Behind Every Star season 1, episode 4 recap – what happens with Method’s tax investigation?

By Nathan Sartain
Published: November 15, 2022 (Last updated: January 26, 2024)
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With surprising revelations and a hearty amount of plot progression, this chapter of Behind Every Star smartly retains its charm while adding some more serious points of discussion.

We recap the Netflix K-Drama series Behind Every Star season 1, episode 4, which contains spoilers.

Here, Behind Every Star continued to utilise its fun, and contained stories amongst its wider plot, but did so in a far more effective way. There was genuine drama in today’s instalment, tactical scheming, and some well-worked ways to wrap up specific storylines. As we head towards the mid-point, it’s now clear where the show is heading, making it easier to invest in.

Behind Every Star season 1, episode 4 recap

We begin with Director Ma helping Soo-hyun try and hire a nanny ahead of the mother’s potential return to work. The actor wants to become more popular in Korea but rejects the idea of playing a recognisable “girl next door” type in favour of wanting a role in an action film. Back at the office later, Hee-sun is complimented for her updated headshots, Jung-don insists the new signee is a “diamond in the rough,” and Lee Sang-uk (the NTS worker) makes sure he will get the necessary data on Method by the end of the week.

The next day, Je-in tries to impress Sang-uk by feigning an interest in rock climbing. It doesn’t work, largely because the National Tax Service worker claims to dislike the activity, and says a co-worker of the same name is the man sharing this particular interest with the agent. Elsewhere, Director Ma affords Soo-hyun a role in an action film based around a former CIA Agent who becomes a hired hand in Korea. “Show the Korean audience what you’re made of,” Tae-oh states, happy his client is about to reach a “turning point” in her career.

While Jung-don comforts Hee-sun over her lack of auditions, Director Ma meets with Kyung-ok. Here, it’s revealed New Shaolu Entertainment wants to purchase Method, and that the Chinese company has promised to “retain the four top-level agents” of the company following the takeover. “To keep them interested, the tax investigation will have to go well,” Kyung-ok adds. However, when this is fed back to the workers, Jung-don expresses doubts, believing everyone will end up fired. Though he cannot provide any worthwhile solution, meaning the only option is for Method to look for Korean investors, as well as maintain their clients’ health.

Outside, Je-in confronts Director Ma. She questions his ordering of the ongoing company investigation, attempting to expose his part to play in spreading the rumor of Tae-ja‘s tax evasion, but Tae-oh insists he had nothing to do with the situation. That night, it becomes clear that the rumor about Method being bought by a Chinese company is escalating too, potentially causing more disruption. Nevertheless, it’s not at the forefront of Director Ma’s mind, given he gets far more irritated at his wife’s suggestions Eun-gyul might like Hyun-joo.

Next, Sang-uk makes a house visit to Je-in, wanting to clarify some transactions. The receipts are quickly cleared up, yet when the romantic tension between the agent and Tax Service worker hits an apex, an ex-boyfriend sticks an abrupt pin in the proceedings. Concurrently, Soo-hyun, who has had to bring her child to work, agrees to star in The Amazones, even if she does appear to have reservations about leaving her child when shooting in LA and preparing for the movie. There is a nugget in this scene too, that Director Ma seems to have decided to join Star Media.

After Soo-hyun appears to reach a breakthrough in her childcare worries, Je-in tasks Hyun-joo with going to Eun-gyul’s home to select some childhood photos for a new drama. Meanwhile, Eun-soo spots a text from Ki-bong on Tae-oh’s phone, thus making her aware of his imminent departure for Star Media. In time, this news is shared around, with Jin-hyeok spotting the email on Director Ma’s desktop when prompted to look by his co-worker.

At Eun-gyul’s house, Hyun-joo is initially comfortable enough to sort through pictures with her friend, only to end up flustered enough to leave when the young actor asks what she is hiding from him. However, the rookie apprentice cannot make an exit, as she is coaxed into staying for dinner by Eun-gyul’s mother. Meanwhile, Soo-hyun talks through her new nanny issue with Tae-oh, kickstarting a heated discussion on whether the mother is ready to go back to work given she has already missed an important meeting because of her child. “I look after the kid and do chores all day and have no free time,” the isolated Soo-hyun details, hurt by the notion she mightn’t be able to work again for now.

To the arriving Tae-oh’s dismay, Hyun-joo does indeed manage to stay for dinner. It’s tense, despite the newbie agent’s attempts to compliment her boss, and again Director Ma ends up warning Hyun-joo to stay away from his son at the end of the evening. Though this time things are different, and Method’s apprentice provides a simple solution: Tae-oh can tell his family who she really is.

The next day, things get far worse for Director Ma. Upon his arrival at work, he is greeted with glares, which then make way for genuine confrontation. Here, Je-in publicly exposes his alleged whistleblowing to the National Tax Service and begrudges her boss for “playing president” only to join Star Media. Disgusted, Myung-ae goes as far as to slap Tae-oh, forcing him into defenses. Most notably, Director Ma claims to have ordered the investigation to prevent the company from being sold.

While Je-in and Jung-don try to clean up the late Tae-ja’s mess, Director Ma ignores phone calls to relax alone in his car. Then, we watch the viral footage of Soo-hyun dealing with thuggish minors, which appears to have resulted in arrest of the actor. Nevertheless, CCTV footage showed no contact was actually made in the conflict, leaving the new mother free to go, just potentially without a job in the action film she was tipped to star in. Fortunately, though, Hyun-joo plays her part in spreading the footage proving Soo-hyun’s innocence, giving the celebrity a newfound popularity that leads to plenty of advertising work.

After Hee-sun becomes elated at a potential casting opportunity, albeit as ‘Maid Number Three’, we watch Je-in head to speak with Sang-uk. The agent is entirely honest with the National Tax Service worker, confessing to scheming alongside Jung-don in a bid to cover up embezzlement, something which subsequently allows for the two to finally kick off their romance. Still, when returning Sang-uk’s tie later, Je-in stumbles across a file she isn’t enthused to see.

The next day, Je-in sits her colleagues down to explain that they need to prevent Director Ma’s clients from joining Star Media alongside him because of the money they bring in. Then, Myung-ae appears with the news that the Chinese investors have pulled out of the deal to purchase Method, and that Kyung-ok is upset about the now worthless company.

Behind Every Star season 1, episode 4 ending

Astutely, Hyun-joo speculates that this might have been Director Ma’s plan all along. He spread the news of his departure to Star Media on purpose, tactically leaving behind belongings and information for the ultimate benefit of Method. Nevertheless, Je-in is concerned about her apprentice’s constant defense of Tae-oh, even if the rest of her colleagues are already discussing what else their boss could have carefully planned in advance.

To end the episode, an unsuspecting Director Ma is greeted like a hero upon his entrance to work, embraced for his apparent saving of the company. However, Je-in is still suspicious, firstly because she spots a phone call from Star Media on her superior’s phone, but also due to the sheer amount of money the late Tae-ja is revealed to have embezzled. “Method Entertainment might really go under,” Je-in states, bringing an end to the episode with her close co-workers all shocked.

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