Where is Ro Hong-chul Now? Zombieverse Participant Explained

By Louie Fecou
Published: August 15, 2023
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Where is Ro Hong-chul Now - Zombieverse Participant Explained

Where is Ro Hong-chul Now? We discuss the Zombieverse participant from the popular 2023 Netflix reality series.

Take a handful of minor celebrities from South Korea, drop them into a simulated Zombie apocalypse, forget to tell them to take things seriously, and you have Zombieverse.

This 2023 South Korean reality game show is a strange mix of horror, comedy, and game show, silly and gimmicky. The show split audiences and critics, only managing a 4.2/10  on IMDB (August 15th, 2023).

This was always going to be a hard sell, and perhaps it has arrived ten years too late for it to ride the wave of zombie-inspired media that was so hot back then, and the subject matter might not appeal to the usual audience that enjoys reality-based TV.

Sure, it follows most of the tropes associated with reality shows, but it’s hard to imagine the fans of Love Island tuning in for this, and it’s also hard to imagine The Walking Dead fan base enjoying this too, so it falls in the middle of both camps and really not pleasing either side.

You can read our reviews and recaps right here on Ready Steady Cut if you want to know how things played out, but this article is more interested in the participants, so batten down the hatches as we answer the question: Where is Ro Hong-chul from Zombieverse now?

How did Ro Hong-chul do on Zombieverse?

Ro Hong-chul was pretty much out for himself on the show and pretty much did all that he could to take care of number one while taking part.

He at least made things interesting on the show, as he did try to play the game to his best advantage, including avoiding tasks.

His actions would lead to one of the show’s controversial moments when he appears to throw another player into the line of fire to save himself from the zombies, so you can imagine that did not go down too well, and the others would note his actions.

Eventually, Ro comes to a sticky off-screen end when his actions catch up with him, and Park instigates his downfall, blocking his escape route and infecting him.

Despite his failure in the competition, there was an update that showed Ro as one of the rulers of the undead a year after the events of the game.

Where is Ro Hong-chul Now?

Nowadays, Ro Hong is a successful entrepreneur and has his own business properties in Seoul, including an ice cream shop, according to SpoTvNews.

He also still appears on television in Korea.

What does Ro Hong-chul do for a living?

Ro Hong still hosts TV shows and also runs his own business. He is a current cast member of the 2023 show For the First Time In Our Lives.

He has his own social media accounts, and you can follow him on Instagram @rohongchul.

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