Locked In Ending Explained – How did Katherine become paralyzed?

By Lori Meek
Published: November 2, 2023 (Last updated: November 9, 2023)
Locked In Ending Explained
Locked In | Image via Netflix

The Netflix original British thriller Locked In is a tale of greed, ambition, and, of course, murder. Told through a series of flashbacks, the story shows how has-been actress Katherine ended up with injuries so severe she’s unable to control any part of her body, aside from her eyes. The movie’s final act is full of twists and turns and more dark secrets. Here’s a breakdown of what happened to Lina, Katherine, Robert, and even Nurse Nicky at the end of Locked In.

Katherine is under the care of nurse Nicky, who moonlights as a sleuth and is keen to get to the bottom of what truly happened to her patient. Lina is Katherine’s adopted daughter/daughter-in-law. After losing her mother, Lina moved in with Katherine and her sickly stepson Jamie. She spent years taking care of Jamie before eventually marrying him, to Katherine’s dismay.

Sick of looking after a needy Jamie, Lina starts an affair with her husband’s GP, Robert. Hoping to run away with her lover, Lina agrees to Robert’s plot to kill the poor unsuspecting Jamie. 

Locked In Ending Explained

After this murder, everything goes wrong for poor Lina. After Robert and Lina committed the seemingly perfect crime by killing Jamie, the young widow finally realized a harsh truth about her lover; Robert was only after the money and was not above blackmailing her into selling the manor she inherited from the dearly departed. 

Did Robert Betray Lina?

That very same night, Lina is shocked to find Katherine and Robert are also having an affair. It’s unclear if Katherine was in on Jamie’s murder plot

Devastated, Lina tries making a run for it, but Robert tries to force her back into the house. He’s scared she might go to the police and turn him and Katherine in. 

During the ensuing struggle, Lina manages to flee, and Katherine follows her on her horse while Robert’s behind them in his truck. The flashback ends with a shot of Katherine about to shoot poor Lina as she is running for her life. 

Back at the hospital, Lina watches in horror as her locked-in mother-in-law is blinking her way through nurse Nicky’s alphabet card. She meets Robert outside, who is waiting in his car. The pair decide to discharge Katherine from the hospital, take her home, and finish what they started before the woman gets a chance to blink at the authorities. 

Why did Lina and Robert discharge Katherine from the hospital?

While it’s clear Lina doesn’t love nor trust Robert anymore, she is worried Katherine might accuse her of trying to kill her. They somehow manage to sneak Katherine out of the hospital to poor Nicky’s dismay. 

At the manor, Robert and Lina are preparing the cocktail of drugs meant to stop Katherine’s heart when the young woman notices a string of texts from the sleuthing nurse. 

As it turns out, Katherine somehow managed to blink her way through an entire essay about the events of that fateful night. 

How did Katherine become paralyzed?

That night, Katherine was actively trying to save Lina’s life. When she pointed her gun, she was aiming at Robert’s tire to stop him from getting to Lina. 

After she shot her riffle, Katherine fell off her horse and tried to threaten Robert into not killing Lina. Angered, the man got back into his car and ran Katherine over

Back in the present, Lina is confused but believes Kathrine’s side of the story. She asks Robert to let her inject the deadly poison into Katherine before turning the syringe on the good doctor.  

The drugs affect Robert, but it’s not enough to kill him. So Lina grabs a knife and stabs him in the heart, saving Katherine’s life. 

Locked In ends with Lina, nurse Nicky, and Katherine watching the porch as EMTs are taking away Robert’s body. Lina asks Nicky what she plans on telling the authorities, but Nicky just stares away knowingly. 

When Lina places her hand over Katherine’s, we can see she’s able to move her finger, meaning the woman’s condition may not be permanent, after all. 

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