Behind Every Star season 1, episode 10 recap – how does Daniel Henney get rejected?

December 7, 2022 (Last updated: last month)
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A decent instalment which sets up some controversy for the final week of the show.

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A decent instalment which sets up some controversy for the final week of the show.

We recap the Netflix K-Drama series Behind Every Star season 1, episode 10, which contains spoilers.

It wasn’t a major improvement on yesterday’s episode, but Behind Every Star episode 10 does pack enough of a punch to have some memorable moments. The story with Daniel Henney was interesting, and it at least played into the wider plot in a smart way. Next week though, it would be nice to see a far sharper focus on the cast of Method Entertainment and look into what comes of their lives, rather than the lives of those they represent.

Behind Every Star season 1, episode 10 recap

We begin by watching Tae-oh and co. get tasked with getting Daniel Henney on board for Stranger, a film being co-produced by Method, due to Hae-jun’s want for the star to earn more money for the company or have his contract terminated. However, despite the actor’s enthusiasm to consider the role touted for him, director Ye Min-su isn’t so keen.

When trying to convince Min-su to cast Daniel Henney, Je-in hears that the director is still upset over the actor’s perceived rudeness four years ago when he expressed discomfort about being emailed a script. “I guess he’s changed his opinion about me now that I’ve won an award,” the filmmaker says, clearly unwilling to currently reconsider her stance. Elsewhere, Hyun-joo coldly tells Sunny Lim that she can’t brag about Chun-bae’s award nomination like the strategic planning manager thought she would, as she isn’t his agent.

As Je-in gets Director Ma to agree to ask Daniel Henney for his side of the Min-su story, adamant the actor must ultimately end up getting the role in Stranger, all agents are called in for a meeting. Here, existing managers are told to interview three applicants each for the newly created Talent Development Team manager job.

After Jung-don becomes privy to Je-in’s regretful kiss with Hae-jun, he is informed by Hee-sun that she will be having a soundtrack test with Oh Hun the following day. The experienced agent should be happy with this news but can’t hide his deflation when hanging up the phone. Meanwhile, Director Ma asks Hyun-joo for Min-su’s schedule so he can set up a meeting with the filmmaker to tell her it was actually him who bluntly rejected her script four years ago, not Daniel Henney.

At the soundtrack test, Jung-don is given the cold shoulder by Oh Hun, who wants to be alone with Hee-sun. Concurrently, Min-su tells Je-in she rejects Daniel Henney’s apology and explains to the agent how Stranger was initially a “love letter” to the actor she once adored. Yet the filmmaker does go back on her word when it’s said refusing a meeting with Henney could see her branded an “amateur” in his head, meaning the two are to be subsequently scheduled in for talks.

While Hyun-joo realizes she needs to stop Director Ma from admitting his wrongdoing to Min-su, Jin-hyeok worries about the competency of the prospective Talent Development Team managers. So he enlists the help of Eun-soo to scupper some of the other candidates, with one being sneakily encouraged to be as loud as possible.

Despite Hyun-joo’s best efforts – she went as far as getting anti-LGBT protestors to demonstrate outside Min-su’s radio appearance – Daniel Henney still insists on heading to the station to meet with the director. But, by the looks of things, the agent’s desperation eventually pays off when the two are unable to convene. Elsewhere, a downcast Hee-sun is encouraged to wait for Oh Hun to contact her, and not be deterred by the lack of immediate follow-up. It’s advice that pays off too, given the rookie actor is soon cast in the director’s latest flick. “I want to show her charm to the world through my film,” Oh Hun says, sparking some reservations in Jung-don which persist in the face of Hee-sun’s jubilation.

After watching Hae-jun and Je-in jeopardize their own interview procedures by bickering about the kiss they shared, we cut to that night. There, Jung-don is moping about Hee-sun being cast in an erotic film, and is told he must be feeling something for her if he is this beaten up about a director loving his client. Concurrently, Director Ma calls Eun-soo, and Je-in reflects on her time with Sang-uk.

The next day, Jin-hyeok stutters through his Talent Development Team manager interview when faced directly with Hae-jun, who he is too nervous to talk to. The answers he gives aren’t necessarily bad, it’s just he can’t make any sort of impression when avoiding his boss in such a hyperbolic manner. Meanwhile, Jung-don interrupts Hee-sun’s rehearsal with Oh Hun, hoping to stick a pin in the director’s flirtation.

Following a strangely tense meeting full of introductions and improvisation, Hyun-joo ends up taking the responsibility for deleting Min-su’s script in the past on behalf of Daniel Henney. It causes Director Ye to storm off, feeling both humiliated and angry, while Henney exits the company with a resentful swagger. As such, Hyun-joo is asked to explain things to Je-in, before a meeting confirms that both parties in Method’s first co-production plan to sue each other.

Behind Every Star season 1, episode 10 ending

Additionally, Hae-jun agrees with the general sentiment in the room and plans to fire the strange-acting Hyun-joo for her part to play in the ongoing controversies. However, this brings Director Ma to life, and he explains how he is the real person needing to take responsibility, given it was he who deleted the Stranger script in the first place. Then, Tae-oh admits Hyun-joo is his daughter and suggests to his disappointed colleagues that he resigns. Left alone, Director Ma warmly smiles at the onlooking Hyun-joo, and brings an end to the episode.

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