Shantaram season 1, episode 7 recap – how will Lin save the people of the slums?

By Adam Lock
Published: November 11, 2022 (Last updated: March 17, 2024)
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“Apo Vai Pranah” is a painfully slow affair, moved forward by tiresome plotting and unlikeable characters. Prabhu and his relationship with Parvati remain the highlight of the series, but it cannot save this meandering drama.

We recap the Apple TV+ series Shantaram season 1, episode 7, “Apo Vai Pranah,” which contains spoilers.

Lin hoped that living in the slums and helping the poor citizens that inhabited it would cure his guilty conscience, but a sudden outbreak of cholera proves too problematic even for our slum doctor hero. In “Apo Vai Pranah” Lin (Charlie Hunnam) struggles with this deadly disease while Khader (Alexander Siddig) moves forwards with his plans to blackmail Minister Pandey. It’s another slow installment that tries to build likable characters out of its main cast members, but you just can’t ignore their many flaws.

Shantaram season 1, episode 7 recap

On his return to the slums, Lin is inundated with requests for medical assistance. People are vomiting and collapsing in the streets. Prabhu wants Lin to save his dear Parvati, but Lin has similar demands from a number of people, who all want him to save their loved ones. It’s an overwhelming situation that Lin can’t stay on top of. He confirms with Qasim that it is cholera, although they don’t appear that fazed by the predicament. The slums deal with these kinds of outbreaks annually. They will prepare and prevent the best they can, but help is very much not on the way.

While Lin deals with this daunting outbreak, Lisa makes good on her promise. She will sleep with a drug dealer for a large pay-out. Lisa tells Modena that she will do this one last job and then they will leave Bombay and start a new life together elsewhere. But Modena is annoyed she agreed to the proposition in the first place. Maurizio meanwhile is getting in way over his head and wants to accelerate his drug dealing plans. Madame Zhou is hesitant, but allows the large shipment to take place anyway. Maurizio is playing with fire. Later, Abdullah dishes out a kind threat, he must stop his business once and for all or face the consequences.

Khader has an employee follow Pandey, who is having an affair with a woman called Sunita. She happens to be a prostitute though, not some common mistress. Khader, Abdullah and Karla ponder their next move. If anyone finds out about Pandey’s adultery then he could very easily lose his job. They need to protect Sunita, but still control Pandey. They decide to house her at Madame Zhou’s, although Karla isn’t best pleased with this development. She oversees the transaction, butting heads with Madame Zhou, who is still maddened by the fact that Karla allowed Lisa to escape.

People start dying in the slums from the cholera outbreak and Parvati’s symptoms only worsen. Prabhu gets desperate and begs for Lin’s help, but the fugitive is out of his depths. He decides to do the only thing he knows may save them, he swallows his pride and pays Khader a visit. The crime boss is surprised to see Lin so soon and reminds him of their last encounter. Lin wanted to play by the slums’ rules and refused Khader’s help, now he is back with his tail between his legs. Lin states that they need clean water and further medical supplies. Khader will help on one condition, they must know it is Khader who helped and they must accept his help, every last one of them.

Shantaram season 1, episode 7 ending

Lin walks back through the slums, passing Prabhu as he sings to Parvati through the walls of her hut. The next day Khader provides the entire slum with bottled water and other essential supplies. The crime boss makes a big speech, talking about his humble beginnings and his strong desire to help. The speech ends with one final caveat, if I help you then in the future you must help me. Qasim is frustrated to see everyone blindly diving in and grabbing bottles. The slum dwellers fall to their knees to thank Khader, but the boss admits that this is all Lin’s doing.

Prabhu thanks Lin for his help, saying how much of a good man and a good friend he is. Prabhu realizes that this is Lin’s parting gift and he agrees to help him sort out his passport the next day. The lovable hustler is then seen clowning around with the local children. Then Parvati’s family allow him to venture inside and see his wife-to-be, who is slowly recovering. The two lovers sing together.

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