Where is Jonathan Yiombi Now? Zombieverse Participant Explained

By Louie Fecou
Published: August 15, 2023
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Where is Jonathan Yiombi Now - Zombieverse Participant Explained

Where is Jonathan Yiombi now – we discuss the Zombieverse participant from the popular 2023 Netflix reality series.

If there was a Zombie apocalypse, I’m not sure who I would want to surround myself with. I probably have one or two friends that I would count on, as I know of their particular skill set, that would be advantageous in the event of an undead Armageddon.

Just like the players in the South Korean reality show, the focus would be on survival, looking for food, looking for water, surviving against the horde, and making your way to safety, so making sure you had a tight team behind you, focussed on all the same goals and being dependable and trustworthy in a crisis would be imperative.

It’s a conceit that the producers of this show know this, but who wants to watch a show where the team all act as one and make it through to the end?

It is much more entertaining to watch a rag-tag team of characters with different agendas, ready to sacrifice a pawn to win the game and quite prepared to throw someone under the bus to improve their own gameplay.

So, as far as Zombieverse goes, the production team was very careful to select the right mix of contestants to produce the drama and double-dealing that viewers really want to watch in this kind of show.

Here on Ready Steady Cut, we have an extensive catalog of articles that cover the show and its participants, and this is just one more.

So if you are a fan, sit back as we answer the question: Where is Jonathan Yiombi from Zombieverse now?

How did Jonathan Yiombi do on Zombieverse?

Jonathan was a strong member of the team that initially did well in the show’s early episodes. As the show progressed, Jonathan would find himself paired with Park Na-Rae but would make a huge mistake when he abandoned his teammate after being stalked by one of the undead.

In an almost third-act redemption arc, though, he would go on to rescue Tsuki later in proceedings.

It is one of the show’s more memorable set pieces, with Jonathan being covered in blood in an attempt to confuse the prowling ghouls to rescue his teammate.

Tragically, the plan would only get him so far, and Jonathan would be mercilessly attacked by the shambling monsters, bitten, infected, and eventually quickly transformed.

Where is Jonathan Yiombi Now?

Jonathan has returned to one of his projects that he was heavily invested in before the show. As an active content creator on YouTube, it seems he has returned to uploading to his channel, to the delight of his many subscribers.

What does Jonathan Yiombi do for a living?

Jonathan does well on his YouTube channel and has a healthy fan base that probably leads to sponsorship and ad rates for his uploads. He has also recently become an EA SPORTS FC24 Fan Ambassador, and you can see the post for this on his Instagram profile.

Who would you want on your team during the Zombie apocalypse? Let us know in the comments section.

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