesn’t stop Yeo-jeong from hearing the truth about her rescinded casting offer, as apprentice Hyun-joo misinterprets the situation in an elevator ride and delivers the bad news, unfiltered.

After a tetchy Tae-oh fails to send Hyun-joo away from Method thanks to the onlooking Eun-soo’s unintentional intervention, Yeo-jeong ticks Won-jae off so she can go on a walk. While doing so, she comes across Jung-don at a restaurant, who himself is too preoccupied with worry to listen to Hee-sun’s story about her acting journey. Enthusiastically, Yeo-jeong greets her agent, sitting down in a bid to get him to admit to the Tarantino snub.

Disappointed over the plethora of lies told to her by Jung-don (he falsely claims Tarantino wanted a male lead, and begrudged the script’s quality), Yeo-jeong bluntly states that she “may as well retire.” Unable to trust her agent now, the actor is ready to cut ties with Method, clearly deeply upset about the situation. Meanwhile, Je-in tries to get Hyun-joo to find out what Kim Eun-hee’s latest script, which is in the possession of Director Ma, is about.

Convincing Eun-soo to help her out by lying about not having any relationship with Tae-oh, and affording plenty of compliments, Hyun-joo asks to see the information on the scripts received by Director Ma. This request is rejected, but things look to get a whole lot worse for the newbie when Jung-don returns to the office, seething over the fact someone told Yeo-jeong of her film rejection before he could. Nevertheless, no admittance of guilt is given.

As Jung-don drowns his sorrows, Director Ma uses his connections to ensure Yeo-jeong is to end up cast in the Tarantino film after all. However, in exchange, the initially snubbed actor is told to get plastic surgery so she can look closer to a younger age. There’s more news revealed too, that Yeo-jeong is leaving Method along with Director Ma, with the two starting their own agency instead. Jung-don is disappointed with how things have played out, but has his grievances dismissed rather than heard, to the point he is branded an “amateur.”

Upon hearing what Hyun-joo did, Je-in scolds the apprentice, blaming her for Yeo-jeong’s impending departure. Subsequently, the rookie is fired, though with nothing to lose goes straight to Director Ma’s office to search for Kim Eun-hee’s script. Meanwhile, Jung-don is encouraged to avoid sitting back, so he heads out to meet with Yeo-jeong during her horseback riding. There, following a petty argument about lies, the two talk openly, and agree to travel to the clinic together for the actor’s lipo injections.

Greeting a waiting Jung-don happily, Yeo-jeong reveals that she chose not to get injections in the end. “If I get older, I’ll accept it. That’s natural,” she says, embracing her newfound confident freedom in who she is. So, Yeo-jeong asks Jung-don to continue being her agent too, something duly agreed to. Elsewhere, a returning Hyun-joo apologises for her mistake to Je-in, and hands her Kim Eun-hee’s script that she managed to steal.

Behind Every Star season 1, episode 1 ending

Promising not to repeat her wrongdoing, Hyun-joo asks for one more chance, determined to do her best. Fortunately, after what appeared to be initial reluctance, Je-in obliges, reinstating the apprentice. Meanwhile, Director Ma is told he will not be representing Yeo-jeong going forward.

The next day, spirits are high in a meeting, with Jung-don gloating in front of the soon-to-be leaving Director Ma over Method’s retention of Yeo-jeong. However, the mood soon turns sombre, and the episode ends with the upsetting news that President Wang Tae-ja has died.

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