Shantaram season 1, episode 6 recap – how will Lin avoid arrest?

By Adam Lock
Published: November 4, 2022 (Last updated: 5 weeks ago)
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“Dead Man Walking” is a much improved offering, as the pressure starts to mount. There’s actual consequences to Lin’s antics and his time on the run seems short-lived. Meanwhile, Prabhu’s adorable courtship of Parvati continues to be a cute distraction.

We recap the Apple TV+ series Shantaram season 1, episode 6, “Dead Man Walking,” so it will contain spoilers.

Lin (played by Charlie Hunnam) has had his fair share of brushes with the law while a fugitive in Bombay, but he has managed to avoid capture thus far. In Shantaram season 1, episode 5, he let his guard down slightly and gained the attention of journalist Kavita. She tried to take his photograph, and the runaway snapped. This altercation led Kavita to do some snooping, and she is now very much on to him. In “Dead Man Walking,” Lin continues to forget his place and finds himself very close to the authorities once again.

Shantaram season 1, episode 6 recap

The sixth episode opens with a flashback to Lin’s time in an Australian prison. The police have been beating him senseless for days, attempting to gain a confession from the criminal. He knows the name of the person who killed an officer, but he won’t give it up. Chief detective Wally Nightingale takes him into an interrogation room and admits Lin has won. He doesn’t think he’ll ever get a confession out of the criminal. To celebrate Lin’s victory, they share a cold beer together, although one of the inmates sees this taking place and quickly spreads a rumor around the jail – Lin is in cahoots with the law. He must therefore be a snitch. Nightingale wants one name, then he’ll transfer Lin to another, safer prison, or else he’ll be a dead man walking in this particular jail.

Back in the present, Lin and Prabhu formulate a plot to throw Kavita off the scent. They meet with the journalist at Ronaldos (again) – they are well and truly getting their money’s worth out of this set, aren’t they? Lin apologizes for overreacting and brings in Prabhu to defuse the situation. The slum dweller pleads with Kavita, stating that they don’t need the authorities bulldozing in and ruining their way of life, they don’t want change. She agrees to drop the article, but they both remark afterward that this could just be another lie. Unbeknownst to them, Kavita has an associate snap a photo of the fugitive in secret.

Lin fears his days in Bombay are numbered and he starts to properly look into his options for a new passport. He asks Didier for the illegal paperwork, which is now priced at a nice round one grand. In the time being he gets himself some photos developed and with Prabhu they reignite their tourism hustle, hoping to bag some quick bucks.

Maurizio foolishly starts to splash his cash, letting everyone know that he is in the money. The pimp has been selling drugs in Khader’s territory for Madame Zhou and Karla soon finds out. Lisa confirms the set up and Karla warns her to stay out. This news could get them both killed. The dealer that Maurizio and Modena are involved with wants to spend the night with Lisa. Detestable and controlling boyfriend Modena isn’t best pleased with the proposal, but doesn’t kick off about it either. Lisa asks for ten percent of the overall deal in return for the heinous act.

Meanwhile, on a lighter note, Prabhu and Parvati finally start to interact with one another. She overhears him tell his Auntie that he wants to marry the woman and she heavily implies her desires to marry him too. It’s a rather cute moment within all this debauchery that is sure to put a smile on your face. They agree that they don’t need anyone’s blessings and organize a cinema date.

Lin ends up selling his beloved motorbike to generate the needed funds, but a subplot looks likely to upend all his plans. Didier is arrested and beaten by the police, they have caught him involved in homosexual acts, which is a criminal offence in 80s Bombay. Lin and Vikram gather the bail money and take a trip to the local police station to get their friend out. This brings Lin dangerously close to the authorities, who don’t need much of an excuse to throw him in jail at the moment.

While they try to get Didier out of jail, Abdullah pays Karla a visit. He has been stalking Minister Pandey and has discovered that he is having an affair. This news is sure to be used to their advantage. Interestingly, the conversation implies that Abdullah and Karla have a history of their own together. He mentions Lin’s adoration for her, but she pretty much admits that he has stood him up. Prabhu and Parvati’s date doesn’t go much better either, as she faints in the crowded cinema.

Shantaram season 1, episode 6 ending

Lin and Vikram pay good money to bail Didier out of the station after seeing the man bloodied and beaten. The police negotiate a price for the bribe, but a passing officer notices Lin from before. This particular officer wants to beat Lin on the spot, but they agree on a much larger bribe instead. Lin has now lost all the money he spent the day collating. It doesn’t seem like he is leaving Bombay after all. Lin looks after Didier back at his home, attending to his wounds. Didier agrees to pay for Lin’s passport in return for the bail out money.

Prabhu drags his wife-to-be back to the slums, where he hopes Lin can apply his medical knowhow to poor Parvati. As Prabhu asks for Lin’s assistance, other slum dwellers chime in with their own concerns. It would seem lots of people have fallen ill and they all require Lin’s immediate attention, but the slum doctor is nowhere to be found.

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