Behind Every Star season 1, episode 9 recap – how does Joo-ryoung get over her phobia?

December 6, 2022 (Last updated: last month)
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An episode that does little to excite but still has its entertaining moments.

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An episode that does little to excite but still has its entertaining moments.

We recap the Netflix K-Drama series Behind Every Star season 1, episode 9, which contains spoilers.

Unfortunately, this was another somewhat underwhelming installment of Behind Every Star. While it certainly had flashes of entertainment, they seemed all too fleeting, and the general direction of the episode did little to inspire resolute excitement for the remaining three chapters. The story has, at times, plodded along at an all too tepid pace to the point it’s becoming difficult to truly invest in how things will play out.

Behind Every Star season 1, episode 9 recap

As Joo-ryoung prepares for her spot on Earth Arcade season two by undergoing rappel training, she appears to realize she has a phobia of heights. Elsewhere, Hyun-joo gets Director Ma to begrudgingly agree to attend lunch with her mother, and the rookie agent vocally wonders what is next for Myung-aeh following her dismissal at Method. Additionally, the overworked, tired office employees (Jin-hyeok and Eun-soo primarily) are being tasked with handing over files to Sunny Lim, who is unapologetic about their difficult situation.

Next, Je-in tells Jung-don that Joo A-hyun won’t sign for Method despite being offered favorable terms before the two are summoned to a meeting with Hae-jun. There, they are told the budget for field work is being cut, meaning there will be less food and travel expenses for clients when it comes to their personal lives. “Just leave management up to us,” Director Ma says, disappointed the new President is interfering too much in an industry he doesn’t fully grasp. Yet this only succeeds in irritating Hae-jun, who suggests the top three agents all bring him a “significant achievement” within the next week, or face being unable to talk back to him going forward. That, and the company owner wants actors who aren’t performing to have their contracts “cut off.”

While Je-in is expressing her annoyance at Hae-jun’s stubbornness, Hyun-joo is busy dealing with the clients previously managed by Myung-aeh. She hears how valuable it was having someone like the now-fired agent supporting older actors, so suggests herself to one of the clients being lined up for contract revocation. Concurrently, Jung-don gets Hee-sun to talk with Director Oh in a bid to have her land an audition for his upcoming erotic musical film.

Later, Jung-don deals with Joo-ryoung, using VR to try and get her to face her fear of heights. It’s a quirky process that fails dramatically, but there is some light at the end of the tunnel. A psychologist explains that the actor’s new phobia may have been caused by the pressure of performing well in her Squid Game scene involving her falling through a glass bridge, theorizing this initial burden has ultimately turned into trauma. Joo-ryoung agrees with the hypothesis, understanding the emotional toll inflicted by the expectations she set for herself.

As Hyun-joo contemplates a way to get Park Chun-bae signed with Method in spite of the reservations Sunny Lim has about the veteran performer, she heads out to eat with her mother and Director Ma. It’s a fairly warm occasion, even if it is on the awkward side, though it soon turns tense when Eun-ha turns up at the restaurant alongside Eun-soo. What follows is a brittle interaction between Tae-oh’s wife and the mother of Hyun-joo, topped off by the two agreeing to meet before the latter heads back to Busan. Outside, we see Eun-ha’s intentions in wanting to meet with Director Ma were pure – she wanted to check up on him – yet she is still planning on going through with the divorce. Elsewhere, Hyun-joo rejects the request for her to quit Method and return home with her mother.

After Je-in watches A-hyun meet with Hae-jun, she asks if her boss got the popular actor to sign with the company. Childishly, the business mogul said he didn’t ask because he is being discouraged from “meddling,” and states he will help bring the famous model on board as long as he is accepted as President, and followed. Je-in doesn’t rise to such a request and claims she will deal with A-hyun alone, reminding her boss that he needs to start acting “like a grown-up” should he want to be acknowledged by his workers.

When Hae-jun announces an inauguration ceremony for himself, hoping to prove his capabilities by inviting along various figures from the entertainment industry, the rest of the company decides they need to make a stand. So they agree to boycott the event, branding it a “betrayal” if anyone goes back on their word. Nevertheless, they do put on a solid act in the interim, playing up to the President as if they are all excited to attend.

However, things don’t go exactly as intended, with nearly everyone ending up at the ceremony to complete various business matters. Notably, here we officially find out President Bae of SY Pictures has agreed to work with Method to co-produce projects, in a deal set to bring the entertainment company both opportunity for its clients and profit. Though we don’t quite get to see whether A-hyun has agreed to work with Je-in, or if Producer Nah’s meeting with Joo-ryoung went as planned. Elsewhere, Chun-bae signs his revocation agreement, thankful for the career he was given by Myung-aeh, and accepting of his fate on the chopping block.

Following witnessing Director Ma clear the air with Eun-soo, we watch A-hyun verbalize her intent to work with Je-in. It leaves the experienced agent smug over her accomplishment in front of Hae-jun, who is still reluctant to accept this as the “significant achievement” he discussed not too long ago. Meanwhile, Jung-don watches Hee-sun sing in awe, Hyun-joo calls Myung-aeh to apologize for everything she did wrong in failing to “protect” the actors she looked after, and Je-in appears to passionately reconcile with Sang-uk.

After Joo-ryoung gets over her fear of heights by falling from a tree she had climbed up in a drunken state, reflecting on how happy, but afraid, she was when Squid Game was a success, Jung-don tells his client to believe in herself and “march forward” in future. Fortunately, the lingering Producer Nah is unphased by the actor’s phobia too, figuring audiences will prefer to watch someone muster up the courage to overcome their fears in Earth Arcade.

Behind Every Star season 1, episode 9 ending

The next day, Hae-jun asks Director Ma to take the lead on the co-production project with SY Pictures, and Je-in looks dejected when coming to terms with the shocking revelation that she drunkenly kissed her boss, believing he was Sang-uk. Then, the episode comes to an end warmly, with Hyun-joo smilingly reading an article discussing Chun-bae’s recent award nomination.

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