Will there be a Behind Every Star season 2?

By Nathan Sartain
Published: December 7, 2022
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We discuss whether there will be a season 2 of the Netflix K-Drama series Behind Every Star and its renewed or cancelled status. 

On the surface, Behind Every Star is conceptually very interesting. It centers around the not-so-glamorous jobs of those in the behind-the-scenes section of the entertainment industry through documenting the lives of the staff at Method, giving a glimpse into the thankless (unforgiving too) tasks completed by office staff and agents on a day-to-day basis. Additionally, the comedy-drama features actors playing dramatized versions of their real-life selves, adding an element of realism to an otherwise clearly satirical show. It has not always hit the mark, but you can’t deny the plot’s intrigue.

Based on the French release Dix Pour Cent (Call My Agent!), which ran for four seasons, Behind Every Star premiered on 7 November 2022 on Netflix. By the end of its run, it will have had 12 episodes, with the finale set to air on December 13, 2022. Here at Ready Steady Cut, we rated the first season 3.5/5.

Here’s what we had to say: “Complete with a sleek office backdrop and a generally colorful palette, this Korean remake of the French series Call My Agent! could easily end up a sleeper hit. Witty, engaging, and dramatic in all the right places, it’s a show looking to be well worth its relatively breezy 12-episode commitment, particularly for fans looking for something that knows when to get meta.”

Will there be a season 2 of the Netflix K-Drama series Behind Every Star – renewed or canceled status

We have heard no news of Behind Every Star getting renewed for season 2. 

Despite its French counterpart managing a hearty four seasons, it’s hard to see Behind Every Star being picked up for a further installment. The initial promise mentioned in this site’s review was never truly lived up to, and the overall plot extending past the fun, humorous contained stories of real-life celebrities getting into hyperbolic situations has been rather cluttered. For one, it has moved along at a palpably slow pace, meaning narratives like Hyun-joo being the hidden daughter of Tae-oh can occasionally plod to the point they lack impact when things come to a head. Another example is that of Method’s overall future, with Hae-jun’s takeover feeling like a necessary, much-needed way to keep the show moving in a forward direction, as opposed to a genuinely exciting surprise.

Continuing, K-Dramas often don’t run past an initial first season anyway, even if it only gets a shortened allotment of episodes (this one got 12, four less than the usual 16) to work with. Behind Every Star is unlikely to buck that trend, given its own plot points would struggle to extend into further chapters. Still, the tide is somewhat changing with Korean content in regards to second seasons, given the likes of the Hong sisters are trusted to have projects like Alchemy of Souls told over a much more extended amount of airtime, and with that sometimes elusive show renewal.

With that being said, we’d still back Behind Every Star to come to an end on December 13. It has not quite engaged audiences in the way it could have, has lacked the kind of bite needed in a social satire, and sometimes relied on its one-off, contained stories to carry through otherwise thin episodes. Never say never, but if this Korean remake of Call My Agent! does return to screens in the same way the French version repeatedly did, fairly large improvements will be necessary.

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