Behind Every Star season 1, episode 5 recap – what happens with Park Ho-san and Oh Na-ra?

By Nathan Sartain
Published: November 23, 2022 (Last updated: December 7, 2022)
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A breezy episode, but one which only narrowly moves the plot forward.

We recap the Netflix K-Drama series Behind Every Star season 1, episode 5, which contains spoilers.

Episode five of Behind Every Star certainly wasn’t bad by any means, but it did fail to capture some of the same charms of earlier episodes. The story between Park Ho-san and Oh Na-ra was fun, sure, but at this stage, the main storyline should be front and center. Instead, it sometimes feels a bit on the peripheral, which obviously isn’t ideal.

Behind Every Star season 1, episode 5 recap

After Oh Na-ra and Park Ho-san squabble on set, Je-in wakes up beside Sang-uk. Enamored by her partner, she delays answering her phone, causing a worried Jung-don to have to put off picking her up to deal with their clients’ controversy for a short time longer.

Next, Hyun-joo gets deflated when misinterpreting a birthday present meant for Kim Soo-ro as one for her. Elsewhere, Hee-sun beams over having a scene with Park Ho-san in a film, undeterred by stories told about him by other actors. She even manages to fluster her famous senior when practicing lines with him, leading only to more excitement for Method’s newest signee.

As Ho-san storms off set, angered at Na-ra’s tardy appearance, Jung-don and Je-in get to work on buttering up their respective clients. The former informs Na-ra that she looks great in the rough cut of the film, while the latter asks Ho-san to open up his heart.

Back at the office, Screenwriter Kang informs Director Ma of her intention to kill off Young-tak from her show, dismayed at his “humiliating” bad acting. So, Tae-oh instructs for an apology gift to be sent to the writer, hoping it’ll change her mind about removing Method’s client from his role. Hyun-joo has a suggestion too, that news of Young-tak’s sacking can be leaked so fans can mobilize against it, though this only gets laughed off (Eun-soo later fails at trying to steal this idea).

Unsurprisingly, Na-ra and Ho-san end up bickering again on set, this time over why the man playing a rickshaw driver wiped his co-star’s tears away without prompt. Concurrently, Hee-sun continues her unabated excitement at starring in a film.

After the film director threatens to walk away from his work if Na-ra and Ho-san can’t agree to shoot the kiss scene tomorrow, their agents spring into action once more. Yet it seems like a fruitless endeavor, with neither person budging much on their stance of being against even a brief connection of lips.

As Hyun-joo begins working alone on her petition to have Young-tak saved from the axe on his drama, Jung-don interrupts Je-in’s alone time with a visiting Sang-uk so the two agents can eat together. However, the meal is a minor disaster, particularly given Je-in bats away any suggestions of the two having a sincere conversation in favor of rushing to get back to her room.

Dejected, Hyun-joo concedes to Jin-hyeok that she is disappointed her birthday was forgotten by someone she hoped would remember it. Therefore, the two end up promising to always celebrate each other’s special days. Meanwhile, Director Ma hears that his wife’s father will help get the money to acquire Method Entertainment and make Tae-oh Company President.

The next day, Jung-don becomes curious when hearing of an extra charge being added for an additional guest in Je-in’s room, so heads up to investigate. Naturally, he finds Sang-uk there (albeit by accidentally sitting on him), kickstarting a heated discussion between the two agents on the car ride back about Je-in’s “thirst for guys.”

Following Hyun-joo receiving praise for her work on the petition to save Young-tak, we watch Je-in enlist the help of a countryside driver to ensure she can still get to the film set she is required at. Here though, Hee-sun, unfortunately, finds out her scene with Park Ho-san is now deleted from the film, causing the actor to find herself in tears.

Somehow, Ho-san and Na-ra manage to happily stun the film’s director with their performances in the kiss scene, despite it only happening because of a spider appearing on set. In turn, the two bickering actors make up too, ultimately agreeing to make sure they do their best from here on out to have the movie look good.

After Je-in explains that her currently secret relationship with Sang-uk feels different from ones she had in the past, she is encouraged to stay in it by Jung-don. Elsewhere, Director Ma does his best to stay happy about the news of his wife’s father buying Method, while Eun-ha still appears concerned about who Hyun-joo could be.

When Director Ma breaks the news of his and his wife’s takeover of Method, Je-in immediately gets to irritatedly theorizing that this was Tae-oh’s plan from the start, not willing to approve of the situation. Yet the mood positively shifts quickly, when it’s relayed to the agents that Ho-san and Na-ra are now delaying the shooting of their film by being “too passionate.” Elsewhere, Director Ma gets Young-tak to leave the building when he angrily confronts the “good-for-nothing” Hyun-joo.

Behind Every Star season 1, episode 5 ending

Once Hee-sun is successfully comforted by Jung-don, we watch Director Ma belatedly wish Hyun-joo a happy birthday. Tae-oh asks if the rookie agent wants anything, and she subsequently gets her wish of sharing a drink with him in his office.

However, it doesn’t go down well with Eun-ha, who arrives at the office alongside Eun-gyul, annoyed at the fact her husband missed the musical they were meant to attend. As such, the married couple talk privately, before it escalates even further. So, to end the episode, the whole family witness Director Ma prepare to tell his wife and son the truth about who Hyun-joo is.

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