Mob Psycho 100 season 3, episode 3 recap – “Getting Carried Away ~100%~”

By Nubia Brice
Published: November 8, 2022 (Last updated: February 17, 2024)
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While this episode lacks the flashy fights fans are used to, it offers some important insight into what Dimple’s been doing and what’s really happening with the Psycho Helmet Religion.

We recap the Crunchyroll anime series Mob Psycho 100 season 3, episode 3, “Getting Carried Away ~100%~” which contains spoilers.

Everyone gets a little carried away sometimes, especially after successfully interacting with a crush. It can be easy to forget that Mob (voiced by Setsuo Ito) is only fourteen years old because of how skilled he is. Still, episodes like this ground us in reality and remind viewers that even advanced psychics have normal problems too. While there isn’t much in the way of action, this episode still gives us clues as to what’s going on in the city. It also answers one major question that both the characters and viewers have been asking since episode one. Where is Dimple, and what is he up to?

Mob Psycho 100 season 3, episode 3 recap

The episode opens up with Tsubomi and her friends talking about karaoke in the schoolyard. After a particularly gnarly sneeze that ends up all over her hand, Tsubomi fears her friends will make fun of her if they see it. Luckily Mob comes to her rescue, sending her friends away and offering her some desperately needed tissues. She recounts how it’s been a while since they talked and ends their brief interaction by saying, “see you later.” The implication alone is enough to leave Mob hopelessly swooning.

On his way home, he encounters Mezato, who tries to invite him to a meeting for the Psycho Helmet Religion that Sunday. Mob politely rejects and is luckily saved by Tome of the Telepathy Club, reminding him they have plans on Sunday. A third classmate Emi, witnesses these encounters and jokes with Mob that he seems quite popular lately. He feels good enough about himself to consult with his younger, more popular brother, Ritsu but quickly finds the topic too humiliating to continue.

Still, several comments and stares from passing girls have Mob convinced he might actually be rising in social status. He’s too far gone with blind optimism at this point to realize these girls are, in fact, fawning over Ritsu instead. The more embarrassed he gets by the attention, the more the progress until his next explosion increases. It first rises to 60% before skyrocketing up to 100%, only to reveal Mob is actually just 100% on his high horse. Still, Ritsu seems happy for him.

After the opening credits, we skip to a montage of people worshipping The Divine Tree in the middle of the city. Many different religions and groups have seemed to devote themselves to the giant Broccoli. The narrator explains how mass gatherings of people with the same desire can lead to a new divinity and how their devotion gives the tree more energy. If the people are too clueless to realize the tree is genuinely just a worthless broccoli, he wonders why he shouldn’t take possession of that energy and put it to better use. It becomes clear that the narrator is none other than Dimple exacting another one of his schemes again. This time, he plans to become a god and give the psycho helmet religion the real leader they’ve been desperately searching for.

Back at Mob’s house, he received a phone call from a Mezato. She claims that things are different. This time at the meeting, people are going to hold auditions to find the true Founder of the psycho helmet religion. She fears the title may go to someone other than Mob and refuses to let that happen, even though she knows he has no interest in coming forward and leading a religion he never started. After declaring he’s the leader everyone e needs and suggesting that maybe Tsubomi might even take an interest in him, Mob’s newfound confidence leads him to believe that maybe he could be a good leader.

Suddenly Dimple re-emerges, and although Mob is curious to know where the Spirit has been, Dimple seems more interested in his sudden confidence. This scene is about Dimple trying to set up his master plan and remind viewers of his previously failed plans. After hearing the story, it doesn’t take him long to start tearing Mob down and bringing him back to reality. In true Dimple fashion, he’s not entirely wrong but incredibly harsh in his delivery. He attempts to use this as a segway to convince Mob that he should turn up to the founder auditions for the psycho helmet religion.

Mob opposes, of course, and reminds Dimple of his failed attempts to start a cult in the past. Mob frowns upon his previous use of brainwashing and doesn’t understand why Dimple would want him to interfere with a religion built on peaceful gatherings.

It’s clear here that their views are pretty opposite. Mob reminds Dimple that if anyone is the leader, it would be him, but doesn’t let his recently found confidence cloud his judgment either. He still knows leadership is not a job he’s cut out for. Even when Dimple suggest they could lead the religion together, Mob still refuses and soon learns that Dimple has been siphoning energy from the Divine Tree to gain power. When Mob says he’s no better than everyone else, Dimple finally leaves.

The next day at Spirits and Such, business seems to be moving slowly. Mob finds it unusual that Reigen is making so much small talk, and he complains that the only jobs they’ve gotten requests for lately have to do with buildings mysteriously deteriorating. 

Mob relays how he’s been feeling more popular and explains that he’s planning to attend the Psycho Helmet Religion meeting the next day to be named the Founder. At first, Reigen attempts to dissuade Mob from going, but after seeing they have over 500,000 and accept donations, he quickly changes his tune. He even goes so far as to give Mob a “new clothes bonus” so that he can look nice for the meeting. 

On his shopping expedition, Mob runs into his friend Hanazawa, who agrees to help him shop. On their trip, he reveals that something strange has been happening in the city, and he’s been trying to figure out what’s going on. Mob says he’s also had strange things happening, but they mainly involve females looking at him wherever he goes, or at least that’s how it feels. Neither of them thinks much of it, and in the end, Hanezawa helps Mob pick out a hideous yellow shirt with a monkey on it. 

Mob Psycho 100 season 3, episode 3 ending

As the episode begins to wrap up, viewers get a glimpse of several different things happening all at once. It starts with Mob showing up to meet Tome on Sunday afternoon, but she doesn’t answer. 

Several different religions show up at the founders’ auditions to make their case. Hundreds, if not a few thousand, appear to be in attendance.

Mob waits for Tome for so long that it carries into his plans with Mezato. Strangely enough, he can’t get a hold of her either. Since she never told him where the Psycho Helmet Religion meeting was going to be, he decides to sit on a bench and wait to hear from her. 

At home, Reigen (voiced by Takahiro Sakurai) watched a broadcast of the Psycho Helmet Religion, waiting for Mob to show up, but he seems to be late. When a man finally does emerge on stage, it isn’t Mob at all, but a strange man who bears a vague resemblance to him. Frantically, Reigen calls Mob, but Mob’s phone is dead. 

Meanwhile, the new Founder claims he created the tree and will be taking over, much to the dismay of the Psycho Helmet Religion’s followers. They begin to protest, but the Founder performs a “miracle” that seems to sway the masses to his side almost instantly. 

It’s an interesting and somewhat sudden conclusion that is clearly meant to draw viewers in for the next episode. It’s not as exciting as some other Mob episodes, even last week’s filler, but it does set the foundation for what is to come.

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