Behind Every Star season 1, episode 11 recap – what does Hyun-joo decide to do with her future?

By Nathan Sartain
Published: December 13, 2022 (Last updated: December 14, 2022)
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A strong penultimate episode that thrived in its touching moments.

We recap the Netflix K-Drama series Behind Every Star season 1, episode 11, which contains spoilers.

In the penultimate episode of Behind Every Star, the usually contained narrative centered around a real-life actor bled nicely into the main storyline. The overarching message on correcting regrets was a touching one, and something which resonated as each character made their own important decisions. It doesn’t necessarily set anything up for an exhilarating climax, but plenty of what made this season interesting at the beginning of its run was present here.

Behind Every Star season 1, episode 11 recap

After a nervous Eun-gyul is told to try also learning his scene partner’s lines by veteran Lee Soon-jae, we see the elder is having some difficulties of his own. He couldn’t recall who Director Lee Chan was (or his conversations with her) and seemed a little too determined to get out of his subsequent hospital appointment, where he is told he may continue experiencing disorientation for a few more weeks due to his recent stroke. As such, Jung-don looks concerned about Soon-jae, particularly when the veteran actor references Myung-aeh as if she is still a part of Method.

While Hyun-joo blows off Sunny Lim’s lunch invite, Je-in hears from Hae-jun that Director Ma will be staying at Method, given he is the “pillar” of the company. Tae-oh looks set to be using his experience to lead a soon-to-be-created team overseeing production too, yet more pressing matters soon arise. For Method needs to decide what will happen to Soon-jae, who Jung-don wants to have take a break from work. When the decision is eventually made, though, health concerns are put to one side, with company interests meaning the veteran actor will continue shooting the film he is involved in.

Following Jin-hyeok‘s encouraging words to Hyun-joo which highlight the notion people will move on from their gossiping in due time, we cut to the set of an advertisement filming. There, Je-in is arguing with Hae-jun over the commercial’s concept, with the former favouring a “warm family scene” which affords Eun-gyul a line of dialogue, and Method’s president insisting on a “trendy” Mukbang ad instead. Elsewhere, Hee-sun takes issue with Jung-don’s concern in regard to Oh Hun’s treatment of her.

The next day, Hyun-joo is shockingly selected as team manager of the Talent Development Team despite her not applying. “She has a keen eye for talent,” Hae-jun states in justification, letting staff know he picked the rookie agent to lead based on her competent actions. Jin-hyeok in particular is hit hard by this news, devastated into accusing Hyun-joo of backstabbing him, and using her father’s influence.

Later, Hyun-joo heads to the rooftop to apologise to Je-in for keeping her true identity a secret, which sways the experienced agent into explaining to her former apprentice that she should only be sorry for “coming between Daniel (Henney) and Ye Min-su to protect Director Ma.” “If you’re an agent, the actor must come first no matter what,” Je-in adds, claiming Hyun-joo has no right to call herself one.

After Soon-jae comes to Method’s office to ask for help protecting his 60-year career, wanting to finish shooting the film he is starring in so he can “leave behind a positive legacy,” he gives Hae-jun a dressing down. “Whether it be an old object or an old person, they all have their uses. Failing to realise that shows the shortcomings of your abilities” he tells Method’s president, letting him know he doesn’t have the late Tae-ja’s perception skills.

At night, Je-in and Jung-don share a drink together, reminiscing about bygone days of wanting to become an agent looked up to by juniors, while reflecting on how they both feel they’ve lost their way. Then, we move forward to the following day’s movie shoot, where Soon-jae is giving his all, both in acting alongside Eun-gyul, and wholeheartedly completing his other on-set duties. Concurrently, Jung-don attempts to convince Lee Myeong-ju of SY Pictures that Oh Hun’s upcoming movie might be too risqué for audiences.

When investors are said to be on their way to check on Soon-jae’s condition, it looks like difficulties will arise. The veteran has become disorientated to the point he asks for Wang Tae-ja as well as Myung-aeh in a flurry of confusion, and eventually goes as far as to lock himself in the waiting room. Back at the office, things are boiling over too, with Je-in angrily confronting Hae-jun over his reckless behaviour when he suggests reinstating Myung-aeh for the sake of Soon-jae’s film going ahead.

Fortunately, with the timely help of Myung-aeh, Soon-jae pulls himself together enough to deal with the questions posed by the arriving investor. Though the veteran actor isn’t out of the woods yet, and he’ll need to be watched over on set so his health can be double-checked. “I’m a huge nuisance with my stubborn decision,” Soon-jae subsequently tells Myung-aeh, willing to quit prior to any further complications. What follows is a surprising scene of touching reconciliation, where the veteran actor manages to apologise to his agent for scuppering her historic relationship with Tae-ja, and commit to continue working with her by his side despite his worsening memory.

With Myung-aeh’s return to Method confirmed – and celebrated by her colleagues – we see this reinstatement has come as part of Hae-jun’s plan to be a more respectable boss. “From now on, she’s in charge of finding writers, directors, and actors for every new project,” the company president says of his re-hire, putting the valued, experienced worker in charge of preproduction (Director Ma is confirmed to be in charge of actual production here too). “From now on, I’ll prove why Method Entertainment needs me,” Myung-aeh definitively states in response to the celebratory atmosphere. Later though, the tethered agent is in a more relaxed mood, happy to tell Hyun-joo she no longer needs to apologise, and should figure out where she is meant to be, in addition to advising Director Ma to fix his errors “before it’s too late.”

As Hyun-joo continues to face coldness from Jin-hyeok, Sunny Lim manages to win over Myung-aeh with the delivery of a rare species of plant. Then, Jang turns back into a mentor, subtly advising Je-in to deal with her regrets in the same way she corrected her resentment towards Method by agreeing to return. Elsewhere, Director Ma tearfully reflects when collecting mail from his old house, rendering him unable to notice his soon-to-be ex-wife lingering in the background.

Continuing, Je-in heads to Sang-uk’s jogging spot so she can properly apologise to him. “I’m sorry for hurting you. I’m sorry for using my work as an excuse to demand your unconditional understanding,” she stutteringly says, admitting that losing him is the biggest regret of her life. Sang-uk responds with sincerity, in a way which allows the two to get back together with the simple aim of trying not to regret anything else. Meanwhile, Hyun-joo is told to either take the position as manager of the Talent Development Team or quit, because Hae-jun is unwilling to keep hold of an employee lacking spirit.

In the midst of his disorientation, Soon-jae thinks back to his old self, recalling his days as an actor who struggled getting to grips with the business. Yet when the veteran becomes aware of his surroundings again, Eun-gyul smilingly points out his senior is simply practicing for tomorrow, and is showing the importance of memorising everyone’s lines to ensure a smooth filming process. As such, Soon-jae gets the confidence to perform without a hitch, pleasing the onlooking staff.

The next day, Jung-don apologises to Hee-sun, and hears Oh Hun has actually omitted the bedroom scenes from his film. “It’s Director Oh’s goal to make it look erotic without any nudity,” the rising actor explains, before the filmmaker in question storms into the office in blind rage. Oh details how investors suddenly want to pull out of his apparently “unspeakably provocative and lewd” film, then quits the industry on the spot in front of a disappointed Jung-don.

The ending

As Hae-jun awkwardly interrupts the date of Je-in and Sang-uk, we cut back to the office. Here, Jin-hyeok sighs at the sight of Hyun-joo’s desk, and we see the rookie agent has decided to make the decision to quit Method, utilising the offered safety net of returning to her mother. As Hyun-joo prepares to head into Seoul Station to end her entertainment industry adventure, the episode ends.

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