Behind Every Star season 1, episode 6 recap – what is the truth about Director Ma and Hyun-Joo?

By Nathan Sartain
Published: November 23, 2022 (Last updated: last month)
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A decent instalment which puts a wider spotlight on the drama’s lead characters.

We recap the Netflix K-Drama series Behind Every Star season 1, episode 6, which contains spoilers.

Fortunately, episode six of Behind Every Star decided to shine a spotlight on its cast, looking into the human side of the people pulling the strings in the entertainment industry. Most notably, this installment looked at the negative side of relationships and how mistakes can lead to drastic consequences.

Behind Every Star season 1, episode 6 recap

We begin with Je-in giving an answer on an agent’s job being akin to that of a crocodile trainer before we watch the rehearsals for a theatre production her clients are involved in descend into chaos.

Next, Eun-ha visits Hyun-joo, establishing how often the rookie agent met with her father, Director Ma, growing up. It was once a year at first, then fleetingly once high school began. Hyun-joo is apologetic for the situation, even if it is far from her fault.

Continuing, Eun-ha heads home to kick Director Ma out of the house, due to the fact he cheated during her pregnancy. Here, we also see how despondent Eun-gyul has become of everything that’s gone on.

As Kim Soo-ro explains to Je-in that he needs revisions on the play he’s in because of his secret aquaphobia, Jung-don dances into the office to tell Hee-sun that she will be auditioning as a hip-hop dancer who has lived abroad for director Jang Sin-ae’s next project. Elsewhere, Eun-soo lets curiosity get the better of her when speculating with Jin-hyeok on what could be inside Director Ma’s bag.

Fortunately, Je-in seems to have found a way to convince Kim Ho-young to adapt his play for Soo-ro, noting that the new director cannot afford an actor to drop out so close to the premiere. Meanwhile, Eun-soo just about conceals the underwear she has taken from Director Ma when he comes around asking for an envelope. Later, Hyun-joo returns the missing clothes and tells her father she will be looking for a new job.

After watching Hee-sun awkwardly prepare for her audition, we cut to the next day. Here, Soo-ro bickers with Ho-young again about the creative differences in the swimming pool scene, only for things to escalate dramatically. The former ends up thrown into the water for a brief period, but the latter finds his head smacking against the ground when pushed. As such, Je-in is left with a massive mess to clean up, not least because she is being threatened with lawsuits over the dramatic scenes.

When offering her opinion of having Soo-ro drop out, Hyun-joo is told by Je-in to take Director Ma’s advice of putting the company first with a “grain of salt.” Then, the rookie agent is tasked with giving Eun-gyul a delivery, which allows for the two siblings to talk openly about the actor needing time to accept the situation.

Hoping to get things for the theatre production back on track, Je-in visits Soo-ro at his house, lying by saying that Ho-young is apologetic to the actor for how he was treated. Then, she does similar to the director, hoping to get him to apologize too. To complete the scheme, Je-in puts on an act for Ho-young, takes his phone when he has gone, and texts the star of the play to inform him of an in-person apology that apparently will be made.

Unfortunately, Je-in has other things to worry about too. She feels suffocated by Sang-uk’s constant worry about her, wanting to feel understood in her busy life despite Jung-don’s reminder that she is always standing him up.

At her audition, Hee-sun completely tanks, and ends up causing damage by throwing a bag at the director. Jung-don is annoyed, revealing he “jumped through hoops” by convincing his client to be cast as long as she does the bare minimum, which didn’t happen. However, this also upsets Hee-sun, who feels distrusted enough to no longer want to be her manager’s client.

As Director Ma holds out hope of things being alright with Eun-ha, partly because she hasn’t told her father of what’s happened yet, Je-in convinces Soo-ro to attend Ho-young’s party. Here, the agent strives to make the two patch things up, going as far as to gift presents and tell the truth about the lead actor of the play’s aquaphobia. Sadly though, Soo-ro overhears this private fact being told to Ho-young.

That night, Hyun-joo eats with her father, with the rookie agent expressing her adjustment to the Seoul lifestyle, and Director Ma warmly asking his daughter to stay in the company, and thanking her. Elsewhere, Soo-ro and Ho-young manage to sort out their differences, ultimately agreeing to do the play with the water scene left in.

In the midst of the subsequent celebrations, Sang-uk arrives at the party, dejected by the sight of his partner embracing Ho-young. He doesn’t buy Je-in’s excuses of this being work and doesn’t believe his girlfriend is attempting to change her ways, so leaves. Concurrently, Hee-sun apologizes to Jung-don for her behavior and presents a list of her strengths and weaknesses for future reference. However, plans the two then make are instantly nipped in the bud when a distraught Je-in appears, needing urgent comfort for her mistakes.

After watching Soo-ro’s admired performance as Don Juan, Je-in comes to realize that she is fearful of being left alone, and of loving someone. So, she reflects on her ways, just as everyone else finds out about the hefty fines imposed on Method for the embezzlement Tae-ja took part in.

Afterward, Director Ma tells Method’s staff that the takeover may have to be postponed, coming clean that he is now separated from his wife. Then, Je-in rushes to patch things up with the departing Sang-uk, wanting to be shown how to love. Yet the National Tax Service worker is still unwilling to let her in for now, despite their passionate kiss. Meanwhile, Jung-don doesn’t chase after his friend, no longer wanting to mix his emotions with work, seemingly ready to end the feelings he has for his co-worker.

Behind Every Star season 1, episode 6 ending

During a drunken karaoke session, Director Ma assures his colleagues he will make sure Method survives. Meanwhile, Je-in drinks alone, drowning her sorrows while watching the myriad of unanswered texts she has sent to Sang-uk. Following some more looks at sorrow, the episode ends with Je-in returning to the office, where she believes she has found Sang-uk.

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