Is Netflix’s 2023 series The Chosen One about Jesus?

By Louie Fecou
Published: August 16, 2023 (Last updated: March 5, 2024)
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Is Netflix 2023 series The Chosen One about Jesus

Is Netflix’s 2023 series The Chosen One about Jesus Christ? We discuss the series and a significant plot point. 

Scottish comic book creator Mark Millar rose to prominence with his work at both DC and Marvel. Originally he would work under the watchful eye of Grant Morrison, with the pair collaborating on titles such as Swamp Thing, but as their careers moved on, the pair would drift apart.

The split was never documented, and speculation would arise about their falling out, but it did nothing to harm their respective careers. After practically reinventing the Marvel Universe with his work on the Ultimates line, Millar would find success in more indie work.

Adaptations of his comic books Wanted and Kick-Ass would make him a name in Hollywood, and it wasn’t long before he would strike a groundbreaking deal with Netflix, selling his Millarworld titles to the streaming giant.

So far, it’s been a bit of a roller coaster ride for his shows on the platform, and here’s another one up for grabs.

The Chosen One follows twelve-year-old Jodie, who develops special powers that enable him to turn water into wine, heal people, and possibly even reanimate them after death.

The question that this article will answer is a slightly controversial one: Is Netflix’s 2023 series The Chosen One about Jesus?

What is the 2023 series The Chosen One about?

Jodie finds he has superpowers. The powers mimic miracles that Jesus performed in the Bible, possibly even resurrecting the deceased. This turn of events does not go unnoticed, and the Evangelical town leaders become naturally interested in Jodie’s abilities.

They feel he could be a savior for mankind, Jodie, on the other hand, has more down-to-earth notions on his mind, like trying to impress his crush and dish out some punishment to the bullies that have made his life miserable.

This journey of self-discovery for Jodie becomes the focus of the show, and we slowly start to understand the truth behind Jodie and his abilities.

Is the 2023 Netflix series The Chosen One about Jesus?

The show is based on the comic book called American Jesus, so it’s easy to understand why people would think the show is about Jesus. Thematically there is a lot here that leans into religious iconography and themes, and that can also lend itself to criticism.

To explore the story would result in the most horrendous of spoilers, and to answer the question is this show about Jesus would be a disservice to the show at this point, so let’s say that there are many religious themes working in a layered fashion throughout the series, but your focus might be better served enjoying the high production values and story.

A certain quote from Monty Python’s Life of Brian always springs to mind when thinking about this particular story, if you know, you know.

What is The Chosen One on Netflix based on?

The show is based on the comic books. There were three volumes, each with three issues: Chosen, The New Messiah, and Revelation.

The comics would be gathered into graphic novels so you can read them all at once without having to go to the comic shop every month to pick an issue up.

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