Mob Psycho 100 season 3, episode 6 recap – “Divine Tree 3 ~Dimple Is~”

November 10, 2022
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In this emotional conclusion to the Divine Tree Arc, Mob and Dimple reach an understanding but soon find they have a new enemy.

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In this emotional conclusion to the Divine Tree Arc, Mob and Dimple reach an understanding but soon find they have a new enemy.

We recap the Crunchyroll anime series Mob Psycho 100 season 3, episode 6, “Divine Tree 3 ~Dimple Is~” which contains spoilers.

Despite its hilarious jokes and intense fight sequences, Mob Psycho 100 often finds a way to tug at your heartstrings when you least expect it. This episode is surprisingly sentimental and reminds us what is about Mob (voiced by Setsuo Ito) that makes him special. Sometimes solving your problems doesn’t always mean fighting, but that isn’t to say this episode doesn’t have its fair of excitement. This third installment brings a sad but satisfying conclusion to the end of The Divine Tree Arc.

Mob Psycho 100 season 3, episode 6 recap

The episode opens with a series of flashbacks. They cycle through various scenes, including Mob and Hanazawa purchasing the yellow monkey shirt and several people’s reactions to Mob’s recent popularity complex. We then cut back to the present, where Dimple is still making fun of Mob for his choice of shirt. He asks if Mob was “under the impression he actually looked good?” and Mob begins to glow with immense power.

Beams of light shoot from Mob out the top of the Divine Tree, mesmerizing all of the city people below, but Mob does not explode as expected. Dimple is on edge, expecting an attack, until realizing that Mob is devoid of any power or energy. He wonders if Mob is giving up and grows aggravated at the idea. He continues to provoke Mob, threatening him with a sharpened spear made from his finger pointed right between his eyes. Mob, however, is unphased, saying he knows Dimple will not hurt him.

Afraid that his powers would prevent them from having a genuine conversation, Mob released them. He knows he can trust Dimple because he gave him an honest opinion about his shirt. As far as Mob is concerned, he is “the same Dimple he’s always been.”

Dimple does his best to convince Mob that he is still a threat, to no avail. Mob reveals that he understands what it feels like to become carried away, as he was earlier in the season. He feels that he let popularity cloud his judgment, preventing him from truly understanding Dimple. Mob apologizes for having the wrong idea and not seeing that Dimple was only trying to achieve his dreams. It’s a touching moment that proves just how understanding Mob can be.

It’s no surprise that Dimple seems unreceptive to the apology and gratitude Mob expresses. It confuses him because despite being on the clear path to getting what he wants, it is not bringing him the satisfaction he expected. He begins to reflect on his feelings about Mob, resenting how indecisive he can be. However, he also recalls a time when Mob accepted him for who he was when no one else could even see him. It’s clear that their relationship has changed Dimple in ways he hadn’t realized before. He even tears up when Mob says he considers him a friend because Dimple now realizes that was all he ever truly wanted.

Now that they’ve found a mutual understanding, Dimple agrees to return everyone to normal and let his godly powers vanish. He and Mob decide to go home, but Mob’s body is too weak to move, so Dimple carries him on his back instead. As they head towards the outside, Mob remembers that something must still be done about the Divine Tree and reveals the original plan to carry it to the ocean psychically before falling asleep.

Just as Dimple reaches the exit, he is stopped by a voice calling out to him. A new Psycho Helmet lookalike stands before them, and Dimple realizes that all of the power the tree absorbed caused it to grow conscious and take on the personality of Psycho Helmet. It demands that he leave Mob behind for sustenance before attacking them.

Dimple manages to dodge and deflect the initial blows while trying to wake Mob up. For a moment, Psycho Helmet manages to steal Mob, but Dimple quickly takes him back and rests his sleeping body on the ground, away from danger.

From it is an all-out brawl between a godly Dimple and an army of Psycho Helmets. No matter how many Dimple destroys, more and more seem to appear, with some even larger and stronger than the others. It doesn’t help that the Divine Tree is simultaneously draining Dimple’s powers, so he launches the Broccoli leaves to the surface where its siphoning powers do not work.

Although no longer weakened, Dimple struggles to take on the endless hoard of Psycho Helmets. They continue to go blow for blow, releasing immense amounts of power, but Dimple soon finds himself surrounded by hundreds of Pyscho Helmet drones.

Mob Psycho 100 season 3, episode 6 ending

The scene cuts, and we now see things from Mob’s point of view as he slowly wakes up. Godly Dimple crouches in front of him and asks Mob if he is able to move yet, to which Mob replies he is not. Mob wonders about some loud noises he heard in his sleep, but Dimples assures him they were only dreams.

Dimple takes a moment to commend the amount of power Mob has been holding in for all these years before taking advantage of how weak the young psychic currently is and brainwashing him. Any other time that might seem suspicious, but it soon becomes evident that Dimple is trying to protect Mob. He orders Mob to wake up and stand because he needs to go home.

As the viewers, we see the full effects of Dimple’s brainwashing, forcing Mob to see him in his ghost form. As Mob’s body struggles to walk away, we see an injured Dimple staying inside the Divine Tree. The scene switches back and forth every time Mob turns to wave at Dimple, seeing a ghost, instead of the ensuing battle happening in the background. The further he gets, the more Dimple seems to struggle against Psycho Helmet and the Divine Tree.

After instructing the believers to wait outside to go home, we find Mob back at his own home. Ritsu bursts into his room to ask if Mob has anything to do with the crazy news story on television about the Divine Tree suddenly floating away. Ritsu wonders who could be moving it as he has no memory of the last few hours, and Mob realizes he has no memories as well.

Lying in bed, Mob still does not remember anything, but he is overcome with emotion as he suddenly feels the urge to thank Dimple for being his friend. The episode ends with Mob crying himself to sleep.

The end of this episode is definitely bittersweet. While it’s always satisfying to see a redemption arc, here’s hoping that Dimple will miraculously show up again soon before the end of the season.

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