Where is Fukutomi Tsuki Now? Zombieverse Participant Explained

By Louie Fecou
Published: August 15, 2023
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Where is Fukutomi Tsuki Now - Zombieverse Participant Explained

Where is Fukutomi Tsuki Now? We discuss the Zombieverse participant from the popular 2023 Netflix reality series.

I can only imagine that if you have navigated your way here to this article, you are a fan of the show Zombieverse on Netflix or a fan of Fukutomi Tsuki, who is one of the participants on the show.

It does appear that finding celebrities to appear in this kind of show, as opposed to just recruiting from the general public, implies that the producers feel the premise would work better with some familiar faces on board.

Whatever the reason, it does appear that the show has managed to find an audience at some level, even though it has not received too many glowing reviews from critics.

On an entertainment level, it is an intriguing premise.

Throw a group of celebs into a zombie apocalypse and let them fight for survival, carefully placing players that will at some point become antagonistic towards each other in carefully arranged set pieces and give them a quest to fulfill as they go. It certainly sounds on paper to be a winner.

Whatever you thought of the show, it’s hard to deny that it is interesting, and you can read our full recaps right here on Ready Steady Cut to see what we thought.

However, this series of articles is designed to provide you with an answer to the question: Where is Fukutomi Tsuki from Zombieverse now? So sit back and relax as you read what we have found.

How did Fukutomi Tsuki do on Zombieverse?

Tsuki actually comes across as one of the most likable cast members of the show. In various situations, including trying to save the rice puff seller, she would express care and concern for those around her. It is probably safe to say she was a fan favorite and won the hearts of viewers who were invested in the show’s narrative.

Tsuki did initially seem to be scared of the zombies and had to overcome her fear to face the shambling hordes, and she was also one of the team that thought they were initially going to be hosts of a different reality dating show altogether before having the rug pulled from under her.

Her good nature meant she was not targeted by the infected and was one of the final five who actually survived the experience.

Where is Fukutomi Tsuki Now?

Tsuki has returned to the world that she knows best, music. She is a member of a K-pop group, Billie, that continues to produce music for their legion of fans.

She does have an Instagram profile but is not very active online, instead preferring to focus on her work.

What does Fukutomi Tsuki do for a living?

Tsuki makes her money from her music and performance and has been part of the award-winning group Billie since 2021.

Prior to this, she was in the trainee group MYSIC Rookies and was an original member of the girl band MAGICOUR when she used the stage name Taru.

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