Behind Every Star season 1, episode 2 recap – how does Method cope with Tae-ja’s absence?

November 9, 2022
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Another solid chapter that smartly weaves real-life actors into the fictional drama.

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Another solid chapter that smartly weaves real-life actors into the fictional drama.

We recap the Netflix K-Drama series Behind Every Star season 1, episode 2, which contains spoilers.

In episode two, Behind Every Star builds on the already established character dynamics by adding in the drama between two actors playing exaggerated versions of their real-life selves. It’s a fun concept made better with decent acting, even if more could’ve been done to build on the other story of Method being up for sale. Nevertheless, going forward, there’s clear room for this to be a drama which nails a consistent tone.

Behind Every Star season 1, episode 2 recap

We begin with Je-in (Kwak Sun-young) picking up the pieces from Tae-ja’s death, hoping to have Lee Hee-joon become her client. However, the actor provides a couple of hurdles, given he wants some time off first, and wishes to no longer star in a film set to begin shooting imminently. These are not exactly dealt with either, as Je-in clumsily describes Hee-jun’s work rather offensively, resulting in the entertainer leaving the informal gathering.

During a staff meeting, Director Ma causes some tension when sitting in Tae-ja’s vacated seat, before he begins to arrange the company’s new work structure. Je-in isn’t overly enthused, particularly when initially encouraged to stay away from Hee-jun due to being “emotional and impulsive,” disagreeing with the idea Tae-oh must persuade the actor to proceed with the film their client is having cold feet about. To add to the company drama, Director Ma reveals he will now be staying at Method, to “protect” it.

After Jung-don and Je-in’s longstanding friendship is established through playful discussions on relationships, personality, and potential sperm donorship, we move to the next day. There, Hyun-joo (Joo Hyun-young) is warned about the need to maintain distance from “drama queen” actors, then is sent out to track down a scarf foolishly gifted to Hee-jun (he was once criticised for his wearing of it in youth). But the nervy apprentice is too late, discovering the item draped around the neck of the deliveryman, who is buzzing at the generosity of celebrities.

That night, Jung-don drinks with Jin Sun-kyu, with the two reminiscing about the evidently kind Tae-ja. Though one thing strangely pops up in conversation which appeared previously, a rumour alleging Method’s President died “mid-coitus.” Elsewhere, Hyun-joo apologises for her mistake to Je-in, and is subsequently put on copying duty indefinitely as a laborious punishment. Yet while completing this thankless task, the newbie comes across actor Ko Eun-gyul, whose good-heartedness in trying to help leaves quite the flustering impression.

Following on from Jung-don’s discussion over a potential script that may appeal to Jin Sun-kyu’s want to feel like he is “stage acting” again, concerned parties meet with Je-in. They express worries that clients aren’t managed as well now Tae-ja has died, frustrated over Hee-jun’s potential breach of contract regarding his new film, which he is not showing up to the script readings of. Nevertheless, a happy Jung-don believes he has Je-in’s situation under control, given he has already spoken to Sun-kyu about taking on the role. What follows is an argument between the two agents, one which results in Jung-don being instructed to break unfortunate news to his client.

As Jung-don dwells on whether he works “half-heartedly without any goals or plans,” he is reassured by Jin-hyeok, who tells him nobody is more dedicated to their clients. Then, an emergency meeting is called, where the widowed Kang Kyung-ok expresses her desire to find someone to run the company in her place, now that she has inherited her late husband’s shares. Put more simply, she is considering selling Method, hoping to prevent further damage due to some actor’s already leaving the agency in the wake of Tae-ja’s passing. Shockingly though, instead of panicking, Director Ma states he (in potential partnership with Jung-don, Je-in, and Myung-ae) will buy the necessary shares himself to “protect the company.”

Outside, Je-in tells Jung-don not to “play into his (Tae-oh’s) game,” certain this is all a ploy for the Director to become CEO of the company. Though the agent doesn’t care, and abruptly claims he doesn’t care who ends up in charge, as long as Method stays operating. As such, a partnership to buy the company may genuinely come to fruition. Taking out her frustrations on this, Je-in later confronts the men messaging her on dating portals.

The next day, Je-in talks openly with Myung-ae about the prospective company-purchasing partnership, and the latter shares her thoughts on the “family” that is Method Entertainment. Then, the two discuss the potential difficulties that may arise between Hee-jun and Sun-kyu if they find out about what’s happening with Director Byun’s film, due to their previous competitive history together vying for Tae-ja’s attention. “Whoever gets the role, neither of them should know that the other got the offer,” Myung-ae says, concerned about the tension the pair have had in the past.

While Hee-sun slips her profile into documents meant for Yoon Jong-bin, Je-in heads to a Buddhist temple to speak with Hee-jun. Here, the agent sneakily tricks the hesitant actor into wanting to star in Director Byun’s film once again, knowing a namedrop of Sun-kyu would cause a re-think. The situation does look like it’ll get more complex though, as later Sun-kyu greets Jung-don as if the part is now his. As a result, Jung-don ends up having another heated argument with Je-in over everything from who needs to take responsibility, to personalities, to the sperm donorship.

At night, Hyun-joo ends up taking on the task of helping Eun-gyul learn how to speak in a Busan accent for an audition, allowing the two to bond. They even end up going out together, talking about proving themselves in their respective jobs. Then, at the apex of proceedings, some romantic tension adds an air of awkwardness. Elsewhere, Jung-don and Je-in sit alone, reflecting.

During Tae-ja’s funeral, staff are unable to keep Hee-jun from meeting with Sun-kyu. Their conversation starts off alright, with some light banter about younger days, but when it begins to get prickly, nobody is able to prevent the truth about Director Byun’s film coming out. As such, the dysfunctional acting duo get spiteful, to the point everyone ends up with grievances. Plus, both Sun-kyu and Hee-jun now have their hearts set on securing the coveted role in Director Byun’s next project.

After Director Ma scolds Je-in and Jung-don, the two think of what Tae-ja would’ve done in this situation. Then, we return to the funeral, where touching memories and tributes are shared for Method’s former President. Nevertheless, Hee-jun and Sun-kyu’s awkward duet does somewhat mar the impact of the event, until they seemingly put past grievances aside at the climax of the song. Warmly, the two end up saying they will “remain good friends” from now on.

The following day, Director Byun ends up being convinced to cast both Hee-jun and Sun-kyu in her next film, changing the plot to a “progressive” gay romance. The rejuvenated idea even enthuses the filmmaker, who vows to “come up with something never-before-seen.” Later, Tae-oh and Myung-ae celebrate the successful day with a drink.

Behind Every Star season 1, episode 2 ending

Once finished with her work, Hyun-joo doesn’t quite know how to react when faced with Tae-oh’s wife. However, that soon turns out to be the least of her worries, as it’s swiftly revealed that the Eun-gyul she has been growing close to, is actually Director Ma’s son. Subsequently, Hyun-joo excuses herself from the situation, ignoring a dinner invite.

Flustered, when Eun-gyul heads to her, Hyun-joo tells her new friend to ignore her going forward, upset about the actor being the son of Director Ma. Then, a little later, a brazen warning from Tae-oh to the rookie agent over “messing” with his family ends the episode, with Hyun-joo teary-eyed.

What did you think of the K-Drama Behind Every Star season 1, episode 2? Comment below.

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